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DXM+SSRI new thread if someone did not saw my post and he wants to share

- Sun, 01 Dec 2019 14:22:55 EST 2oVMlPBc No.369770
File: 1575228175763.png -(411149B / 401.51KB, 598x1021) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DXM+SSRI new thread if someone did not saw my post and he wants to share
You guys ever did DXM on SSRI? I am taking 20mg Sertraline every day, i want to take one 300mg DXM dose in new year eve, maybe some wine too. I know about Serotonin Syndrome danger, but i did robotrip few years ago on SSRI and nothing happened, i wonder if i was just lucky, or maybe my organism tolerates this mix.

>Generally speaking, combining two serotonin reuptake inhibitors doesn't pose a significant risk for producing life threatening serotonin syndrome symptoms... although things get complicated when combining 3 or more, or when just beginning a new SSRI/SNRI because serotonin receptors in the brain haven't had a chance to downregulate yet. The real danger lies with combining serotonin reuptake inhibitors with serotonin releasing agents.

you mean combining SSRI with MDMA is worse than DXM with SSRI?

>Of course, combining phenibut with DXM definitely changes things. I've combined moderate doses of DXM with moderate doses of phenibut before, and the results were awful, I definitely would never recommend it. It felt dangerous, even. A small amount of phenibut with DXM after being tolerant to phenibut (from taking it on a regular basis after getting physically addicted to it, for example, which is something I've done plenty of times because I take 900-1200mg phenibut daily). If you combined anything above a mild-moderate dose of phenibut (>1.75 - 2g) with DXM while taking your SSRI, then I can easily see why you went to the ER (although the first time I took DXM + phenibut + cymbalta I took 900mg DXM, 3.5g phenibut, and 60mg cymbalta, and even though it was a fucking horrendous experience, I never would've asked to be taken to the hospital... I could see somebody else prone to freaking out going to the hospital, but I don't have money for that shit and I rarely panic). Chances are, though, you probably didn't actually require hospitalization.

phenibut is GABA antagonist, it means that drinking alcohol before taking DXM is big no-no?
Phyllis Tootshaw - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 19:39:40 EST tyFJzLRN No.369775 Reply
>you mean combining SSRI with MDMA is worse than DXM with SSRI?
Absolutely. Taking MDMA with an SSRI or in combination with DXM is almost guaranteed to produce at least mild to moderate Serotonin Syndrome, and there's a very significant risk for developing more advanced, life-threatening levels of Serotonin Syndrome.

Even large doses of MDMA alone pose a significant risk for causing many of the symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome. Combining it with an SSRI or DXM (which acts as a moerately potent unselective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) is going to at the very least cause hyperthermia, profuse sweating, potentially hyponatremia (loss of elecotrolytes) because people try to overhydrate on it, and is likely going to cause confusion, impaired coordination, agitation, rather extreme muscle tension/rigidity, etc. It could eventually lead to rhabdomyolysis, seizures, myoclonus/myoclonic jerks (a specific form of seizure), loss of consciousness, paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations.

>phenibut is GABA antagonist, it means that drinking alcohol before taking DXM is big no-no?
Replying to 369770

Well, yes and no. The reason I say yes is because technically DXM is a respiratory depressant. Even though it doesn't particularly depress breathing itself, it does potentiate the respiratory depressant effects of other depressants like alcohol, phenibut, opioids, etc. The reason I say no, though, is that Phenibut more specifically acts as a GABA-B agonist, whereas alcohol is a GABA-A agonist/positive allosteric modulator. The effects of taking alcohol don't translate very well as a model for the effects caused by taking phenibut, pharmacologically speaking.

For one thing, alcohol is very non-specific in its pharmacological effects on neurotransmitters. Yes, it primarily increases activity at the GABA-A site, but it also functions weakly as an NMDA receptor antagonist at higher doses, has effects on the 5-HT3 receptor as well as AMPA, kainate, and glycine receptors, VDCCs, is a positive allosteric modulator of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, acts as an adenosine reuptake inhibitor, etc. Phenibut, by contrast, only really acts as an antagonist at α2δ subunit-containing VDCCs and a GABA-B agonist, as well weakly as a GABA-A agonist at much higher doses.

The reason I said not to combine phenibut with DXM in the other thread is because the results are awful in my experience. Combining them justs causes ridiculous levels of ataxia, vertigo dizziness, and nausea. They don't synergize (despite both synergizing very well with loads of other drugs individually) with one another either, even when you combine DXM with lower doses of phenibut. The feeling isn't bad per se, but I find it less enjoyable than just taking DXM by itself, so given that I take phenibut daily, if I decide to take DXM, I usually wait until it's been 8_ hours since I last took phenibut.
Ian Diddlelad - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 11:56:51 EST 2oVMlPBc No.369783 Reply
wow thats surprise as i often heard, that DXM with SSRI is evil, and taking MDMA during SSRI therapy just causes MDMA to not work at all.
You seem knowledgable on topic, do you have degree/did you read books about chemisty/psychopharmacology?
Alice Godgestock - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 14:54:37 EST qaFXbJqw No.369789 Reply
I just have a solid interest in neuroscience, the central nervous system in general, and pharmacology among other things (mythology, religion... Christian and Jewish Gnosticism in particular as well as eastern spiritual belief systems or anything concerning esoteric wisdom like Hermeticism and alchemy. as well as psycholog, Jungian and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory in particular, philosophy, etc.).

You see, I have an adderall prescription and whenever I get all addy'd out, porn gets boring quick and I don't actually enjoy playing games like I usually do, so what I spend the rest of my time doing is listening to music and researching this stuff the whole time. I go from having no real passion when I'm out to being very driven to research this kind of stuff, as well as philosophizing about shit endlessly because when I'm taking a break from researching the only other thing I'm interested in doing is pondering the nature of reality and chasing after some sort of greater "truth".

But yeah, to reiterate, DXM is a moderately potent unselective (unselective just means it binds to other several other receptors as well) serotonin reuptake inhibitor with an affinity for SERT that doesn't quite match most available SSRIs (which have a binding affinity usually between 0.1-3 nM Ki, DXM having a Ki of 23-40nM), but actually does have greater affinity than Effexor, which is an SNRI with moderate affinity for SERT (Ki 82 nM). The lower the number, the greater the binding affinity.

The reason combining serotonin reuptake inhibitors isn't as dangerous as combining a serotonin releasing agent with an SRI is because SRIs all function essentially the same way: by binding to SERT and preventing the protein from transporting the serotonin from the synaptic cleft back into the neuron to be stored in storage vesicles. This results in higher levels of serotonin available in the synaptic clef to continue binding to serotonin receptors.

SRAs, on the other hand, function using different mechanisms. MDMA, for example, is a potent TAAR1 agonist as well as a VMAT2 agonist. TAAR1 agonism results in the release of several neurotransmitters, but mainly just dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (NE), and serotonin (5-HT). MDMA preferentially causes the release of 5-HT with very little little release of DA and little NE (but more than DA... all amphetamines actually technically release more NE than DA or 5-HT, but it's sort of complicated, NE is used much more widely throughout the brain in general so they're generally only concerned with how much DA or 5-HT an amphetamine releases). Ampehtamine preferentially releases DA and somewhat NE, and Meth preferentially releases DA more than amphetamine, as well as 5-HT to a greater extent than amphetamine but not near as much as MDMA, and NE. Anyway, I digress.

What's important here is that TAAR1 causes reverse transport of DA, NE, and 5-HT using the transport proteins (DAT, NET, SERT) as well as through various other mechanisms like phosphorylation which causes storage vesicles to empty themselves and VMAT2 also transports neurotransmitters in reverse, releasing them. So yeah, technically if you take an SRI of some kind, it's going to interfere with the reverse transport of serotonin by blocking up SERT, but that's not the only way serotonin gets released, and also the SRI itself isn't always bound to the transport protein, they regularly dissociate from the receptor site and rebind to it, but if you take an SRA and the SRI dissociates from SERT, then, even if just temporarily, it's free to release serotonin from inside the serotonin neurons, which still results in more serotonin being released than otherwise would be naturally, and then the SRI rebinds to SERT which prevents it from performing its reuptake function which results in the serotonin being stuck outside the cell in the synaptic cleft, free to bind to and continue activating serotonin receptors.
Confucius Qui - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 16:21:52 EST oqd4T5EY No.369792 Reply
1575321712409.png -(286164B / 279.46KB, 1243x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>369789 Respectable interests, I guess I'm more drawn to eastern philosophy because it's experiential, like dxm itself. Mind can be afflicted you know
-Probably a personality thing
Hugh Lightman - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 23:47:12 EST p8gVY27V No.369799 Reply
What about suboxone and DXM? Just curious. Not going to try dex again, while I take bupropion.
Thomas Drisslewodge - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 04:05:51 EST 2cFbDpry No.369847 Reply
Here's a combination I want to try and you seem smart enough with your neuroscience degree.
I take Sertraline 100mg daily. I want to take 100mg methallyescaline (to get past the SSRI killing it) and use 2-FDCK to get some dissociation with it. I have Stage 1 hypertension. Will this kill me?
George Blythefield - Sat, 14 Dec 2019 07:10:04 EST MQAEaPBj No.369973 Reply
honestly my dxm leaflet does not mention ssri at all, just maoi
Reuben Hallerford - Sat, 14 Dec 2019 09:38:14 EST TgEVA2Ny No.369975 Reply
I don't see why it'd be dangerous, although phenethylamines tend to be a bit rough on the body - so I'd probably advise against using a mescaline analog on the hypertension basis.
As you also know, using psychedelics is a waste on SSRIs.
Aaaand I'm pretty sure ketamine and SSRIs don't pose any threat when combined.
Basically I'd skip the methallyescaline unless you want to throw caution to the winds.
Also i'm not that guy nb.
Fuck Nickleham - Sat, 14 Dec 2019 16:19:52 EST PWIDLmsC No.369979 Reply
I've Tripped quite a few times while being on a SSRI and nothing bad happened to me. It all depends on the person.
Simon Puckleket - Sun, 15 Dec 2019 06:16:00 EST 2cFbDpry No.369990 Reply
Well I've done the methallyescaline several times by myself and at no point did I ever feel in the danger zone, which I can usually tell by having a stinging sensation across my extremities and in bad cases closer to the arms. DXM does it to me and I think 2-FDCK did it to an extent but methallyescaline seems manageable. Maybe it's also because I'm taking a whole bunch of NoSalt (Potassium Chloride) with my doses and potassium is known to lower blood pressure? That'd be way too convenient if it were the case. The DXM could be because of SSRIs though. It's why I'm also wary about the 3-HO-PCP and 3-HO-PCE I have coming in because I want to do them but I don't really want to continue putting myself in hypertensive urgency just for a kick. So unless this potassium shit is really working I'll have to hold off a little bit.
Edward Favingchick - Sun, 15 Dec 2019 07:02:44 EST L8U03cuw No.369992 Reply
>You guys ever did DXM on SSRI?
Yes. Most of the time it's fine if I dial my doses down and am very very careful, but I have given myself mild serotonin syndrome on at least on occasion. I've given myself bad serotonin syndrome through stacking triptans (prescription migraine meds), zofran (nausea drug), SSRIs, and DXM, though, so I don't recommend that, lol
Simon Puckleket - Sun, 15 Dec 2019 07:13:16 EST 2cFbDpry No.369993 Reply
Also it's probably awkward to ask but how the fuck do I shut up this annoying ass singing.
Phoebe Clittingstuck - Wed, 01 Jan 2020 11:08:26 EST uD0Sc1FM No.370207 Reply
OP here I think I had minor serotonin syndrome after taking 300mg dxm. I am not sure, thing I I haven't felt shit after 2 hours from taking dxm,, thought there will be no high so i started drinking vodka. After drinking maybe half a glass of vodka i had to puke, i puked while i tried to shit so i puked all over my legs, pants and floor. After puking i laid on bad and suddenly fall asleep in some feverish manner: Total blackout fully clothed. After sleeping by most of high i wake up at the morning i vormit again, and i feel really shit for a half a day, i barely can eat anything .

That was weird because i laid off SSRi for at least one and a half week prior which was not a good experience for me (i felt more depressed tired and i felt like someone is putting needles into my brain), so i thought dxm trip at such a low dose will go pretty smooth. I always felt dxm is pretty dirt and "nauseating" drug, but that first time i vormited on it. Do you it was caused by ssri leftover in my brain or because of vodka?
Charlotte Fuckingworth - Wed, 01 Jan 2020 19:50:48 EST 9YudRErz No.370208 Reply
idk about ssri's but dxm doesn't go well with booze, from my experience. yeah.. to each their own - as some people are seeking a different experiences than I am. I function on DXM it just removes most of my ability to feel fear-responses. makes me feel like I'm the hardest man on the planet.

how many times have you used DXM and what did you consume that had DXM in it?
Martha Docklemadge - Thu, 02 Jan 2020 09:40:06 EST TgEVA2Ny No.370211 Reply
look man, if you wanna get high and have fun you need to drop the SSRIs.
If you're up shit creek without a paddle and you need SSRIs, then stop trying to fuck around. Jesus, we can't have our cake and eat it - fucking find some balance and look after yourself
Charlotte Fuckingworth - Thu, 02 Jan 2020 12:38:29 EST 9YudRErz No.370212 Reply
most people dont really need psych meds. they get sold on the idea and a lot of people seem to be under the impression that a normal person feels overwhelmingly happy and fantastic 24/7. life has it's ups and downs
Phineas Gisslefire - Mon, 06 Jan 2020 20:24:17 EST 58+5iiQU No.370248 Reply
a small dose of alcohol will potentiate DXM and iirc effects liver enzymes in a way that is favourable to using dxm, but drinking on dxm is a recipe for disaster.
also a low dose of dxm potentiates alcohol

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