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succubus dreams

- Sun, 07 Apr 2019 19:37:34 EST OLjyw/Hd No.46213
File: 1554680254897.jpg -(36604B / 35.75KB, 640x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. succubus dreams
this is a recurring thing for me lately. i have been having sexual dreams involving a shapeshifting woman. in one instance, it took the form of an ex fuck buddy and we fucked, it was amazing but later she transformed into another girl and fucked two other guys. it was a bit bizarre but i didn't think too much of it at the time. however, last night i had a particularly terrifying night/set of dreams. it took a long time to fall asleep, and when i finally did my 'dream memory' begins with me becoming semi-lucid, in bed with a girl who i had just had sex with, in an unfamiliar house. she vanished when i looked away for a moment and i was left alone. i went out into a hallway and saw two identical, dismembered bodies (arm/leg missing), floating in midair. this is when the unnerving atmosphere began to really set in and i felt i was being constantly watched and tricked by the succubus. i felt something crawling in my mouth and pulled out a beetle covered in green goo, it somehow appeared there. i continued wandering through the strange house, occasionally retracing my steps only for the previously visited rooms to have changed completely. it really fucked with my semi lucid mind, being so lost and confused. i came across a room with a bunch of multicolored, cubic toys spinning and dancing silently. i briefly recall walking around an urban/city environment after this but cant remember much. there was another bit where i was on a dock at night time crowded with people, when an aircraft suddenly exploded after being attacked by an armed helicopter, and everyone started panicking. the helicopter rained down machine gun fire onto the crowded dock and suddenly i was transported to the next part of the dream.

the next sexual act with the succubus (in the same set of dreams, same house as previously mentioned) involved the succubus sucking another guy's dick while she forced my onto my knees to kiss her feet (don't judge me but this really turned me on and easily seduced me.) this went on for a while and eventually the other guy vanished. i became angry at the succubus because i felt as if the penetration and sexual domination she had forced on me had drained my life essence/chi in some way. i grabbed her by the shoulders and asked if she was a spirit. she said nothing but her face transformed from a young cute e-girl looking thot (my weakness) to a middle age woman. she promptly vanished after this. this scene is especially ingrained in my mind because i could see the intelligence in her eyes, if that makes sense (although she would not directly communicate with me.) i also felt as if she was much older than she appeared. after this dream sequence i was trapped in a cycle of mini-dreams>sleep paralysis>mini-dreams>false awakenings>residual psychotic feelings etc for a while, which was rather upsetting. when i finally got up i felt drained, lethargic, and unrested yet still manic and psychotic. i took 1.5 mgs of xanax this morning to try to calm down which helped a bit but i'm still a bit shook and afraid to sleep again. maybe i'm just a pussy.

in retrospect, i have had many other dreams involving women trying to seduce me , kiss me, generally etc. i wonder if this is merely a reflection of my sex addiction or if i am actually encountering sentient beings due to my dabbling in occult Shiet. im sry for the long post but it's a bit therapeutic to write about my experiences regardless of how schizophrenic/delusional it may sound, and i was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences to this? i might just be projecting my sex addiction but these recent dreams feel different than other sex related dreams i've had.

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