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Energy Vampires/ Dream Invaders

- Mon, 18 Oct 2021 04:06:29 EST kKuDnLOM No.46787
File: 1634544389847.jpg -(633196B / 618.36KB, 143x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Energy Vampires/ Dream Invaders
I'm not a big believer in paranormal, but after my last night's dream I'm convinced there are actual parasitic entities that have the ability to invade our dreams and take disguise of characters in order to feed on our energy. So let me describe the dream:
>be with room mate in a room in what looks like a college campus
>trying to find a movie to watch, can't find anything
>2 typical looking college dudes in black hoodies and black beanies enter the room, plug in the usb, they appear to be friends with room mate
>one of them goes like "I know a good movie but I forgot the title" and "I have 1000s of movies so I'll have to use the search function"
>"can you help me remember the name? -It's about like EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES THAT ENTER PEOPLE'S DREAMS TO DRAIN THEIR ENERGY"
>in my suggestible dream state and unaware of this being a dream I find it sounds familiar and get the feeling I should know the title
>"It's starts with an "I"! says the first one
>"no it's like 2 words" argues another one
>they keep arguing louder and louder, making it hard to think
>I try to ask additional questions but they're so loud I can't get the word
>fuckers start closing in on me, staring dead into my eyes
>one of them gets cocky and blatantly starts repeating the theme of the movie
>I feel my energy being drained, I can barely speak
>at that moment I become lucid and proclaim "you are emotional vampires"
>they vanish, dream ends but I don't wake up instead I get a dreamless good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
Dextrolord - Fri, 29 Oct 2021 19:29:09 EST 7DAwsIiR No.46790 Reply
So I'd say that's pretty on par with a lot of the supernatural phenomena I've encountered. Like once you've experienced something involving them its hard to describe or deny..

But idk if it was thru the power of suggestion or what but I'm gonna make that one of my dream ending tools now, thanks for adding that to my metaphysical toolkit. But anyways, 2 nights ago I read ur post around the end of my day and that night I had a stress dream(as so often happens in a situation like my current one) and I used that "ur a psychic vampire" phrase on the characters in my dream, more just to end an unpleasant dream than because I felt my dreams place being invaded. But I kinda wouldn't be surprised if that sort of thing happens all the time and most people forget it or don't notice it since the ethereal realm is a place that most don't count as real, as far as I've experienced atleast.

>I also wanna mention that a week or so ago I woke some one up and it took them a good 5 minutes to realize they were awake cuz apparently I was in their dream somehow!
>I had never met or spoken to this person before but he was passed the fuck out in his truck with the door open in the gated parking lot of my apartments so I decided to wake him up to be a good neighbor and to help make sure he didn't try driving anywhere in that condition.
>But as I mentioned, he woke up entirely confused as to what was real and what wasn't since he and I were interacting in whatever dream he was having, which sadly he never told me.

It was such a strange and trippy ECCO that I can't ignore it!!

Anybody have some input on y I might have been in this strangers dream directly prior to our first meeting in the waking world??!?
Doris Brannerhall - Sun, 12 Dec 2021 22:45:42 EST Rv4iY2ly No.46812 Reply
1639367142956.jpg -(111652B / 109.04KB, 900x653) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
To the /PARANORMAL DISCUSSION/ Board for you, OP. Post this shit on goddam /spooky/ where they have delt with this shit for over a decade lol
ZKAFFAKZ - Sun, 12 Jun 2022 08:58:18 EST X8g8z7Po No.46865 Reply

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