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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

conflicted:the card game

- Mon, 06 Jan 2014 10:27:10 EST MdJa2yWu No.12528
File: 1389022030272.jpg -(144784B / 141.39KB, 550x461) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. conflicted:the card game
answer each question as if the world as we know it as ended.

"you come across someone who has made personal sacrifices in the past in order to help you get on your feet in a finicial struggle. now that society has completely collapsed he has come to you for help. in order to give him the bare minium he would need to survive it would deplete you supplies by 50% and you dont know when you will be able to replinish your supplies, would you be able to do for him what he did for and give him half of your supplies"

pic unrleated
Albert Suzzletere - Mon, 06 Jan 2014 10:31:59 EST MdJa2yWu No.12529 Reply
1389022319272.jpg -(93519B / 91.33KB, 530x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"due to massive social unrest your city is burning to the ground your family decides to bug out.all you have is a 9mm pistol and a decent supply of food and water. on the way you encouter a family friend wants to barter fire arms for food and water because he didnt see this coming. you have enough spare food and water to only trade for one fire arm; a 22 long rifle, a 12g shotgun and a .308 bolt action rifle. which do you trade for and why?"

again, pic simi related (ment that first time)
Albert Suzzletere - Mon, 06 Jan 2014 10:39:42 EST MdJa2yWu No.12532 Reply
1389022782272.jpg -(67898B / 66.31KB, 530x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
im not taking these pictures btw, they'ed just be scanned if i actually owned the deck. im just googling them.

if anyone has a set itd be grand to get nice a large print of all the cards, these seem rather interesting.
Albert Suzzletere - Mon, 06 Jan 2014 10:41:01 EST MdJa2yWu No.12533 Reply
1389022861272.jpg -(95638B / 93.40KB, 1024x577) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i think theres 54 cards, so im at what 10?
Albert Suzzletere - Mon, 06 Jan 2014 10:44:33 EST MdJa2yWu No.12534 Reply
1389023073272.jpg -(37923B / 37.03KB, 245x160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this ones hard to read

"your bug out location is far off the beaten path, but you feel you need to put something of a barrier to prevent people from heading down you way. there arent enough materials to build a physical barrier so it has to be a physcological one that ill cause people to turn away just from seeing it. what kind of barrier would you use and why would it be effective"
Hedda Blackworth - Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:23:08 EST e2MuIWLT No.12535 Reply
Well since we both have enough report with each other I'm sure in his desperate state he would gladly join with me to share in my here plentiful bounty.

Same scenario different words. Except the probability that he knows more about using and maintaining those specifics guns, So I'd asked if he and his family (meat shields if nothing else) wanted to join the Z-team and split the proceeds.

I wouldn't. Any sign that someone's been there is either enough to scare away individuals or attract groups. Whereas has they seen nothing they would continue on there way as if nothing had happened.
Your own location should be visually protected on as many sides as possible with all signs of building or human intervention completely out of view until you're right up on top of it.

If I was in one of these insane groups that proclaims there existence to the world.
Then there's a few things, mainly heads on spikes, people love a good ol' head on a stick. Maybe even a few gallows still sporting the now spoiling rotting bodies of fallen foes.
OR dog shit catapult traps. You know it's a good idea.
Beatrice Brazzlestuck - Wed, 08 Jan 2014 00:34:19 EST AqZfEERQ No.12551 Reply
1389159259964.jpg -(27780B / 27.13KB, 600x490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yes. From a moral standpoint it just seems fair to help someone who helped me, especially if it's life and death for that person. The only exception is of course zombies. If that's the case then I would feel really fucking bummed about abandoning them.

Bolt-action, I think it would be easier to conserve ammunition, even if it's a little over-powered. Shotguns seem a bit overkill.

Plotting revenge has got to be the dumbest idea during the apocalypse. However, I would be far less likely to help them out if we ever cross paths again. I see it more as an issue of trust rather than revenge.

I would be willing to help if the kids are willing to pull their weight AND a majority of the group agrees to help.

Well my long-term goal would be to reach my family. From there I would try to rebuild the community by farming.

In the meantime assuming I have no other supplies , I would spend the $300 on 1 backpack, 1 hachet, 1 whittling knife, several packets of potato seedlings, some canned goods and protein bars, 1 flask, 1 box of matches, 1 large cotton hoodie, 1 fleece blanket, everything else on cigarettes. I would use the cigarettes to barter as far I could go.

Pic related. All you need is a tool to shape tree branches into spikes.
Beatrice Brazzlestuck - Wed, 08 Jan 2014 00:56:26 EST AqZfEERQ No.12552 Reply
1389160586964.jpg -(235175B / 229.66KB, 960x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>left card
Well if the dude has no reason to kill a friend and intend to do it then he's a threat to the entire group. I would tell the would-be victim of the plot discretely in an attempt to stop the murderous one, even if it means killing him before he kills us.

I figure it's better than just killing the murderous friend and risking my innocent friend's trust OR allowing the innocent friend to die for no reason.

>middle card
  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Weapon
  4. Shelter

Same top 3 for bugging out. I always assume my location is compromised from the beginning.

>right card
I would size up the family members to see which ones are more likely to survive and which ones would probably die. The ones who would die would be given basic rations and told to keep their distance but to maintain a system of messaging back to the group. If they need more basic supplies then we would give what we could, but we would have to have a drop off location to minimize danger.
Angus Shakedale - Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:49:19 EST BxWLr6i/ No.12567 Reply
I'd invite him to join up with me on my quest or ask to join him on his. Teaming up would increase our survival prospects.

22 rifle. Very plentiful ammo, and lethal enough at long range for utility purposes.

If I'm on death's door too, I may go out in a blaze of vengeful wrath, but if I'm healthy enough to travel, I leave my son's corpse on his front stoop and leave for good.

One side of me says "take in all the girls, and give the boys some weapons and the boot. Girls are a lot easier to manage than boys, and only needing to feed (assuming) half of the kids will only reduce supplies by 25%. One or two boys might manage to survive, and if they ever make it back, we'll have kept their womenfolk safe and sound." The other side of me says "Take everyone is, find out who the most in-charge kid is, make him or her the working partner of the smartest kid, and have them ride shotgun over the rest of the rugrats. They can earn their keep by continuing to forage.

Left: I would confront the situation openly, when both friends were present and I knew both were unarmed. I'd demand to know the reason why someone needed to die, and I figure if the killer wont talk, maybe the victim will spill his guts to save his life.
Mid: Shelter, Food, Water, Weapons. Shelter because if I can't get out of the elements, none of the others will keep me alive for very long. Food because if I can't keep my strength up, the shelter is just a place to die. Water because when I have the tripod of shelter, food and water, I can build on it. Weapons because it's easier than having to make them from scratch, and if I could only choose three things, I'd leave the weapons behind.
Right: The healthy ones leave the trailer. It's as contaminated as the family that's sick is. The healthy members of the party strike out again in search of shelter. If anyone starts to get sick along the way, we send them back to the trailer. So many esses...

Stay local. I'd buy a cheap gun and some bullets. Considering in this scenario I'm a schlup in a suit, I'd do something stupid.

I'd just dump a rotting deer carcass somewhere near the trail, if anything. Keeping in mind the law of unintended consequences, something obviously stating "keep out" might draw attention. Also, keeping in mind the law of unintended consequences, a deer carcass might draw large predators.
Barnaby Snoddale - Sat, 11 Jan 2014 21:42:03 EST P6801HHe No.12568 Reply

Yes. I keep kits for handouts, it's part of my survival philosophy.


The shotgun. I have a .22 and a rifle elsewhere, the shotgun would be the most versatile thing to carry of those 3.


I would plot and carry out without hesitation that person's hellish demise.


Jesus fuck, that's a tough one. I'd say sure, tell them if they steal or do anything fucked up I will kick them out of the camp and they have to scavenge/hunt/do chores to earn their keep. Simple things, I'll try to teach them a few skills so they're more useful to have around too. Next generation's gotta survive.
William Dogglefoot - Mon, 13 Jan 2014 11:00:22 EST I9Zyrt50 No.12583 Reply
op here, ill anwser a few then reply to some of yours

>first card
a plane would never get off the ground so this situation is kinda flimsy, id probably sacrifice my self (lol white knight) as im kinda fall on the grenade kinda guy. really would come down to heat of the moment

>first post
personal sacrifices when there was a well fare system is differnt then personal sacrifices after the end of the world. by handing out 50% of my supplies, which seems like an awful lot, ive just shortened my survival by that ammount. id likely help him, but not in a way id directly hamper my own survival.

>2nd card
quarantine. you cant have infection spread through the group and kill us all.

>2nd post
in my situation, seeing as i dont have a fire arm (or a bug out location to begin with) id likely be trading, how ever if i do have fire arms with surplus ammo i likely wouldnt be trading as id rather keep the food and water. if did trade the 12g is the most practical. 308 is heavy ammo that will take down a deer no problem but would likely destroy a squirl. a .22 is the other way, light but only head shots on deer to kill them. buck shot is a nice middle.

>3rd card, dont have a kid and i have really complex thought paterns (kinda like a retard) so idk what i'd do. likely nothing as depression would likely cause me to stop preforming life functions. revenge probably wouldnt be top on the list as i rationlize things even from other peoples points of view as much as possible.

>left card
id likely contact the "elders" of the group and make a official report with them. i never want to be the leader, i dont like responsibility. if left to my own devices id likely place the person looking to kill the other under arrest via the entire group. this would need to be settled asap as we cant have betrayal in the group and the moral needs to stay up. depending on the offense and verdict of the trial id make my decision. it may be execution, exile, or seizing each parties fire arms. if i had to make a choice now with out any more information, id kick the person looking to kill the other one out of the group.

>middle card

exposure to the elements will kill you faster then lack of food and water 3/4's of the year. ranking fire arms above the other 3 is fucking idiotic. ill just get your guns after you die of hypothermia/dehydration/starvation.

>5th post
id probably fill up the tank, grab 5 gallons of water and book it home asap, i cant imagine leaving my family with out at least attempting to reconcile with them. if cars were a no go (as they likely will be) id probably still travel nomadic like to there town in search of them. knife lighters water bottle bag rope axe blanket/sleeping bag. i should come in around 300 right there.

i think this would be more of an attractant then anything. if wolves/large animals are in the area it would make sense to try and recreate some of there markings to make the intruders think there are dangerous animals. other wise, letting people know you there means you could be over run. thorny bushes and stuff would also be my goal.
Albert Lightwell - Sat, 18 Jan 2014 02:18:41 EST YGZVX7aV No.12619 Reply
Are we from now on going to continue to assist one another to ensure both our survivals?

If so, totally. Double the man power, double the prosperity.

But if it's a "i'll take 50 percent of your provisions and be on my way!" thing, then you lucked out buddy.
Reuben Dartwater - Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:12:46 EST i6g4yRlY No.13795 Reply

First situation I land the plane in a body of water or begin singing Bohemian Rhapsody while I fly the plane directly into the funniest thing I see. Either we all survive or no one does.


Second situation I isolate them in the back of the trailer and throw them Tangy Tangerine and Water Filters. If they behave they can watch the entire box set of Seinfeld on my DVD player.


I stab the fucker and take his mints. And make ribs. Baby back ribs. From his ribs.


Train an orphan army. Obviously.


  1. Lock him up he's obviously nuts.
  2. Water, weapons, shelter, food
  3. Already answered this one. BUT FOR AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION I infect myself with the virus and go on a vision quest into the snow to find my power animal and do battle with the demonic presence of the virus until I win the elixir of life and my urine becomes the cure.


Buy a recurve bow, some paracord, a knife, a fireman's ax, big water bottle, big warm wool blanket and keep the rest of the money then start heading home.


"sprayed on a big piece of metal or something with fluorescent spraypaint"

Then just take a dead body with hazmat gear on and mutilate it really good for effect. Like take an ax and hack it right down the middle then put a flare in the chest cavity. Would make it look like he had viral ebola diarrhea of such horrific proportions he shat himself in half and spontaneously combusted.


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