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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Getting off the train

- Mon, 24 Feb 2020 10:23:35 EST xhXe1Zw9 No.370890
File: 1582557815648.jpg -(63121B / 61.64KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Getting off the train
Any suggestions for getting off /dis/? Been smashing 3-HO/MeO PCP daily for about 3 months now and I'm fucking burned out. Cant think straight, chronically depressed, cant perform at work, cant connect with loved ones. Literally don't know what to do, I'm terrified and full of self loathing. Everything just seems to have gone to shit.
Would cold Turkey & Diazipam work??
Pls halp don't ban me
Dextrolord - Mon, 24 Feb 2020 10:32:38 EST 1tpnrEB8 No.370893 Reply
1582558358481.jpg -(23466B / 22.92KB, 380x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That 3ho is gonna be the fun one to come off I think cuz of the opioid receptor activity.

It's only been 3 months so u shouldnt be in for too much withdrawals, more just a cumulative hangover.

If u can I would take a week off work and use some percoset or Vicodin or something with the valium the first day or 2 then switch to just benzos for a few days, lowering ur dose over time. Then the last 2 days should b just weed or nothing till ur back to baseline.

Good luck!!!
Pseudo Qui Qui - Mon, 24 Feb 2020 18:00:31 EST hnA4Ub3T No.370897 Reply
>>370890 I find exercise helps, though I have no experience with pcp, my Dxm use was the most stabilized when I was extremely athletic with bodybuilding/powerlifting, now that I’m out of that shape I have bad depression and anxiety type withdrawals after doses even as low as 300 mgs - 2 days after my dexhead floaty mindspace, Id get a big 1 week long crash, basically an “inverted trip” from a brain chemistry perspective... with my depressed brain trying to balance itself out. Only thing that ever worked for me is consistent intense exercise, hope that helps
Henry Suzzlehot - Mon, 24 Feb 2020 18:36:33 EST Gf681LmP No.370898 Reply
has you had any bad trips?
Thats what did it for me and dxm,
tried going back to it and it gave me a panic attack, and overall just a tense, enjoyable night. I suggest having a bad trip OP, it'll completely change your perception of the drug
Edwin Brockleshit - Tue, 25 Feb 2020 05:47:48 EST 15VPXgyv No.370900 Reply

get some agmatine sulfate bro

its working wonders for my recovery

it halts excitotoxicity of the NDMA receptor

its fukkin gr8
Edwin Brockleshit - Tue, 25 Feb 2020 05:51:29 EST 15VPXgyv No.370901 Reply
1582627889705.png -(22913B / 22.38KB, 265x254) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and like it or not, DXM is pretty much just morphine
sooo yeahhh

youre all just heroin junkies with moody issues

pic belated
Mr_Shawmeen - Tue, 25 Feb 2020 10:33:38 EST 4D0I2V07 No.370903 Reply
If you were gonna post a related opiate you should have gone with levomethorphan the stereo isomer of DXM. Anyways, I'm pretty sure you're joking or rather I hope you are joking, because we all know this stuff is determined by what receptors in the brain are effected by the drug and it's overall affect in/on the body.
Edwin Pugglefoot - Wed, 26 Feb 2020 04:34:23 EST XtOM9/kH No.370905 Reply

this retard doesnt understand how inverted isomers can be completely different drugs, even when they have no activity at the site they claim

everyone point and laugh at the spastic.
Phineas Dishwill - Wed, 26 Feb 2020 23:16:26 EST cmxKhMT0 No.370915 Reply

Just quit, there aren't any withdrawals or anything. I did 3-HO-PCP, 3-MEO-PCP and 3-MEO-PCE for over two months almost straight, did about 6 grams total, dosed daily and quit without much issue. I did experience a lot of cravings and it took a while for my mood to stabilize (I was having weird mood swings throughout about half of my period of use, this wasn't due to any withdrawals or anything, started happening after about a month), but I was fine after about a week or so and it wasn't difficult.

Your mileage may vary of course, but I guarantee you you're overthinking it due to paranoia or whatever. Just give them to a friend, lock them away somewhere if you can trust yourself with not doing them, or worst case scenario, destroy them. Just whatever you do, don't flush them down the toilet, it's awful for the environment and it's very difficult to remove drugs from waste water. It usually goes straight rivers and ground water. Look up some methods for safely destroying drugs on (R)eddit or where ever, there are a few methods ranging from destroying it in a strong fire or dissolving it in bleach.

You'll be fine man. Diazepam might not be the best idea though, using it sparingly might help with any anxiety you're feeling but being addicted to benzos is a million times worse than dissociative abuse, trust me.
Fuck Buckleshit - Thu, 27 Feb 2020 21:39:15 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370923 Reply
There is no getting off of /dis/
I've used DXM, not even K or a good RC, a grand total of maybe eight times in the past few years and each at far below third plat and I still think about it every day
Shit eats your soul and makes you fall in love with the process
Mr_Shawmeen - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 08:34:36 EST V6qq9l1F No.370929 Reply
Is it possible that you've been eating your own soul this whole time and not the drug? Also worth considering, is it possible that you're just on a part of the journey where that's how things look? Perspective is an infinitely expandable part of your journey and with that comes new vantage points.
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 12:41:36 EST 9YudRErz No.370932 Reply
I've been off DXM for a year and 46 days and I think about it every day. If I weren't being drug tested I'd be high right now.
Eros !!qClCIr0b - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 15:20:01 EST ALzX+Sx5 No.370934 Reply
What you crave is what you know dxm can show you. What you fear is facing yourself in the mirror. If you ever use dxm again, be completely open to all of what it has to show you. It is not facing God that man fears, but facing his own shadow. The adversary only shows itself as your weakest link.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:05:40 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370935 Reply
nice trip. did you come up with it specifically for this shitpost so that the person you're replying to would take it more seriously?
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:09:18 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370936 Reply
oh wait let me guess, you're actually the same person.

I fucking hate a few people on this board for ruining it for me.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:10:04 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370937 Reply
...which to them is an open invitation to do what they do, but that doesn't make them any less disgusting lol, though they don't realize it yet
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:21:55 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370941 Reply
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:24:53 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370943 Reply
WOAH you misspelled that word you're a fucking retard haha!!!!! OH and here's a deluge of other stupid shit that I have to unload on you even though I don't know you because that's what I do!!!!!
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:25:42 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370944 Reply
Seriously, you don't know how much hatred I have stored up specifically for you, my friend.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:26:48 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370945 Reply
And it will bite you the same way you've tried to bite me. Except it will be a thousand times harder.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:33:22 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370946 Reply
Though not really because I've sworn off that shit. Sooo.... you just suck. Lol. Lololol. I'll be dead soon enough though and you can bask in your """victory""
Add another to your nonsense chart.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:41:46 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370948 Reply
Another life ruined by who? By you. YOU. You: you. That's what you do. You're a life ruiner. You ruin people's lives. That's the crowning achievement of your life and forever will be. Have fun sleeping at night.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:49:22 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370949 Reply
I mean just for a second imagine actually taking pride in that. REALLY visualize it. Makes no fucking sense.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:50:26 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370950 Reply
Also makes you look like a fucking dumbass.
"stop spammng the thread!"
go fuck yourself. no one posts here anyway and you can ignore me like that
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:52:48 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370952 Reply
Something CrAzY
That's what you wanted to hear. But no I'm addressing a specific person or group of people.
It has nothing to do with you probably so it's okay.
Priscilla Femmerdatch - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:15:21 EST NjSsDSlx No.370954 Reply
Yo calm the fuck down. No one here is out to get you. All we are is a bunch of dudes who like doing the same drugs.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:18:42 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370955 Reply
Oh what a NICE THING TO SAY. You're barely a step above calling me schizophrenic. If only it were true. But sadly druggie boards attract predators for obvious reasons
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:20:20 EST 9YudRErz No.370956 Reply
I don't really get your point. It's not like this was an upscale community that hard work went into creating, which you happened to be a part of. You can't control the flow of people in and out of a public online drug forum.. nobody's ruined it for you, you probably are ruining it for yourself with your attitude, no offense.

I've been on 420chan about a decade now and honestly I find it to be very much the same it always was, I just see and react to things differently now. The same threads on /weed/ get posted in a cycle by new teenage members over and over and over endlessly, for instance.. I post here because it brings me closer to my favorite hobby.

Who's hurting who besides you offending people by chimping out?
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:23:46 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370957 Reply
Look out for Yankee doodle with his opinion in his hat everyone
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:25:05 EST 9YudRErz No.370958 Reply
many schizophrenics are actually mind control victims

if you're going to uphold the notion that there is a large denomination of people in the world that were just born fucked up and it's related to chemicals in the brain that never get tested when passing down psychiatric diagnosis, at least ask yourself where it came from - who sold you it?

It's not a good idea to vehemently defend beliefs that you picked up from someone you once heard speaking who you thought at the time was smart and a trustworthy leader. Also you have to be careful with inferences too because there is effort being made to persuade your thoughts.

I suppose there's a chance some combative retard's interjection-opportunity alert system would go off and try to identify irony in what I'm saying without actually knowing where my ideas came from, but he sees a place he can make an arguable claim that someone else is wrong, and he gets the glory of being the first mouth to open up and shout it out.

that's life
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:27:46 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370960 Reply
And anyway why the fuck are you offended? Protip::: you're not. You found an excuse to ""school"" someone with your HUGE BRAIN and that's all you're doing. Go away. You lack certain mental faculties.
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:30:45 EST 9YudRErz No.370962 Reply
I just think it's stupid that someone would try to say that this place was once good, or better, and has been ruined by one individual. Especially while the person complaining is acting uncivilized. Not that you really are here to reason, you're probably just here to bitch because this is your way of discharging your feelings about whatever, that you're dealing with.

I'm gonna call you a loser and end the discussion if I don't like your next post
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:31:17 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370963 Reply
WOAH WHAT NOVEL IDEAS NOT CONDESCENDING AT ALL or completely fucking misunderstanding me either
What if I am a victim of ""mind control""? You fucked up if so.
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:32:38 EST 9YudRErz No.370964 Reply
Or honestly even ruined at all. It's the same shit it always was, you just feel differently about it because you're changed over time through age and experiences, and are in a different place in life than you once were.

It's literally just like baby bullshit crying about how you feel, disguised as fact by your words. I think you actually know this though I don't think you're retarded. Everyone does it.. I've decided to comment on it what happens to be on my mind right now. so you're the target
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:33:54 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370965 Reply
Oh right because the burden always rests on the traumatized to act civilized. Please don't reply. I really don't care what you think because you're a generic smug person looking down from their balcony where they have the luxury of being unaffected by what's being discussed.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:35:29 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370966 Reply
Oh man I really want to suck your high IQ dick right now PLEASE PLEASE LET ME
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:37:51 EST 9YudRErz No.370967 Reply
can i ask you how old you are? keep in mind you can't control whether I believe you or not. I'll reason to the best of my ability and decide how old I think you really are, but maybe that will coincide with your answer.

this isn't jail, homeboy. don't be sarcastically labeling people as intellectuals. just cause i decided in one of 600 posts to try to be coherent and make as much sense as i could, on the spot. information that is foreign to you being communicated to you should not trigger a negative response from you. why dont you think about it and if you have something to add or find something wrong with it, you say so, so that together we can develop a greater idea and get closer to the truth.

most people that read this thread now are going to think that i'm wasting my time trying to talk to you. it doesn't really matter to me because it's an insignificant investment i'm making and possibility of a good outcome in some way is well worth it to me right now. how do you feel about this? that most people reading your comments probably instantly dislike you, negatively judge your ability to think, and probably assume you're some fucked up teenager who's gone bad?
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:39:45 EST 9YudRErz No.370968 Reply
how are you traumatized lol? i need to make sure you're not exaggerating before I can give you an answer.

i don't think i'm being smug. i'm trying to make sense.. your feeling is that i'm being smug.. i actually have love for you in a non condescending way. i don't know who you are.. i have my mind made up that you're probably younger than me and i hope you're white, but that's it.
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:43:04 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370969 Reply
I think it's pretty fucking typical. Phrase passive aggression the right way and people will side with it. The truth is I'm in pain, but who cares? Certainly not the person who caused it, who I'm implicating, and who you don't believe even exists. Certainly not you. See I'm actually shit testing you and you failed. Another wolf drawn to the scent of a bleeding violent corpse. What do I think about what most people think? I think they don't care enough to think about for real, nor should they have to because its just a blip. But it's there, blatantly advertised, for those for whom 9t isn't. Its a cry for help you fucking idiot. Why's that so hard to decode?

Hav3 fun with your soccer mom judgments and your selfsatisfaction though.
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:46:53 EST 9YudRErz No.370970 Reply
Ouch. Do the few people that ruined this board for you all have tripcodes? Have you checked their IDs to verify that whatever has been done that bothers you was actually done by these people?

what's your problem pal? you're going to commit suicide?
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:47:16 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370971 Reply
But not my feelings
Also I guarantee I'm older than you
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:49:24 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370972 Reply
I'm not answering that. It's just another weakness for you """people""" to exploit. All you need to feel right now is guilt, if it's appropriate, and I fucking wish remorse/
Nigel Blecklehood - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:52:13 EST 9YudRErz No.370973 Reply
you sound hurt. if you could assess the influence that fear has over your life you would probably find it to be great. i discovered recently that, it may be possible (i dont know) to just get rid of fear, but seemingly more reliably, it can be replaced with love. which also i realized not too long ago, is not what i always thought it was.

fear and love

they govern everything you do. not everybody is familiar with that system of classification
Fuck Buckleshit - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 18:10:59 EST Tw8O+9JO No.370975 Reply
You're not going to troll me into loving you with your new age diatribe just so you can fuck me up again later
What *I* think is much simpler, which is that people need to stop fucking with each other for fun.
>b-but you're clearly a terrible person who deserves it
REALLY? How do you know that? From my drunken shitposts? Knife yourself, hypothetical naysayer.
Fucking Clangertag - Fri, 28 Feb 2020 20:39:07 EST Gx6NGqLb No.370977 Reply
AoA? Chill buddy. IDK what's going on but it's stressful to even watch.
Eros !!qClCIr0b - Sat, 29 Feb 2020 16:52:01 EST ALzX+Sx5 No.370985 Reply
Karma is the Golden Rule. How you treat others reflects back onto you. Do you feel you don't deserve love? Is that why you forcefully try and take it?
Btw, this trip is my identity to the core. Recent trips showed me the depths of my soul so Im taking it upon myself to become a celestial archer, firing my eros into the hearts of all from my rain-bow. I wish you peace on your journey.
Fuck Clayspear - Mon, 02 Mar 2020 14:44:22 EST e9cvOVLj No.371008 Reply
lol why are you responding seriously to this attention whoring faggot with literally nothing better to do than to actually put effort into this farce
Cyril Shakeforth - Tue, 03 Mar 2020 22:18:19 EST Tw8O+9JO No.371038 Reply
I'm sorry. It was an emotional chain reaction on my part. I don't know why I'm so much more prone to this than everyone else. if it makes you feel any better I think it's pretty embarrassing, but it's also nonsense and I don't know how it happens.

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