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more obscure RC Arylcyclohexylamines

- Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:43:44 EST KQampZxb No.370551
File: 1580431424132.jpg -(216050B / 210.99KB, 593x797) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. more obscure RC Arylcyclohexylamines
Let there be a place for us to discuss the arylcyclohexylamine compounds that are somewhat less understood in comparison to others. I'm mainly making this thread to ask about the drugs O-PCE (2'-oxo-pce) and MXPr (Methoxpropamine). I've read the few availabile trip reports on the clearnet about them but i'm very interested to hear anything from people with first hand experience. Anyone with their own questions feel free to ask but i have to admit my experience with this particular family is very limited (ketamine only). I've used more DXM than i can quantify in my memory so i'm fairly comfortable being dissociated, i'm just curious as to what different dissociative drugs feel like in comparison to the ones i've already tried/other drugs in general.

>tl;dr tell me about MXPr and O-PCE so i don't go all excited delirium and rip my dick out my asshole
Jack !fXGyYTYKEM - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 09:59:52 EST lpEUJ55p No.370593 Reply
I never tried MXPr, but I want to look into a current RC soon. It's been a long time. My memories of O-PCE were of a very clean and very dry dissociative. It was a fairly strong dissociative effect, lacked the opioid warmth I've been looking for since MXE, but didn't have any notable side effects either (besides the "cognitive blunting" that is common to so many dissociatives. Hard to think, hard to speak).

...it was boring. Other people do disagree, but like a low dose of ketamine, I found myself dissociated, and bored. It was an amazing adjunct to other drugs, though, particularly opioids (it eliminated the nods - which I understand some people love - enhanced the euphoria, and added dissociation. Not quite MXE, but very nice). That's what I thought of it, in a nutshell: excellent for adding a clean dissociative component to other things. Did not try it with /psy/, amphetamines, who knows what else. Compared to other RCs I've tried, it was potent, but could be eyeballed with practice, and fairly safe.
Fuck Nickleridge - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 10:14:49 EST KQampZxb No.370594 Reply
1580656489938.jpg -(5803B / 5.67KB, 200x145) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
thank you for answering! everyone on BL seems to agree on around 5-15mg as a starting point, would you agree with that? also, i've never mixed two dissociative compounds before, only dis/psy. do their effects add on to eachother in a linear fashion or are they more multiplicative?

>pack is coming with big chunkalunk of flap tabs so hopefully having access to both at once won't put me back in the psych ward ahaha ha ha... ha

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