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Anyone feel like interpreting this dream I had with me?

- Fri, 09 Feb 2018 15:29:57 EST WNSCAZax No.45946
File: 1518208197555.jpg -(16269B / 15.89KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Anyone feel like interpreting this dream I had with me?
A week ago I had a really vivid dream (I've only gotten like 3 since I was a little kid). I wrote down a little summary when I woke up and felt like sharing it on here

I had a dream that I woke up on the couch I was sleeping, but the house was different. Slight differences like a curtain over the tv and some strange ornament. My memory of this part isn't great, I know I had some plan to go up north and I was supposed to give someone a ride up there. Soon I was in some strange but beautiful little memorial/park. It was in a snowy forest and somehow related to world war 1. The first little area was two dark and wooden 2 story cabins that apparently had a tragic story. A mother with kids and their neighbor were sick or starving and one day the family found the neighbor had killed herself. The mother realized maybe it was better to do the same with her children and save them the pain. I climbed up one cabin and looked through the top window to find what looked like the ancient remains of the neighbor. I thought of looking in the other but decided against it because I didn't want to see the children. I got back to wandering the park. The cabin was in some sort of little work area, surrounded by piles of scrap metal and fences. But around the entire fenced area was a beautiful forest with melting snow. I moved on to another area. It looked like trenches from the war, and it was even snowier now. No snow fell, just a thick blanket covered the hills and trees. I was about to take a picture when I saw a girl walking ahead of the group she was with. She was wearing winter clothes and a beanie, had brown hair under the hat. She was cute. I smiled and said hey. I asked her what her name was and told her mine. I had strong feelings for her already. Eventually her family caught up with her and so did my little brother, who came out of nowhere. I was hitting it off with the girl who's name i can't remember now. She said I had a cool name though... Hm. Anyway at this point I thought of the guy who needed a ride and said fuck him. I followed the girl and her siblings to their parents van and they offered to take us to the end of the whole park. They drove as it became more mountainous and cold. At one point they drove off the top of a tunnel to the road coming out of it. I said something like "man that's something that would happen in a dream". I guess that's when I was starting to wake up a little. During the car ride I started to realize one of the guys I thought was her brother was her boyfriend so I just tried to play it off. Soon we arrived at our destination. It was a icy shore of a deep blue cold sea. Everyone was walking across the floating ice and glaciers to the horizon. On the way the girls boyfriend was mad at her for bringing me. He pushed her down onto one of the slabs of ice and she lay their crying. Everyone went on without her. Time skipped forward and they were now getting back from their adventure and the girl had frozen into the ice. She still made sound, so I knew it wasn't to late. I dove into the ice cold water and pulled her out. The dream became a surreal world of deep blue ice and freezing water. I climbed the ice with her, trying to get to somewhere where I could compress her. The old dark cabin with the tragic story was now there. I pulled her into the cabin and started compressing her. She wasn't even a person anymore but a blue plastic baby. I compressed her and blew in her lips as the color of the baby came back with each breath. I flashed back to the children that had died in the cabin. One part at a time it changed from blue to what were it's right colors. Eventually I knew that I had brought her back. But she wasn't her anymore, she was the little toy baby thing, but she was back. She was okay, and that was that, but something still felt wrong. I woke up after that.

I notice as the dream went on it got colder and icier. I feel like this has something to do with getting back something I lost in my childhood thanks to depression and trauma. Maybe diving into the dark and cold water was a belly of the whale kind of thing, like finding what I need where I least want to go?
Sidney Gommershaw - Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:47:51 EST QRKY41Hh No.45951 Reply
i would if it wasn't a wall of text OP

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