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Futuristic dream

- Fri, 21 Feb 2020 11:49:38 EST dKkZjqGl No.46494
File: 1582303778398.jpg -(221409B / 216.22KB, 1000x824) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Futuristic dream
I was a soldier trainee in an extended, advanced military program. It was definitely future shit, quite far out future-wise compared to the year 2020 as I know it. I lived in a military dormitory with other soldiers, and everything was advanced. I'm white but most of my buddies were black. Everyone else was bigger than myself physically, except for this little Hispanic guy called "Gusto" who I guess was skilled with movement devices or some shit like that. We were all doing military chores in the living quarters, and we were all off-duty at the time and wearing plain white underwear boxer-briefs, white undershirts, etc. One guy held a cup and had a toothbrush sticking out his mouth, shirtless with a towel around his shoulders, and he was mute and making jokes using his hands, making some joke about this other guy's bald shiny black head.

We had basic military-issued human/machine direct I/O interfacing augmentations, in the form of two HDMI-like female ports located discretely behind each earlobe, surgically installed firmly into the structure of the skull.

The facility bared the color scheme of dark gray, polished dark gray gun metal, sky blue walls, with broad white accents in the form of large painted symbols, words, and other such on the walls.

We were all getting ready for some kind of "family day" - a special occasion when family members are granted access to a small civilian area of the facility and a lot of the other guys were excited about it. I had no family, so I didn't give a shit.

I was specializing in some sort of weapons program, and often tested prototype firearm designs, etc. In previous training programs I had displayed proficiency with traditional marksmanship, something rather obsolete, so I ended up with that specialization and I remember feeling disappointed about it.

Some kinda weird-ass future rifle thing, looking down the iron sight, discharging the weapon repeatedly and paying careful attention to its recoil, and then repeatedly shouting at a guy in a white overcoat in a fiberglass room to my left that the weapon "is still a fuckin piece of shit." It was compatible with two munition charges - an explosive weighted charge that was long as a measurement ruler and about as thin as the circumference of a cigarette. The other charge was like a pointed bolt, and there was a mechanism near the weapon's tip that mechanically triggered the bolt to open razor fins only moments after the bolt left the weapon. It was a semi and full auto weapon.

White coat guy wouldn't speak, he kept looking at an electronic clipboard in his hand, it was recording something or some shit.

I went back to the living quarters. Suddenly there were kids around and I became extremely annoyed because of this. Fuckin wide-eyed little shits with their noses pointed up at me, knocking shit over, being loud. I joined the fucking military to get away from this sorta shit goddammit.

Then weird shit started to happen.
Albert Momblefuck - Fri, 21 Feb 2020 11:50:15 EST dKkZjqGl No.46495 Reply

Apparently, there was some sort of new bio/psyche weapons program we didn't know about, that had been in development at a nearby research facility, and of course whatever the fuck it was had got out in an uncontrolled fashion on family day.

Gusto came running down a corridor shouting various curses in rapid Spanish at the top of his lungs.

One of my buddies turned around from a corner with a knife stuck in him, looking really confused. He looked at me, opened his mouth, blood came out, he collapsed, and behind him stood a little kid with a blank expression on his face. Then the kid looked at me and smiled.

Then I was running down hallways with a smoking-hot female scientist wearing a red blouse under a white overcoat and vivid red lipstick. She kept putting her ID card up to automated door locks and the doors kept getting bigger and more mechanistic. She was very concerned, and from what little I could collect, we were facing a sentient GAI-scale outbreak, that it had something to do with the neuroplasticity of children's developing brain structure, they didn't expect or foresee the effect, it must have took control of one of the kid's minds and used it to access some kind of networked interface and broke out. She went on and on talking all this sci-fi shit describing it, like "it's general event response time measured in the millions of a nanosecond fraction," "it's several million orders of magnitude more intelligent than a single average human." Yada yada yada etc etc she wouldn't shut up. "We must isolate it." Blah blah blah "The complete history of our species is now threatened." FUCK OKAY I GET IT.

Then we came to the big MECH H7 door and my heart started pumping. I had never been inside a MECHANIZED hangar before. I just watched a kid straightup knife a dude and only now I was beginning to realize shit was getting real.

She opened the door, it was loud and made an alarm and there were red flashing lights. It was a service entrance or something, narrow path, below through chain links I could see a ton of people scrambling around in chaos, then up a metal ladder, she went first and she was wearing a short dress skirt and panty hose so obviously THAT ASS.

She gave me a small little black metal thing, and I stuck it into my left HDMI skull port. Then I could hear her in my head. She kept telling me to hurry up.

She led me to a room and holy shit look at all the fucking walking tank mechs. Big fucking anime robots holy shit is this real life.

Then there was a big guy. As soon as I saw his rank my shoulders straightened, and I put my chin back in attention. He asked my rank and specialty. I told him. He said something like "Iron sights, good" and told me to fall in. He told "Hot Tits" to report to communications. She made a pissy face at the name-calling but didn't argue with a ranking officer.

There was a long line of soldiers, some still in their underwear. I was in a jumpsuit. They kept frantically motioning and shouting at us to keep moving. Then I came to a platform, and some technician types told me to lose the suit. So I dropped ‘trow and they turned me around and smeared something like Vaseline on me from my neck, down my back, and stopped a little ways just above my ass crack. Then they turned me around and shouted to keep moving. So I did.
Albert Momblefuck - Fri, 21 Feb 2020 11:51:00 EST dKkZjqGl No.46496 Reply
(cont. srry)

And then some stairs, and then another platform, and a techie hit a large button. Flashing red lights and then POOF - big ass fucking anime robot shoots up to the platform and its chest opens up. I hesitate and the techie is standing there pointing at the open walking tank cavity. I step in. They grab me and turn me around and push my back against the inside of the thing. An alarm sound, and then automated robotic shit grabs me, wraps around me, pulls my limbs taught, shit goes over my head, big fucking robot door closes in four fucking directions, everything’s dark, and then it feels like I'm inside an elevator that's moving at incredible speeds in many different directions.

I started hearing deep, resonating explosions from above. Then this cutesy female voice started speaking. "Pre operation checks, initializing - EMERGENCY OVERRIDE TIME PRIORITY ACTIVATED. REMAIN STILL. ERROR. REMAIN STILL."



I did.


I did.


This continued for a while. It ran me through ABC, XYZ, a vertical line, a horizontal line, numerical digits 0, 1, 2, and 3. Then a red light flashed. Then a green light slowly came on, but all I could see was green light.

Hot Tits started speaking in my head.

"Hey, you're on the launch pad now. Do you see the launch timer?"



And then I suddenly became aware of my cognitive connection to the machine's interface. Or some shit like that. I started fucking around with it, impressed that I could browse various information and shit without the need for any visual stimulus. There was some sort of running process that was checking the status of a shit ton of different systems. I mosey'd on over to the weapons system out of curiosity and my focus attention point/cursor thing went over an ARM COMMAND area, and suddenly a bunch of alarms shot up and angry voices started shouting in my head.





Shit shit shit. And I quickly disengaged the arm command thingy and all the warnings went away. Oh, fucking computer-guided moderate-range mini missiles. 128 of them. Yeah, my bad.

"You're not very bright, are you?" Hot Tits said.

"Hey fuck you lady I'm not ready for this shit."

The visual timer came up and started counting down and everything started to rumble. A really loud group command sounded in my head saying "IT'S NASTY OUT THERE BOYS DO YOUR BEST AND GOOD LUCK"

Then I woke up.

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