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Vivid Cult Dream

- Tue, 16 Nov 2021 08:15:02 EST 3taxSMUy No.46805
File: 1637068502803.jpg -(1580037B / 1.51MB, 3000x1688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Vivid Cult Dream
Monday was a sleepy day. I had take a half gram dose of mushrooms on Sunday, and took 20 MG of IC Hydroxyine HCL to help sleep after. Suffice it to say that I was extremely tired all of Monday, I had a two hour nap at 4, followed by an hour nap around 7, I went to bed at midnight (initially on my couch) and slept for two hours before going to bed proper.

In each of these sleep sessions I had dreams set in the same setting: a pseudo-cult-like religious-ish retreat kind of thing. I distinctly remember seeing at least 3 people, very vividly with the correct voice and face, that are more or less not in my life anymore. At first my head didn't clock this anything as weird, just some festival-like event where people gathered, did drugs, and were generally really good to each other. I was impressed, but in the dream I had felt unprepared to be away from home for awhile.

The people I had seen: One was a friend from high school I feel out with before I graduated, one was a girl that I had a mutual brief romantic interest in, and the last was a long time friend that had moved to the West coast a few months ago that I had mostly fallen out of with. The first two were only briefly in the dream, more of a "Oh shit yeah howve you been!" The last was in the dream a bit longer, we smoked weed in a circle of others.

Having just gone to this place on a whim and liking the vibe, I decided to ask around to learn more about the place and see if it would be worth staying for longer than I had planned. No one would give me straight answers if they answered me at all, and I remember starting to feel increasingly creeped out. After awhile I had come across a person that looked official and asked him, who advised me to follow him into a cafe to talk about it. The cafe was dingy, looking both like it was cobbled together quickly and recently yet messy and lived in like it had been there for years. It was small with only a few people in there, who left shortly after we arrived.

I asked this figure again about the place, who I remember then biting me and trying to rape me. I managed to get away and was then later shortly approached by staff who told me I had to leave. I did. At this point I woke up from my couch at 2am and went to bed proper.

Coming back into the dream later is less clear, I was back there but the imagery is less clear.

One odd thing about this dream unlike many of my dreams, the world of this dream was bright, taking place during a sunset. Typically my dreams usually take place in some kind of starless of night time, the odd few times I even remember my dreams.
Doris Brannerhall - Sun, 12 Dec 2021 22:32:54 EST Rv4iY2ly No.46811 Reply
Not the board for psychedelic trip discussions either

fuck your mushroom highs go have some actual dreams bro not some drug induced story

On topic tho i've had a cult dream or two before, that shit is a wonder.
Shitting Chogglewater - Sun, 24 Apr 2022 18:26:14 EST WKp7RryS No.46849 Reply
Psychedelic trips are always vivid and fall under different rules than natural dreams. Please don't post another one of your trips OP. Also I'm concerned how little meaning the whole plot bears for a mushroom trip, maybe you don't need them at this moment in your life or you've overused them.

That being said, I've a cult dream once too. I'm curious to see what significance >>46811 may have guessed from it (or any other anons). Mine was about getting wisdom from family I think.

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