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The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

- Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:01:51 EST kOPv2GM4 No.46760
File: 1623157311373.jpg -(6926B / 6.76KB, 634x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

  • Time.
Every living or living person wondered about death and his place in this world.
Nobody wants to die. This is a negative element of our life that everyone has to put up with.
There has not yet been a person in the history of mankind who would have had enough time to realize everything that he conceived. Everyone wants to see how their grandchildren grow up, someone wants to see the whole world, someone is just curious and wants to know what will happen next, and someone simply does not have enough life to finish the work of his whole life. Our main enemy is death.
This is an excellent evolutionary tool that allows the weak to dissolve in the sands of time, and to the strong to give perfect offspring. Everything changed when there was an awareness of oneself as a person, when a human appeared!
We are capable of self-awareness, we are a thinking computer in an imperfect biological shell. Our capability goes beyond the capabilities of our body and its shelf life.
This is a cruel joke of the creator or a fatal evolutionary mistake that WE want to fix.
Over the course of our lives, all of us gain invaluable experience and knowledge that allow us to better understand our world and our place in it. The old people see this perfectly, looking back at the younger generation. They repeat all the same mistakes year after year, century after century. A dying 80 year old man, his knowledge and experience are invaluable, he is extremely valuable and important as a repository of knowledge, as a person, as a mind. But this knowledge disappears into the void and we have not yet learned how to preserve it in full.
Humanity has invented a great way - information carrier. Whether it's paper or digital data.
We write books, scientific works, transfer our knowledge, but this is not effective. This format of transferring knowledge has an extremely low efficiency, much is lost and slips away. Each new generation has to learn again, not wanting to listen to their ancestors due to their natural instincts and youthful high spirits, they repeat this cycle of an endless cycle of acquiring basic knowledge.
But why do we have neural networks, machine learning, one step away from creating AI, but cannot solve the problem of death?
This is a very expensive and time-consuming undertaking.
Someone, perhaps on the first point, was very close to this solution, but he lacked the number 2 resource and multitasking.
Contrary to popular opinion, the average age of a person who achieves financial independence and success is 40-45 years. The average life expectancy in the world is 70 years.
Only 20-25 years to complete the plan if the enthusiasm has not disappeared, which only diminishes with age. A very cruel joke ...
A lot of thinking about how to achieve eternity and cheat death led to the impossibility of achieving this alone.
Childhood - 0 - 17 years (up to 17 you are still a child, do not flatter yourself).
Youth - 18 - 26 years old. You have different interests and opportunities, you are curious and acquire a baggage of knowledge.
Maturity 27 - 60. Period of systematization of the experience gained. The most productive and important period in your life.
Old age 60-…. From this moment on, health problems arise, energy and enthusiasm are lost, irreversible processes occur in the body.
Don't think “Great, 70 years is enough for me!”, You don't have 70. You only have 30! Dispose of this amount wisely.
But how do you get around this?
The answer is the unification of time.

  • What do we offer ?
Delegation of authority.
A person in the allotted period of time can be truly successful in perfection only in one industry. We propose to unite efforts, to put our lives on the altar of a common goal.

  • Who are we ?
We are a team of like-minded people, consisting of engineers, biochemists and geneticists, who are ready to fully exchange their time resource to achieve the final result.
We do not believe in divine powers. In our world, everything is very simple, we are just an error or we live in a simulation (we tend to the 2nd option). After death, there is nothing, you simply stop functioning and physically disappear from our reality. You were and now you are not.
Your children continue to live and disappear in the same way, then your grandchildren and so on for centuries. The saṃsāra wheel, if I may say so. A person sees the meaning in this within the framework of his life, but we look at the entire human history, at the entire timeline, for us the meaning is lost. Only children walk around us, who replace old people, nothing lasts forever.
We try not to believe in morality. It is very difficult. This is a fundamental institution of our society that is difficult to cross. He helps us build a healthy society that can distinguish between good and evil, cultivating empathy, help, interaction. But to achieve this goal, morality is a burden. Any means to achieve this goal is acceptable. Morality dissolves within the framework of time and history, and eventually it will lose its meaning. 50 thousand years ago, it did not even exist.
We believe that we have only one chance, one life and we need to do everything to fix it, then it will be too late. We will perish and other people will replace us, just like you.

  • How to do it and what are the ways to achieve the result?
Analyzing all the achievements of mankind, we come to the conclusion that he is only one.
Due to the imperfection of the human body, there is no universal pill, its creation is not effective. Many irreversible processes in the body, CIN and apoptosis only suggest this idea even more.
The only option is to buy time and study the work of our brain.
To achieve the final result, we must buy time for us and our like-minded people. This is a more realistic option for achieving a result. It is necessary to understand the processes in our body for its hacking, to carry out a long work on the study and application of theories in practice. Our enemy is this time with which we will fight in parallel with the study of the most important thing - the brain.

We must study our brains perfectly. The way it stores and retrieves data, how it interprets it. The basis is the decoding of our consciousness, what it is and how it can be transferred.
It's not about copying. Consciousness is more than just data. You can't just copy all our knowledge base, all our experience, all our data and transfer it to the 2nd organism. You will simply make your clone, it will be you, but without your presence, you will not be in his body, you will still remain in your old body. It won't be you anymore. What we need to achieve is the complete transfer of consciousness. And this is the hardest part!
How can this be achieved? Synchronization. Simultaneous work of one consciousness in two organisms and its smooth and final transition into a new one.
This is not the end goal. This is still not enough. We are still mortal. We may be killed, we may drown, or a brick may fall on us. In the future, it is necessary to refine this technology with emergency air data transport in critical situations for the body. All this is possible, moreover, the first steps (of the known ones) in this direction have already been taken (Iridium, VSAT, IPN, StarLink).

Is the transfer method invented at the moment?
All information at the moment suggests otherwise. We haven't studied our consciousness well enough. NeuraLink is proof of this. Elon has just begun his first steps in this direction, as you understand, his goal is similar and it seems to us that he dreams of a little bit other than Mars. Only 70 years ago we just started using transistors in production, very little time has passed, but right now we are at the point where it is possible.

  • To whom is this manifesto addressed?
We need people who exchange their time resources to achieve financial independence and wealth. You are perfect in this matter, you have achieved success, you have the opportunity to do the impossible with our joint efforts.
It doesn't matter to us how you achieved this result. You are an honest businessman, politician, or criminal. You have done everything to achieve this goal, the rest does not matter within the time line.

  • Terms of cooperation.
Minimum Project Investment for Membership: US $ 1.5 billion.
Complete anonymity of project members. Nobody knows the end investors.
Complete openness and honesty with investors. From the moment of your investment, you know everything about us and our personalities. We have a common goal and we simply do not have time for such nonsense like deception and enrichment at your expense, all this does not make sense. Complete trust.
We do not make promises and guarantees due to time constraints. We only offer participation in a project that has never had any analogues. If successful, it will pay off every cent with interest.
A queue is built in ascending order of investments of each project member. All best practices are applied in this order. This is not our whim. The higher the investment, the faster the development process goes, this is not a project where it is worth saving. People are greedy, each pursuing his own interest. This is normal. We are this kind, this is how we are made. This is just a small loophole to get around this problem a little.

  • Where will your capital go?
Creation of laboratories and research centers around the world.
Recruiting and hiring enthusiastic specialists in target and related industries and distributing them around the globe to make it difficult to understand the ultimate goal.
Maintaining anonymity and secrecy of development.
Long-term work designed for a period of 20 years.
This is a long and difficult process. We will be hindered by countries, their leaders and laws, other people, curiosity, the Web. Alas, this is a time-consuming by-product that needs to be considered.
If you are the leader of a country, you have the power and you can ensure smooth development for a long time, this will only save our time.

  • Why do you need us?
At this high-level, it is difficult to show trust and rely on people. They are not reliable, they can fail and deceive. That is why, with age, it becomes more and more difficult to make new friends and why throughout human history many large capitalists have entrusted large projects only to their family, their children. The blood affinity is very strong and strong in our species. The child will not deceive the parent, and if he deceives then it does not matter and it is not so pity because he is your blood and flesh.
It is even more difficult to find like-minded people, like-minded people, capable of thinking in the same direction and pursuing a common goal. Such acquaintances are a statistical error, the chance that we try to appreciate, this is our gift of fate.
It is impossible to do everything alone, you always need a team of like-minded people following one goal. Only by rallying is this project possible.
Yes, we do not have blood ties, but we are united by a common great goal. There is no place for lies and deceit in this equation, these are the variables that we must exclude in order to achieve the result.
If you've thought about all of these things, we have a lot to discuss.

  • Why is it important?
You can enjoy life, try almost all the pleasures, take advantage of all the benefits that capitalism gives us, why should I spend my capital on this? Imagine that you have a toothache. You don’t want to go to the dentist, because it’s painful and not pleasant, but you have to go, otherwise abscess and complications await you. It would be foolish to turn a blind eye to this problem and lead yourself to disability. Your tooth is pulled out, the wound heals and the pain goes away. After a year, you already forget how painful it was and how much it caused inconvenience. You have experienced this moment and over time it has lost all meaning, life goes on and everything is fine. It is important not to think in the present moment, you need to think in the future. It's the same here. You have one life, do not think in the moment, think about what you can do with more time. What can you do, what events to see, changes in the world, what movies can you watch in 100 years, what music to hear, what achievements humanity will achieve, what we will find in deep space, and so on. It is important to endure these 30 years, they are the most painful.

  • Why are we so confident in feedback and success?
Everything is possible in this world. Accidental encounters, coincidences, smalltalk generate big capital, startling discoveries, and wonderful inventions.

Will the richest people on the planet believe us and take part in this adventure? Why not? This is just one decision of several people, a positive answer, one YES, no more. In our world, there is no such rule where impossible ideas must be rejected. Despite the fact that there is at stake, the refusal is not logical and does not make sense. This is more real than you think.
Our proposal is interesting to every member of the society and cannot be ignored. This small step towards meeting gives rise to a grandiose creation.

  • But what about common people?
I'm sorry but this is impossible. The politics of the elite. The world is not fair, life is not fair, it has always been and will be so. There are no rules. Humanity has come to terms with the fact that the rich have more opportunities and better medicine, and will accept this. We will make every effort to keep the world unaware of the real state of affairs.
  • Anyway not possible at the moment. It is quite possible that in the distant future our society will reconsider its view of procreation, love and education of non-intelligent incapacitated living beings by blood. And will appreciate more intelligent and knowledge-rich individuals. But i'm sorry, not now. Again, it doesn't make sense, right now this is the only job that matters.
There are bonuses. Side developments going out into the world and generating income. The space industry is also not for everyone, but thanks to it, geolocation has appeared, thanks to which you now use your Google navigator.

How to contact us?
We decided to use WickrMe. Most importantly, it has a completely anonymous registration without using an email or phone number, does not collect personal user data, works according to the ECDH512 / AES-256 / HMAC-SHA256 algorithms. This suits our goals.

Our I RVproject

We understand that many will show interest in our personalities and try to get in touch with us. Many will impersonate other individuals. But how to select and ignore not valid messages?
How to determine that the person who wrote is really a necessary member for our project with the necessary capabilities and more proof that this is him?
The photo, like the video, does not make sense, the deepfake neural network algorithm has already learned quite well.
Social media is controlled by GOV and individuals.
How to protect yourself and the contact that contacted us? When transmitting identification information, it should be incomprehensible to everyone around, but understandable to us. There is nothing secret than the future until we have learned to look into it.
1) Tell us about yourself. Who are you and why you are so interested in our manifesto. Let's start our friendship with this.
2) Tell us about an event / action that will happen in the future, which only you know about. This can be an unusual gesture that you show at an event in front of the cameras. Either a detailed description of your clothes that you will wear (the clothing should stand out from your usual to rule out guessing), or you can write a word for word speech that you will say in the near future. You must be sure that the media will record everything and it will be publicly available.
3) Provide detailed information about the event on which this will happen, date and approximate time.

Don't try to de-anonymize us. Do not try to analyze this text to determine our nationality. This text was compiled using many national idioms, passed through several translators without distorting the main meaning.
We are not enemies or friends. We are for progress.

Sincerely RV.
David Nickledat - Thu, 09 Dec 2021 16:26:34 EST L//v7Yqb No.46808 Reply
I'm in but I want 69% of the profits
Edward Crimmerfuck - Fri, 10 Dec 2021 01:35:38 EST BdnXxGKh No.46809 Reply
How can the dead fear death when they deluded themselves to rat race in a pond box.
Doris Brannerhall - Sun, 12 Dec 2021 22:31:04 EST Rv4iY2ly No.46810 Reply
this thread belongs on Science or Astronomy and other shit, not the board to post dreams we felt like discussing ya Boon.

lol tho TL;DR
Sidney Gooddock - Fri, 04 Feb 2022 22:56:21 EST QXrkclPm No.46825 Reply
all in on dogebonk

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