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Watched myself slip into a dream

- Mon, 30 Mar 2020 01:38:26 EST GsWfeuOy No.46536
File: 1585546706384.jpg -(31591B / 30.85KB, 500x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Watched myself slip into a dream
A couple nights ago, I took Agmatine and NAC before falling asleep. I used Coluracetam earlier in the night. I kept getting brain zaps, every time my mind would begin to wander, a brain zap would pull me out of it and I'd wake up. It was preventing my mind from wandering enough to slip into a dream. Eventually, it finally worked, and I was able to experience the transition of being awake, and into a dream.

I was aware I was dreaming but didn't have much control. The walls were red, and tall. The doors were elongated for some reason. I was wearing a raccoon onesie, which is odd because I often ascribe my spirit animal as being a racoon (Or, crackoon) there was a middle aged man there who's house it was, also wearing a onesie of some weird animal. He was a serial killer, and I knew it but didn't act to stop it. I couldn't control it. He tried leading me into his basement, and I guess I forced myself to wake up.

When I did wake up, I was in sleep paralysis. It was bright like it was daytime like it seemed like I was outside. And there were flies buzzing everywhere, all around me. I screamed and got out of it, though.

Very odd experience feels like I witnessed one of my alternate reality selves get murdered.

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