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- Wed, 17 Oct 2018 18:15:43 EST QiFag65p No.46141
File: 1539814543665.jpg -(2560B / 2.50KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. bambooindreams
sup/DR/, So, I lost my soulmate one year and five months ago to a heroin overdose, anyway two nights ago, she came to me in a vivid dream, she jumped off a freight train(we rode trains) , and gave me a bamboo pipe, it was empty with weed resin, it was extremely vivid, to the point I forgot she died all together and I woke up and remembered she died, wtf does this mean? I never known her to have a Bamboo pipe, only for riding freight, anyone have a clue wtf the even signifies?
Fanny Worthingspear - Sun, 28 Oct 2018 02:57:26 EST IPjVmo1n No.46143 Reply
Don't over think it, it just means you miss her and that her soul has finally escaped the bamboo dimension.
Martin Soshstone - Tue, 06 Nov 2018 19:49:34 EST rndtFaQq No.46152 Reply
say chur yur sur oju ojin erihan followed by her name and she will be in your dreams
George Dammershit - Sat, 08 Dec 2018 15:12:38 EST Dc5YHgOF No.46182 Reply
ayyyy i lost the love of my life to a heroin overdose too. never gets better does it?

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