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Offline Bootable SWF archive

- Mon, 25 Mar 2019 21:20:02 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19958
File: 1553563202813.png -(165554B / 161.67KB, 664x374) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Offline Bootable SWF archive
Hello Friends! I come bearing gifts!
I created a bootable USB flash-drive image for viewing Adobe Flash (.SWF) files offline.


As you may or may not be aware, official support for
Adobe Flash will be ending in 2020, and already,
Compatibility with modern web browsers is scarce,
unstable, and not secure, to say the least.

Because of this, I have decided to hunt down an older
distribution of Linux, along with the Latest version of
the official Adobe Flash Stand-alone player (Mar 2019),
and sorted through my collection of .SWF files that I
have been saving from all of the internet for the last
10-15 years, to make this bootable, self-contained
USB-Disk image for use offline.

I know, that I could have organized things better, and I'm sure you guys know of better Linux distributions I could have used, or better ways to configure everything. I'd like some feedback.
Also, this is a wholesome and clean archive. If you're looking for my porn, it's over here:

I hope you like it!
Hamilton Crottingham - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 04:38:14 EST gXftMTWw No.19960 Reply
Oh wait fuck I reread your post again and apparently I waited too long between reading and replying and forgot the details.
I'd still appreciate a version with just the files though. Also when you feel like you're sure you have a "final" version of your collection it'd be neat if you could make a torrent out of it, I've had it happen several times that I'm on the lookout for some obscure file and it's been hosted on some file hosting site, and either the whole host site died since upload or the uploaders account got invalidated cause piracy or something, files purged.
Isabella Cicklekud - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 05:08:55 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19961 Reply
The distro I used is Xubuntu 9.10 64-bit (circa 2009). I considered regular Ubuntu, but this uses less RAM. I was originally going to use the 32-bit version for better compatibility with older PCs (and since 4GB of RAM should be plenty for Flash) but it turns out the standalone projector doesn't work with a 32-bit OS.
I know basically nothing about non-Debian based distros like Arch, Fedora, or FreeBSD, so this seemed like the best choice, but I'm definitely open to suggestions.
I really did think about keeping the .SWF files and the OS separate, but in order to make a bootable .ISO image, I had to pick one filesize with or without free-space, and 8GB seemed like a decent amount for storing just Flash files.
Also, using the standalone projector inside of a Linux distro on a USB stick (separate from your personal data and the internet) is safer and better for security.

As for a torrent download... huh, guess I never thought about it. I understand your pain in clicking on old dead download links, and a torrent file seems like a great alternative. I've never set one up myself, but I'll definitely look into it.
Clara Pockford - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 04:59:58 EST gXftMTWw No.19963 Reply
1553677198628.png -(60439B / 59.02KB, 845x584) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Do you have some reason to use a version that old? Newer versions tend to work on old machines plenty good (had to use my first PC a while cause my main broke once, CPU speed in MHz not GHz, used the newest slackware and it ran superb), while older linux on modern PCs can get weird. TLDR for widest compatibility you're better off with a fresher version.
Xubuntu has had a release this year, but if you want something more oriented towards live distro there's http://puppylinux.com/ and https://www.slax.org/ , have used both with good results. Slax will even use less RAM than xubuntu since it uses fluxbox, more lightweight than xfce. Dunno what puppy uses, but it's very light too.

Also tried to run your iso in virtualbox now, wouldn't boot (couldnt find kernel image), also what is up with this filesize mismatch lol, pic related.

On the torrent note, there's a built-in create torrent tool in QBittorrent, seems pretty straightforward, and seems to be guides available to explain the terms.
Graham Fettinglere - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 15:27:46 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19964 Reply
The idea was that an older distro would be more compatible with flash, and it did turn out to run a bit more smoothly than my main distro. Also, that was the only version of Xubuntu that I managed to make a USB flash drive of that I could actually write to Now that you brought it up, I went and gave puppy and slax a shot. I couldn't get puppy to run flash at all, and while it ran great on Slax, I couldn't set the projector as the default program to run .SWF files, and I couldn't copy files directly to the desktop
Graham Fettinglere - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 15:31:10 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19965 Reply
Oh, and the 627MB filesize is the actual OS, while the other several GB are all the SWF files (plus a GB of free space for adding your own)
Frederick Lightcocke - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 10:33:37 EST gXftMTWw No.19967 Reply
1553783617779.png -(152197B / 148.63KB, 876x668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah but those 627MB are all that's on the ISO (well, at least shown). As far as I know ISOs don't have partitions, which would mean that that's all that's on there. If the files are only visible from within the system then I learned something new today. Will try to boot it up on an older unused PC later maybe.
I checked in on Slax, got the projector to default as the SWF viewer by putting "flashplayer" from the archive into /usr/bin and making sure it was executable (chmod +x /usr/bin/flashplayer), then setting pic related for the file open default. Dunno why, but it doesn't seem to work if you leave that "Execute in terminal emulator" unticked.

Also on copying to desktop, I actually suspect fluxbox just doesn't work that way, the desktop isn't really actually like a folder. Did some reading, it's because it's not supposed to handle that. Reason: It's a window manager, not a desktop manager. Could either just script it to open the SWF folder at boot, or use http://fluxbox.sourceforge.net/fbdesk/ to make a desktop shortcut to the folder that way.
Ernest Billingstone - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 15:06:46 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19968 Reply
Oh cool. I'll definitely look into that later, and maybe redo the iso with slax. As for the filesize, I'm not sure what the deal is there, it all went automagically when I made the original USB drive.
Also, apparently some people weren't able to get the iso to boot, so here's just the swf files in a regular zip.

I still recommend using a separate Linux drive and the standalone projector. Also, I was linked on another site to BlueMaxima's Flashpoint archive, and I'm currently trying to merge my collection with their giant one.
Frederick Lightcocke - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 16:42:59 EST gXftMTWw No.19969 Reply
I looked around a bit closer, and it might all be in the .squashfs file, though it'd surprise me a bit if 6 gigs would fit in 700MB, though maybe it shouldn't as I have a 16GB snes game archive that is compressed down to like 2GB...

Something to consider could be to actually make a virtualbox machine instead, then you could also keep the SWFs in a separate virtual drive to mount in that, which would mean you wouldn't need to recreate the working machine if you wanted to add files. Just update the SWF drive.
I'd be game to try to make a slackware install boiled down to only the things absolutely needed to play flash files. Kinda curious how small that would be tbh.

Also I do have a small flash collection of my own, will check that and see if I have anything rare and not in yours or maximas (hadn't seen that before, 76GB of flash stuff holy shiet) archives.
Caroline Summletuck - Sat, 30 Mar 2019 04:19:35 EST gXftMTWw No.19970 Reply
Just a small update, did have a go at trying to make a small slack-install for only flash, and oh man makes me appreciate the effort of making small distros. Got it down from about 9GB to 2GB on a trial run, still nowhere near Slaxs 255MB.
Molly Brullypog - Mon, 01 Apr 2019 14:07:32 EST 7NIG/VcO No.19971 Reply
That's awesome! Let me know if you get it working. I don't know anything about Slax aside from trying it the other day when you recommended it, so I'd love to see how it turns out!
Beatrice Borringpuck - Fri, 12 Apr 2019 08:38:19 EST gXftMTWw No.19976 Reply
Oh cool! I have a system reinstall planned but I'll try to remember to come and aid when I have that sorted out.

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