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Angery dreams

- Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:15:24 EST kO7IPkFQ No.46145
File: 1541024124155.jpg -(54798B / 53.51KB, 726x702) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Angery dreams
Every night I'm really angry in my dreams. I always try to punch a wall, or a person, but in my dreams my punches are always limp and slow. I wake up angry and my days are always shit. I've always been an angry person, but I've been controlling it and holding it in better, and ever since i started doing that, my dreams have been like this.
Basil Blodgespear - Thu, 01 Nov 2018 13:52:53 EST jdIS+8V3 No.46146 Reply
Lack of power/control in your life. You do not have the means to express your anger because doing so would sabotage your current situation. You are dependent on somebody else/thing which requires you to constantly repress your anger. The anger comes out in dreams, yet just like in real life, you want to punch something but you can't.
Basil Blodgespear - Thu, 01 Nov 2018 14:10:10 EST jdIS+8V3 No.46147 Reply
My advice?

I've had that same dream about not being able to punch somebody, several times.

Work on getting more sleep, better sleep, better dreams. Look up sleep hygiene practices. Research lucid dreaming so you can start to be more aware of your dreams. Dreams can be a great way of experiencing things you can't in real life, which could lessen your stress upon waking and throughout the day. Dreams can help lead you to the root of your issues. Dreams can help you release some of that anger, so next time you want to punch something keep trying. This could also be a great lucid-dream trigger for you if it happens a lot. If you can't punch something you might actually realize you are dreaming. There are few things more liberating than being able to control a dream.

Not being able to punch could be your subconscious sending you a metaphorical message like what my previous post said. It could also just be that your mind has been subconsciously trained to fear the repercussions of being angry.

Spend more of your awake time doing nothing but thinking about your life and your dreams will begin to flow easier.

Most of all work on improving your situation so you have less to be angry about
Priscilla Billingstone - Thu, 09 May 2019 01:13:31 EST belKGjHO No.46233 Reply
OP here. I forgot about this thread.

Update: half a year has gone by since I made this thread. Things got worse for a while. But, now it's better. I am meditating again and on a diet. Things between family members has improved. I'm no longer as angry as I use to be. I get better with each day that passes by as a person. I'm no longer having those nightmares and i wake up in a good mood more now than I ever have in a long time. I'm doing what I can to be happy and feel good about myself. I've come a long way.
Charlotte Crebblehood - Wed, 05 Jun 2019 19:50:51 EST Dc5YHgOF No.46249 Reply
i can definitely relate to the "punches are weak and slow", i used to have dreams like that all the time when i wasnt in control of my living situation. now my dreams are mostly about sexual frustration lol
Reuben Mibbledale - Sun, 09 Jun 2019 14:57:26 EST HP0Ib263 No.46250 Reply
Update on how I'm doing 1 month later - I started going to the gym exactly 1 month ago as of today. My mind is a lot more clear than it was before and I feel mentally and emotionally stable for once in a long time. I've cut ties with people who were a negative influence to myself and my life. I have goals that I planted in my brain that I want to achieve. I'm also about 6 weeks into my suboxone taper withb2 more weeks to go until I'm done.

I'm doing very good for myself right now. I'm going to keep up the good work and keep grinding.
Reuben Saffingshit - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 09:01:58 EST Lp/xvyVe No.46256 Reply
Fuck yeah OP. Getting off of opis and into a healthy lifestyle is hard as fuck. Keep at it.

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