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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
Pregnant flash games. Ignore Report Reply
Nell Grimdale - Thu, 17 Mar 2016 20:25:15 EST ID:4m2yQL8f No.19588
File: 1458260715975.jpg -(116463B / 113.73KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 116463

What in the everloving fuck.
When did this become a thing?
These are unlicensed, right?
Frederick Sommlewater - Sun, 07 Jan 2018 10:56:06 EST ID:A69MeLek No.19751 Ignore Report Reply
Shit Shittingshaw - Tue, 09 Jan 2018 17:10:24 EST ID:HoWy7xpa No.19752 Ignore Report Reply
1515535824501.png -(2062352B / 1.97MB, 1352x836) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Eugene Drussleshaw - Sat, 17 Feb 2018 03:21:10 EST ID:Vm47uWXd No.19810 Ignore Report Reply
Eugene Drussleshaw - Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:56:10 EST ID:Vm47uWXd No.19811 Ignore Report Reply
1518904570221.png -(317848B / 310.40KB, 3840x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Henry Blunnermudging - Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:09:57 EST ID:Vm47uWXd No.19812 Ignore Report Reply
1518916197722.png -(950780B / 928.50KB, 3840x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Kongou Banchou
David Chasslehood - Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:37:41 EST ID:CaYIHDpC No.19813 Ignore Report Reply
1519051061974.jpg -(811513B / 792.49KB, 3840x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ian Brodgegold - Tue, 20 Feb 2018 13:09:12 EST ID:ZpyWEoLX No.19814 Ignore Report Reply
1519150152034.png -(1415525B / 1.35MB, 3840x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Frederick Blogglestad - Sat, 17 Mar 2018 12:11:37 EST ID:HK6cGxxC No.19833 Ignore Report Reply
Phineas Dingerpark - Mon, 19 Mar 2018 12:07:40 EST ID:iYaKfIzp No.19834 Ignore Report Reply
High-Rise Climb

Game Legends

Man of the Hous
Phineas Dingerpark - Mon, 19 Mar 2018 18:02:59 EST ID:iYaKfIzp No.19835 Ignore Report Reply
LwT 2


Choose whether or not you shared Tracy and if you did Lisa. If you touch Lisa, you’ll get a scene with her in bathroom. If you decline, you get a scene with Tracy.

Morning - At the house, select the second option and then the first option at the pool during Richard’s intro to gain points for Justin.

Afternoon - Going to Lisa’s room helps her fix her laptop and gains you points, while going to your room with Tracy sets up a scene for the evening. If you go to the living room, pick up the pen, say it's your pleasure, you get a point and a peek with Antoinette. Going to the pool has you see Gabrielle topless and Richard gets a point!

Dinner - Choose the first option both times for more points.

Evening - You can go back to your room for scene with Tracy for several points or go to Gabrielle's room for a point (choice actually doesn't matter). Going to Antoinette's room doesn't do anything.

Day 2:

Morning - Go to church, click the book on the bench and then listen to Richard. Invite who you want into the confessional (Preferably Antoinette and Lisa). Having Tracy in the confessional actually costs you a point.

Afternoon - If you had a confessional with Tracy, you can go to the hot tub to get a scene with Tracy. Living room gets you to hang out with Antoinette and watch a cooking show. Pool has you see Lisa and Gabriele topless but if you say Tracy may not like this so I'd better go, you get a point.

Dinner - I recommend the first choice. Second choice nets Richard an extra point.

Evening - Going to your bedroom gets a point with Tracy. If you go to the pool and exercise, you get points. Better yet, you can go to the sauna to get a scene with Richard and Antoinette. Leave your junk exposed for a point, steamy situation, I'm quite comfortable, stay silent, it feels wonderful, and pull her onto your lap. If you say "I think you should come closer", Richard gets a point. If you say "You think you are being charming", Richard gets 1 more point than you do. If you stop the tease at "That's enough of this situation", you get an extra point but no tease.

Day 3:

Morning - Horse ride - be cocky and lose a point but gain it back later with an extra 2 points in the evening but cannot get sauna scene that way. You should be cautious and get a beginner horse. Choose swim to stay with Tracy or hike to get a scene with Lisa. If you climb with Lisa, there may be a scene (blowjob and/or sex) and when you return, be cool for 2 more points. If you swim, say Tracy doesn't need reminding and let her play with you for 2 points and an achievement.

Afternoon - Stable.. card scene with Antionette. If you challenge them, you get 2 points. If you don't and say you need to leave, it contributes to a scene on day 5 with Tracy. Kitchen has an encounter with Tracy and Lisa if you've seen the cooking show with Antoinette the previous day. Gabriele's room has a peek but no points.

Dinner - First choice.

Evening - If Satan threw you off, go to the stables to gain 2 extra points for taming his ass. Pool is where Tracy is at but no points. Lisa's room is where Lisa and Gabriele are jumping on the bed. If you join them, you lose a point. Sauna is where Antoinette is at. Tell her to stay naked, it's okay, argue the terms, demand a blowjob, and let tracy hang out or ask her to go to the pool.

Day 4:

Morning - You want to go! Have Tracy make you cum. Unless you want to push her for sex and hand a point to Richard. Tell Antoinette you'd love to join her jogging, and you would like to try to keep up with her. You get 2 points, Richard gets 1. Better than none. Choose to have Richard help babysit (gives a point to Richard but enables gloryhole scene if your score is high enough). If you take care of Charlie yourself, you get 4 points but NO gloryhole scene or hot tub scene. At the first shop, say they're both out of this world and then click on the bottle on shelf behind Tracy to get the oil for Antoinette to get 3 points (if you had her sauna scene with Richard where you touched her leg). At lunch, you should click on the waiter to pay the bill and get a point. If you had Richard babysit, you will go shopping with Lisa and Gabrielle that will result in the gloryhole scene provided you have enough points.

Afternoon - Going to the stable will encounter Lisa and Gabriele but no points. If you go to the living room and choose to listen to the music, Antoinette and Tracy will find you and you get 2 points. Going into Antoinette's room will get you no points and her telling you it's not time to go jogging.

Dinner - No choices

Evening - You can go to Richard's office to see Gabrielle sabotaging Lisa’s Birth Control. Hot tub scene available with Lisa and Gabriele - Deny it is you and get ending 3 or watch it all the way through and then get caught by Tracy for ending 1. At any time before finishing the video, have sex with them for an achievement. Pool has Tracy and Antionette drunkenly talking about the sky for no points.

Day 5:

Morning - No choices

Afternoon - Kitchen has you making a hangover remedy for 2 points. Entering Annie's room has you going on a jog if you agree and you get a point. Going to the pool results in the Tracy scene in the stable depending on your relationship. Telling her to suck your cock and making her cum gets you "fun times" but no points. Having her rub her pussy and then fucking her harder sets up a choice. If you switch positions and keep fucking her until she cums, that's the best route. The other choice is to cum right away which isn't good for you and results in you being held back while Tracy is getting gangbanged.

Dinner - No choices

Evening - Go to kitchen and eat something healthy gives you 2 points. Going to the bedroom has you taking a bath with Tracy resulting in no points but you get a scene. Lisa, Gabriele, and Antoinette are in the living room watching a movie and you get no points.

Day 6:

Morning - Always be ready and willing... Now you have 2 choices.. either go with them or stay and watch. If you go with them to eat, when she returns, tell her you are impressed with her athleticism. But if you stay, when you get to the changing room, peek in. You will get 2 different scenes depending on your score. When returning to lunch, if you tell them she had sex, that is a game over. Saying "you were cold so you did a few sprints" saves the day.

Afternoon - If you go to the office, you will see a scene with Tracy and Richard. There are different results depending on your score (if it’s low you get a choice of 2 “bad” endings). At the pool, they will let you pick them up if you made a comment earlier that you can do the lifts. Cracking a joke or staying silent works depending on the relationship with Tracy.

Dinner - No choices but possible "Under the Table" scene with Antoinette and Gabriele

Evening - Last Evening! Possible scene... 3some with Lisa and Tracy
Fucking Nollerbury - Tue, 20 Mar 2018 20:58:07 EST ID:F0071Mhh No.19836 Ignore Report Reply
new - fap - chan hopto org/h/res/24055+50.html
Priscilla Sondleville - Wed, 28 Mar 2018 06:41:39 EST ID:6UdYkm2o No.19838 Ignore Report Reply
How do I give the lingerie to Jazz ?
  • Approach her with the gift when she is in your bedroom.
  • In the bedroom at 20:00.

How can I get a good ending with Jazz… I completed therapy, had spirit at 45 and relationship at 215… But I do get a bad ending again….

To get the threesomes you have to date Stella. Jazz must have negative spirit. At 20:00 she will ask about the dark haired woman at the pool. The game says it’s Rachel but we know it’s Stella. Do not lie to Jazz. She will conclude you like her. The next time after that you follow Stella to the restroom at the pool Jazz will enter and join them. The other threesomes stem from that start.

To get Ending 5 you cannot play the Max Stats cheat version. You must play the regular game or the no time limit cheat game.

I’ll give a small hint – Ending 4 is not a happy ending. You can achieve that when you stay alone and Jazz is no longer with you.

I got the legal advice from Hank about Jazz law suit but I am still getting the bad ending… What am I doing wrong?
  • You actually are very far. All you need further is to get relation over 250, complete the therapy (every day at 16:00h) and get her spirit as high as possible (100+ is safe).

Is there a special event to get the legal advice from Hank? I had over 100 spirit and 250 relation with Jazz and I talked to Hank a few times, but got the bad ending.
  • To get the advice from Hank you first catch Jazz asleep at the kitchen table, follow her into the bedroom where she confides her fears. At 8:00 AM one morning presuming her spirit is positive, not negative, Hank will be in your office and offer the help on his own.

Anyone got Jazz with another dude on Francis’ bed?
  • You have to get caught by Jazz in the pool bathroom. After that at home Jazz will want to go clubbing. You and she will run into Stella. Jazz will excuse herself. Follow her and join in while she services you both. Next day at 16:00 you ask her about sex with someone else. She will agree. You will find the guy at the pool.

Has anybody know how to get the bdsm with rose and jazz?
  • BDSM with Rose scene isn’t related to Jazz character (at least not that much). To achieve this scene you need to repeat Rose sex scene couple of times and… when you notice something strange on the wall you need to consult it with your friend who is divorce advocate.

Anyone got the “another man in my bedroom” achievement ??
  • a) Jazz need to meet you and Stella in the pool restroom (that isn’t easy to achieve) b) go with her to the club when she invites you and follow her to the… c) you need to talk with Jazz about her fantasies and take her on a date to a specific location (figure it out by yourself) to find a man who is willing to do it with her d) invite him to your apartment

How do you get Jazz to tell you about her fantasies?
  • Catch her giving a blowjob in club’s bathroom to some guy and join. The next day talk to her at 16.00.

Have all the gallery items except for endings 4 and 5. I’m assuming at least one is with Rose, but I’m at a dead end. Clues anyone?
  • Examine the messages a little further. It’s all there. Ending 4 is when Francis tells Jazz to get out after he catches her in the club restroom with another guy. Ending 4 is called domination. You keep going out with rose agree to taste the semen. You tell Hank about the glory hole. One morning you will leave the house and the scene will pop with Rose calling you and inviting you out. Submit to her wishes.

I haven’t figured out when Jazz asks me about the black haired girl by the pool.. I maxed both stats and Jazz has negativ spirit as said above. Any help?
  • You need Stella above 70 points and if I recall correctly you take Jazz on the table at 16:00 before she asks you about the dark haired woman at 20:00. Keep trying. It works.

How do you get the BDSM scene with rose? I already managed to get the gloryhole scene but can’t seem to figure out how to get the BDSM scene.
  • I think you need to do the glory hole scene, come on her heels, and taste your cum. You’ll get a text message in the morning (can’t remember if you have to be in your office or not). There might be other requirements. Just keep going out with Rose until you get it.

Ending 4 is the only thing I haven’t done. Any hints on girl(s) to focus on or whether spirit should be high or low?
  • Jazz has to have negative spirit, catch Francis and Stella in the pool restroom, take her out clubbing, meet Stella at the club, follow Jazz to the restroom, watch her give random guy a blow job, then kick her out. When the game ends choose stay with Jazz.

can someone please tell me how to get the foursome im i got jazz thing up to 300 and racheal 250
  • You have to talk to Hank to share Rachel again, then talk to Jazz if she’s in, after that to Rachel to check if she is in, then tell Hank you are in too. Then at 16:00h go home, click Jazz and get the party started

Hope that helps!
Beatrice Turveyson - Wed, 04 Apr 2018 11:21:48 EST ID:n2+91Bzg No.19848 Ignore Report Reply

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