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DXM boring as fuck

- Sun, 11 Jul 2021 19:56:27 EST B4WKg2Em No.375472
File: 1626047787035.jpg -(141998B / 138.67KB, 1200x1225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DXM boring as fuck
Every time I take any amount of DXM it is always underwhelming beyond belief. Doesn’t matter if I chug two bottles, once the comeup is done I’m just listening to music begging for it to end while writhing around and listening to music.

On the comeup I’m excited and having a blast, having interactions with people and then immediately questioning whether or not the interaction was a hallucination or not after the fact, staring at trees or a wall and feeling like I’m about to blast off, all that fun stuff.

But shortly after I’ve puked that last bit of gunk out I’m just dazed and inebriated in the worst way possible with a supremely negatively suggestible mind space, barely any enhancement of musical appreciation and no visuals whatsoever. I guess I don’t have the right metabolites to enjoy DXM? Anyone else have a similar experience with DXM?
Basil Hettinghedging - Sun, 11 Jul 2021 21:38:18 EST Kwr1daKi No.375473 Reply
You should have thrown it all up sooner. Cough medicine is crazy

Crazy as in adjective
mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.
Jack Drerringbetch - Mon, 12 Jul 2021 20:07:29 EST CCvXl19q No.375480 Reply
Doesn't sound like it's for you. If I had to guess why, from my own experience that sounds like if I took it in a poor (non optimal) state of mind, threw up too early ( or likely at all), and then didn't have any weed to smoke. Especially the weed but you didn't mention that one way or the other.
DXM does seem to have a particularly euphoric period during the peak and after the bodily/nausea upset has passed, but I experience full body orgasmic ego-dissolution bliss that pervades through the entire peak, that would be worth the price of entry easily even if the rest of the experience was garbage. Usually I do a few whippets after the peak and continue smoking weed until its time to call it a night, but other than the fairly extreme coordination problems it's still very enjoyable, the next-day after-effects being a favorite of mine as well. A little coffee and weed and I feel absolutely fantastic.
Before robocough/tablets I would usually throw it up after about an hour and have something closer to but not exactly like your experience, and only did it one time without weed, my first experience with it actually, and was just uncomfortable and antsy the entire time. If you can't keep it down and don't smoke weed, probably just isn't going to do anything for you mang.
Caroline Turveywater - Thu, 15 Jul 2021 18:14:07 EST 6hfEJrEv No.375487 Reply
Usually works best when there's some kind of ritual to it. Like >>375480 says, it's pretty much all about set and setting. Best is probably alone in an empty house with a big open floor to sprawl out on with almost no light. Heavy breathing exercises give a big boost, too.
Isabella Sebberhat - Thu, 15 Jul 2021 19:06:17 EST yy4LZQPz No.375488 Reply
1626390377864.gif -(966993B / 944.33KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
100% agreed. don't know why I didn't mention, but I spend most of the come-up in bed with my legs elevated doing breathing exercises, necessary to get through nausea at the very least but I didn't connect how that probably deepens the experience. I am also fortanute to have an understanding partner who leaves the entire bed to me, and I have a desktop vape I can use to safely stay high through the whole experience, along with headphones and a silent house. Ritual, set and setting for sure.
Edward Snodville - Tue, 20 Jul 2021 03:47:42 EST ytltTa1e No.375506 Reply
Upper 2nd is the sweet spot for me. I hate the 3rd and the low and middle 2nd is underwhelming.
Charlotte Sannerhork - Tue, 20 Jul 2021 05:25:52 EST uzJ12ht9 No.375507 Reply
1626773152989.jpg -(153251B / 149.66KB, 1200x775) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The source makes a difference, too. If you're using anything besides delsym, you're fucking up.
I've been an avid dxm user for about 17 years now. It is still my favorite, and I have a pretty diverse group of drugs that I use for recreation (with varying regularities.)

You're going to need to have an empty stomach. This will help with both the trip, and the nausea. You're either doing your dxm first thing after waking up, or you're not eating until the point in the day where you took it. I insist you eat something small immediately after taking it. I believe that gives it a little encouragement to not just sit in your stomach, getting destroyed, and possibly making you feel icky in the process. So we're saying you're gonna eat, like, a bowl of cereal, or a sandwich.
You're only going to be using delsym or your preferred store's generic Cough DM equivalent. The only ingredient in that son of a bitch should be, "Dextromethorphanpolistirexequivalentto30 mgdextromethorphanhydrobromide."
Since that's the only way you'll be taking it, dosing will be a snap.
They have an 89mL bottle, and an 148mL bottle. At 30mg of dxm per 5mL, that gives you the choice of either, 534mg, or 888mg, roughly.
You are not permitted to drink partial bottles.
When I was a youth, I would tend to stick to the 148mL "big bottles," and recommend the 89mL "small bottles" to those that weren't used to it; I would take two small bottles on special occasions. Now, my drinking two big bottles would not be out of the ordinary.
As for you, I always recommend a 148mL to men, and 89mL for females, smaller men, and adolescents.
The dosages for time release dxm need to be higher than what one would take with some sort of instant release (say coricidin cough and cold, for example.)
So to recap: You will be drinking your entire bottle on an empty stomach, and then having a small bite to eat right after.
Now, ideally, you either smoke marijuana, or drink alcohol. You will not be doing EITHER of these before you take your dxm, and you are not going to be doing either immediately after.
You are going to be patient, and likely bored for a good hour.
You will be waiting for one of the following to happen:
  1. That nausea that you hear about, and a lot of people get. (I want you to wait until at least a little after it's begun, but I do NOT want you to fucking puke.)
  2. A decent, and abrupt shit.
  3. The effects of the dxm to become somewhat noticeable, in the absence of numbers 1 or 2.
You are now allowed (and encouraged) to smoke a LITTLE pot, or have a SMALL drink, at this point. You're not trying to get stoned or drunk right now.
It shouldn't be long after this that you should start having actual fun. That fun should be solid for about 8 hours, depending on your physical activity, or if you eat. It should taper down after that. If you sleep, you'll likely wake up with the blessing of the "Heebie Jeebies," which is the medical term for the 1st-2nd plateau one is often graced with for a bit (presumably due to the residual amounts of the drug being released in your sleep, without an avenue to be properly worked through the blood.)

I feel like that covers the basic prep work one should do. As far as the trip itself, fuck most people's advice.
Personally, I like to go grocery shopping, with a list I'd made prior. I also really like just going to work like that, to be honest. (Usually kitchen or temp jobs, etc.)

Almost all other drugs I do, I tend to prefer being on a solid baseline of dxm prior (Mushrooms, alcohol, methamphetamine, etc. Pretty much all of them, I like just fine, but enjoy more while on dxm.), and it's the ONLY time I like smoking a little pot anymore.
(*a note should be made: generally, I consume smaller amounts of anything if I'm on dxm. I do eat pretty much the same dose of mushrooms, and I have have a drinking problem; meaning that I TRY to drink less while on the DXM. When I regularly smoked pot, I smoked less of it while on dxm, also.)
So. I really do recommend giving it another try. I know most people still dont like doing it all the time, but I've seen a lot of minds get changed, in regard to occasional use, upon trying this methodology.
If you havent done it within these parameters, it's worth a try. If it's still no good for you, you're out, what? $11? ish?
And to be CLEAR: I like it better than acid, I take at least 5-7g of mushrooms straight away when I do them, I dig meth, I'm addicted to alcohol, etc.
DXM is STILL my favorite. Without question.
Good luck, Buster Brown.
William Sammlepetch - Thu, 22 Jul 2021 02:57:01 EST MYA7SC5S No.375532 Reply
my man did his dissertation on this shit bravo honestly not even hating

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