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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

the last crop of mushrooms

!!P0NSzSlt - Fri, 09 May 2014 23:54:25 EST bgMbPpc/ No.13042
File: 1399694065428.jpg -(8120B / 7.93KB, 320x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. the last crop of mushrooms
with relations between the us and russia getting worse by the day, is it time to start thinking about fallout/blast shelters if shit hits the fan and we engage in nuclear war?

or is the prospect of even a regional/limited nuclear exchange so daunting that it'd be better to run to midtown Manhattan or the Mall in D.C. to ensure you go in a flash should the missiles fly?

pic related, it's what you see when the world's about to end
Whitey Hottingdotch - Mon, 12 May 2014 01:41:52 EST YIu/Rnk0 No.13048 Reply
People don't think so, but I think it's entirely possible that something will happen to trigger WW3. I'd be prepared if I were you, you probably have some time to prepare before a conflict happens, over a year, maybe.

My theory is that since no one is stopping Russia in East Ukraine, it sets a signal that they can annex other Baltic states without consequence; Russia will go a tad too far, which starts an armed conflict with NATO that spirals out of control.
Esther Bliffinghet - Mon, 12 May 2014 18:32:11 EST 3/35wmvk No.13051 Reply
I live in a place that is guaranteed to be vaporized should the missiles ever fly, I just don't worry about it, I like it here. On the very slim chance that WW3 get's started it'll probably be more conventional anyway. And on the even slimmer chance that the US is invaded just do what you can to survive. Either join the insurgency or live your life the best you can.

Buy a good centerfire rifle, a pistol, stock up on ammo and food. Really all you can do.
slippery wet moondog poop !!P0NSzSlt - Fri, 23 May 2014 02:45:32 EST bgMbPpc/ No.13071 Reply
I wonder how long the two countries could do a conventional war before reaching for the ace in the hole. I know the thinking in the 80s Cold War scenarios usually involved a Soviet invasion of West Germany that resulted in the U.S. using battlefield nukes to stave off the larger Warsaw Pact army, which by the close of business that day turns into an all-out nukefest. I know Eastern Europe isn't Germany and Putin isn't Andropov, but a battlefield nuke or nuclear depth charge at sea could send the whole thing spiraling out of control in literally minutes.

and while neither side has nearly the nukes they did in 1983, there's still plenty enough to kill a lot of people and fuck up a lot of things. I live in a place with significant military assets, so even with fewer warheads, I'd figure us for at least 6. Which means if the balloon flies, I'm either instantly fucked or, worse, I'm fucked after a few hours of radiation poisoning.

Would a post-nuclear WW3 world even be worth living in, at least in the northern hemisphere?
Shitting Maffingwater - Wed, 02 Jul 2014 02:28:34 EST G8s7VP7o No.13200 Reply
For most, the thought of nuclear conflict brings a total scored earth to mind, where nothing survives except Twinkies and roaches.

While that is a "possibility", it's not the only possible outcome. Most people are ignorant either out of a sense of comfort or simply because it's irrelevant to them in their current life. Thinking it "can't" happen or it it did they'd be "vaporized".

To fully understand even the most basic of possibilities requires sufficient knowledge in Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Weapons Design, Strategic and Tactical Nuclear Policies, Basic Nuclear Physics, Military Science, Political Science and an understanding of Current Events and Geopolitics.

For a second, lets assume everyone has a sufficient knowledge of all topics of study concerned.

We have our aggressor, the Russian Federation. We know standing Russian nuclear policy, even in regional conflict allows for the expressed release of nuclear weapons if conventional means is inadequate to sustain a defensive posture. Basically, if the Russia government feels it can gain either a strategic or tactical advantage in a conflict by utilizing nuclear weapons, regardless of the scale and scope of the conflict...it will indeed use them.

For the sake of argument, lets theoretically say that the Russian Federation has annexed Ukraine, which in itself is a gross violation of various treaties and agreements, but has decided to continue to annex former Soviet satellite nations.

In steps NATO (US), which already has forward deployed assets in the Baltic Region, as well as assets at bases located throughout Europe and the Mid-East.
Shitting Maffingwater - Wed, 02 Jul 2014 02:29:21 EST G8s7VP7o No.13201 Reply

The situation is dire, the Russian Federation claiming it's move as an act to protect Kaliningrad, is ploughing through Lativa, pushing for Lithuania like a sledgehammer through a cake, with the assumed destination being Poland. The Lativan Armed Forces are being beaten like a drum. The Lativan and Lithuanian Governments send out immediate requests for military intervention on the part of NATO (US).

NATO fully knowing that Lativa, nor Lithuania are going to sit idly by and be bulldozed and wanting to prevent the Russian Federation from deploying heavier conventional systems that it already has. NATO puts forth a condemnation, as does the UN, of which the Russian Federation ignores, like it had with Ukraine.

Following instigative flybys by Russian Su-33's and Su-25's on US naval assets in the Baltic Sea, one of which results in the damaging of a US Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer when the destroyer passively engages an Su-33 with it's SPY-1 (Aegis), the Su-33 driver mistaking the sweep of an S-Band radar as being actively painted, thus engages the destroyer, firing an Kh-41 "Moskit" Anti-Ship Missile, which severely damages the destroyer. Another neighboring Arleigh-Burke engages and destroys the Su-33 with a RIM-162 ESSM.

Tension at this time has the collective asshole of the world tighter than a snare drum. DEFCON is raised to THREE, OCONUS US bases are on elevated alert, RDF's are put on standby, Marine Fleet Units are on standby.

In response, the Russian Federation ratchets up it's assault against Lithuania and moves it's Baltic Fleet assets directly in line with US naval assets.

The US feels it must protect it's military assets, Carrier Strike Group Three is deployed to the Baltic Sea and F-16's out of Spangdahlem Air Base preform CAP over US naval assets.

Feeling embolden, North Korea beings early morning shelling of Yeonpyeong, dumping some estimated 400 artillery shells and rockets onto the Island, killing some 27 RoK Soldiers and 52 civilian. South Korea retaliates in kind, returning double the received, effectively killing 79 Nork Soldiers.

With the deployment of the Carrier Group Three and continuous CAP by US F-16's, the Russian Federation feels that a significant threat exists against it's regional power from an international aggressor. The Russian Federation authorizes fleet level use of tactical nuclear weapons against US naval assets within the Baltic Region if the fleet commander feels it necessary.

US Intelligence assets intercept this authorization and currently not having any nuclear weapons on-board it's surface vessels, the US Department of Defense feels the Russian Federation has escalated the tensions to a point which requires the strategic deployment of multiple Oho Class SSBN to the coast of Norway and the North Sea.

A Russian Akula Class SSN patrolling to North Sea catches ancillary sounds of what it assumes is a Vanguard Class Sub, but upon further sonar reading it is determined the reactor signature is incorrect for a Vanguard Class, but is that of an Ohio Class SSBN.

Kaliningard receives it's second report of what is believed to be Ohio Class SSBN's operating within the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast.

This information is passed onto the Admiralty building, at St. Petersburg. It is determined that the United States has forwardly deployed it's Strategic Nuclear Forces without due threat from the Russian Federation. Russian Strategic Rocket Forces are put in High Alert, forwardly operating naval assets are directed to immediately report contact of with an Ohio Class SSBN and to determine if they're operating with their missile bays flooded and spooled.

China has forcibly taken the Senkaku Islands, following a significant naval and air bombardment against Japanese Naval Forces in the area. Chinese forces have established an operating base on the largest island and have began screening operations 100mi out.

North Korea, in retaliation for the South Korean shelling of it's forces, has stated it will detonate another nuclear test. One which it claims to have placed on a number of SRBM's, pending this test the systems will be deemed operational.

ISIS/ISIL claims it has taken Sudan, Iran has been furiously battling ISIS/ISIL forces at it's border with Iraq, even going as far as to arm and supply Kurds in the region to aid in the fight against ISIS/ISIL forces. In the year prior US Forces maintaining a small token force to help protect former Joint Base Balad and the US Embassy received a crushing defeat as ISIS/ISIL gathered support from Sunni sects within Iraq, claiming a Caliph and establishing a Caliphate.

An Ohio Class SSBN running a launcher drill in the North Sea is heard by an Akula Class sub. The Akula reports hearing non-ancillary sounds, such as pumps and hydraulics, like that of missile launch doors and circulating pumps.

Russian Federation Forces have reached the Lithuanian border and have begun extensive shelling and air strikes against Lithuanian Forces.

Following the report of a possible Ohio Class SSBN, Russian Strategic Rocket Forces have been ordered to place all TEL into launch position, preform functionary system readiness, and preform readiness drills.
Shitting Maffingwater - Wed, 02 Jul 2014 02:30:00 EST G8s7VP7o No.13202 Reply

US intelligence satellite detects erection of Russian Yars-24 and Topol-M road mobile TEL. US DoD deploys B-52's and B-2's to Diego Garcia and Ramstein Air Base. B-52's and B-2'd preform air supremacy operations over the region carrying nuclear weapons.

The Russian Federation deploys what remains of it's ballistic submarine fleet to the coast of Columbia to preform readiness drills.

An Los Angeles Class SSN detects multiple Typhoon Class subs operating just South of Panama.

Russian Federation Forces has pushed deep into Lithuania, they're within extended range of the Polish border. The United States can not allow the Russian Federation to pursue this any further. F/A-18E from the USS Stennis and F-15E's from Spangdahlem begin coordinated SEAD against Russian Forces.

Russian Naval Forces engage US Naval Force in the Baltic Sea. US Naval Forces sustain enormous damage, the USS Stennis is lying at the bottom of the Batlic Sea, with the majority of it's group. The Russian Federation has utilized nuclear weapons.

Some US naval assets managed to escape the Baltic engagement, with orders to meet a Expeditionary Strike Group enroute to Iceland, which will group a larger Carrier Strike Group.

US B-2's hit Russian strategic weapons sites with B61 Tactical Nuclear Weapons, inside of Russia.

Russian Typhoon Class subs launch against US assets in Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Kansas, and Florida. Using the US South Corridor where BMEWS and PAVE PAWS coverage is spotty at best,

US B-52's strike against the Black Sea Fleet using JDAM, Black Sea Fleet sustains minimal damage, however it's Tartus Naval Facility is irreparably damaged.

US assets in Alaska, Montana, Florida, and California sustain minimal damage due to THADD, Patriot, and EKV.

Russian Forces withdraw from Lithuania and Lativa.

A Carrier Strike Group and Expeditionary Strike Group preform screening missions off the US Eastern Seaboard and part of the Gulf of Mexico, in coordination with US Air Force ground based assets.

THAAD and Patriot systems deployed on Eastern Seaboard and US Southern Border.

Canadian Forces assistance in aerospace defence operations.

UK Forces preforming deterrence patrols in the North Sea and Atlantic, flying regular patrol missions along the outer most part of the Baltic Sea.

Germany Forces bolster US Forces in preparation for a counter-attack.

US draws down it's forwardly deployed nuclear assets, maintains hot-loaded LGM-30 Minutman III's and roaming Ohio Class SSBN patrols.

Russian Strategic Rocket Forces drawndown, Typhoon Class subs return to their respective patrol routes.

One possible scenario among many.
Wesley Fanderfoot - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 02:27:23 EST WZzL9Dfx No.13205 Reply
why the fuck would usa/russia want to risk a nuclear Apocalypse?
if we were going to war it would be a war
why does everyone always imply nukes?
just cuz we have fucking nukes doesn't mean we're gonna drop em whenever we want
seriously OP use your head
Faggy Dengerwill - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 04:01:25 EST NwDcBVP/ No.13206 Reply

You seem to know a lot about weaponry but what is China doing during this? Surely an engagement like that would be seized upon by Chinese military.
Caroline Broggleham - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 14:25:34 EST G8s7VP7o No.13209 Reply

What China always does, provides financial support for post-conflict infrastructure rebuild.

While China has the physical military manpower, it severely lacks any significant naval power or air power, both of which are required to even attempt combat operations outside of a regional conflict.

You'll see where I included China's takeover of the Senkaku Islands from Japan, which is something China is capable of doing and would take advantage of if the US was caught in a global conflict.

Aside from it's inability to project power, China stands to gain nothing by causing further damage to the US. The US would merely dissolve what it owns China and China can't retaliate, except for in a nuclear manner, which would be pointless.

Now, if the US sustained damage from another aggressor and China graciously offers financial and economic assistance the US would gladly accept. As it stands the US doesn't have the generated or reserve currency to maintain or expand it's military capabilities, as time moves forward the US' military capabilities will further diminish. Eventually, China would have a competent enough force to pose a world wide force projection, something the US will not be able to maintain. China looks far into the future.
Caroline Broggleham - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 14:33:58 EST G8s7VP7o No.13210 Reply

Why is it most people assume the exchange of nuclear weapons would result in a "Nuclear Apocalypse"? Limited or Regional Nuclear Exchange is a far more likely occurrence.

Actually, our possession of nuclear weapons is based on the premise of "droppin em whenever we want".

I advise you read into the Russian Federations Strategic and Tactical Nuclear Policies, rather than going on the generic assumption that the theory of "Mutually Assured Destruction" is some sort of existing safeguard.

MAD is only a viable theory if both sides maintain similarly sized stockpiles, First Strike Capabilities, and an aggressive nuclear defence policy. Which the US has disposed of two out of those three.

As stockpiles grow smaller, the threat of nuclear conflict grows larger.
Fuck Sicklespear - Sun, 06 Jul 2014 14:09:01 EST c08MIagU No.13217 Reply
wow I just threw up.... mmm nacho cheese, the cheese is the same consistency as when it went down
Augustus Blathercocke - Sun, 06 Jul 2014 23:10:21 EST 4jc+EBZf No.13222 Reply
1404702621800.jpg -(73585B / 71.86KB, 552x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i think it was good for him, how are you JArvis ;)
James Bigglehadge - Mon, 07 Jul 2014 13:12:58 EST 8KgYHpij No.13225 Reply
1404753178860.jpg -(42703B / 41.70KB, 680x510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't think he was asking you, why the hell would he ask a gay viking

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