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Touching the Dark Mass Entity

- Tue, 31 Mar 2020 23:58:14 EST Qu2Cg1WQ No.46539
File: 1585713494183.jpg -(229321B / 223.95KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Touching the Dark Mass Entity
I've had this on my mind alot recently, you know how during sleep paralysis sometimes you can feel or/and see figures and things near you?
Well, to be totally honest and for backstory I've been kinda thinking about it cause I've been having episodes of feeling/seeing these masses during waking life too, mostly when alone.
But yeah, I've been thinking about, what if you reach out to it rather than avoid it as you're falling asleep?
Most of the time I turn my bedlamp on again for a couple of moments to let it pass then have another go at falling asleep.

So I finally got the opportunity now before falling asleep this night, felt it starting to collect at the foot of my bed after I had been tossing and turning a while, so I gently bring my consciousness towards it, approaching it without feeling nervous or fearful, and as soon as I get close it takes me away, shows me things, at first it brought me back to part of a dream I had a while ago to reinterpret something I had gotten wrong about the meaning of, then after that it was a long string of dreams with a totally different mood than the ones I usually have (my dream recall sucks so this level of clarity in itself is unusual).
First I remember is standing in line with a bunch of other people with my belongings, being aware I have something in there I will not be allowed to keep, and I must eat it rather than throw away because it's the last chance I'll have to do so again. At some point I'm being informed nonverbally about a jianjint incident.
Then there's a wild ride of other dreams, that I honestly can't even describe, more like witnessing some kind of microbial soup from a perspective as small as them, weird shapes and organic mechanisms I've never seen before.
Then I'm being pushed to wakefulness again, but before I am fully there I am (again nonverbally, almost like having the memory of having heard it formed while you watch) informed that it's spelled "xianjing" not jianjint, and imploring me to look it up. Awoke with this crushing inclination to cry, but it faded pretty fast. Checked the time, several hours earlier than I usually wake on my own, even though I fell asleep later than usual too.

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