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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
GOREFEST Ignore Report Reply
Emma Bullernut - Thu, 24 May 2018 08:05:29 EST ID:R9UQP8+E No.46028
File: 1527163529170.png -(550584B / 537.68KB, 1250x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 550584
how often do you dream about gore? do you think its indicative of your interests and maybe even mental health if you dream about it too much?

I've had this dream today. We were on a big castle and it was in the middle of winter. The snow made the scenery look like a real winter wonderland. By we I mean a bunch of strangers, a bunch of friends and a bunch of people that i vaguely remember from way back in the day; were talking early middle school and primary school here.
i get my hands on some really fire dope and proceed to eat it and i get buzzed as af. as the day goes on i end up watching soccer with a bunch of hooligans and being bored out of my mind. so i step outside to talk to a friend about my dope. he asked why i wouldnt just take so much to nod the fuck out and be done with it. and i told him that it would be a waste, i need to make it as memorable as possible. thats where an idea came upon the dude, he told me "why dont you jump off of that building as the dope kicks in, the adrenaline may give your rush a new edge". i told him that he was a retard and that that shit doesnt work and as i was proclaiming my disappointment in his idea some retard jumped off of that very building. we went to check him up and he was fine.
it turns out he is a dopefiend. i told him "i will give you my dope if you can catch us and beat us up". he agreed and gave us a head start. using this headstart we ran into a nearby grove and my dude pulls out a gun "well surprise him now that we are alone with him" as he ran to our location he pointed the gun at him and the fiend got all sad and desperate pleading us to spare his life, the works. we shot him in the stomach and i went and cut off his head, kneeled down and gouged out his eyes with my thumbs, holding onto the severed head while the blood was painting the snow beneath us a crimson mix of snow and blood. as i was done with his head it looked up and saw a little girl in a summerdress that looked at me and asked me: "are you proud of yourself?"

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