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my dream

- Wed, 02 Aug 2017 17:07:58 EST djf57KRy No.45716
File: 1501708078248.png -(436097B / 425.88KB, 697x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. my dream
I was an actor. The film or play for one scene was set in a diner/ bar and I was the waiter. I was a girl though so in this case I was a waitress. Somewhere down the line I found out I consumed a polyjuice potion to transform into one. Anyway I was the waitress and Agatha (threemilkt) was my customer. She ordered red wine. Problem was I was hired as a temporary hit man to kill Agatha. The hitmen who hired me knew she would have to drink wine for the scene we were filming and pre-poisoned a glass (like the ricin from Breaking Bad).

I was at a moral impasse. Give her the real wine or the poison? I hesitantly decided upon the poison as I would be killed instead if I didn’t and walked up to her table with a crooked, forced smile and placed it in front of her. Upon my return to the bar I looked back at her innocent smile, the happiness and optimism for the future in her eyes all summated into her glance at the wine as she reached for it. I only had seconds. I ran back to the table and stuttered in a rush “Oh, I actually overlooked something, that wine isn’t aged yet. Let me get you one from the cellar this time” So I took the poison wine and gave her instead what was hopefully the best aged and safe wine I could provide her. She smiled and I smiled back, but for a moment, just a moment as we made eye contact I could see a spark of understanding in her for what I had just done.

Act 2
We were in a sort of apartment complex and I finally got the chance to look in a mirror: I was a girl of east Asian descent in her late teens . I entered the living room to find Agatha watching TV on the sofa, we began a conversation about god knows what and it ended with me saying I have to leave and do something work related. Agatha stood up in response while giving me a smirk like she was trying to hold back as if to suppress her excitement or adoration for something. She walked over to me , stretched her arms out and gave me a hug. It was warm, accepting and comforting and I was self-conscious about the half chub she could probably feel pressing against her. It almost felt like she saying “thank you for existing”. We let go simultaneously and I proceeded to head off.

I found myself in a park in front of a tennis court cage, to my right was a hiker with all the gear he could ever need, to my left were a group of urban park rangers ready to start up trouble. I was sitting and relaxing on the grass. One of the bulkier male park rangers decided to nudge me with his trash pick-up stick, although this nudge was more of a jab. “Pick up that there trash, kid” He demanded. I looked around to see the source of his troubles and discovered a stray candy wrapper next to my persons. I respectfully picked it up and threw it in his bin while informing it was not my wrapper, but I would pick it up regardless because of the environment. He only retaliated with more aggression and told me to fuck myself. This was exaggerated by him kicking me while I was trying to get to my feet and all his ranger friends barking at me in the background as if they were those guys in the background of rap music videos. I decided to walk off after this round of abuse and took a stroll in the shade under a line of trees. I returned to the apartment after a stranger who spoke no co-hesive English tried to talk to me on the walk back and I returned to what was an entire family. The room was much bigger now and I became self-aware of the fact that I was still portraying a girl as my outer image as each of the family members looked at me.

The dream ended here.
Samuel Brookham - Wed, 02 Aug 2017 17:11:03 EST djf57KRy No.45717 Reply
1501708263248.jpg -(338932B / 330.99KB, 1608x2001) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
that hug in the last post felt truly real, and honestly made me happy for the rest of the day, I just felt like everything was okay in the world for just a moment. It was like my old oneitis hugging me again.

way better than dream sex/10

also there is a lot of shit to psychoanalyse from this dream such as my subliminal desire to be an asain girl ( which my oneitis also was)

Plus I think the park rangers were meant to represent 4chan.

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