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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Mississippi River Rising

!M6R0eWkIpk - Mon, 24 Nov 2014 23:13:22 EST Lgurnqyq No.13612
File: 1416888802918.png -(1874921B / 1.79MB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mississippi River Rising
several live mobile streams of us riots
>you cant stop the r3v0lut!0n
>N0 P34C3
there was this excellent point half hour ago where everyone came together from 3 directions into an intersection, down the 4th road stood an iron curtain of military grade police, all but silhouttes amid a scintilating k hole of tear gas, fog and blinding municiple lights, like a balrog to black people.
but it was so hella quiet. you could hear people breathing through civilian purchased milsurp and home made survival masks.

people talkin about other cities who've taken to their streets. idk exactly. quite an organized and invigourated group marched, en masse, past my e village safe house. Late August. When the shit went down

Gonna smoke drugs and sharpen mi machete entiendes?
Clara Besslelock - Thu, 15 Jan 2015 22:53:04 EST Kb4GtEmk No.13687 Reply
Cursive are you holding down the fort? What's the status on the home-front?
cursive !M6R0eWkIpk - Fri, 16 Jan 2015 15:01:41 EST Lgurnqyq No.13688 Reply
1421438501971.jpg -(37410B / 36.53KB, 620x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Citizens executed more cops for the LuLz in NV than MO did for justice.
Was honestly amazed that something finally got humans off their couches in any state. Bout 20-30mins after i posted this, i watched the whole mob follow cops to to a bridge overpassing a highway, then the people flooded down the sharp cut valley to the highway below and immediately get themselves surrounded by the fuzz.
fkn retards.

Theyve been out in force up here on the rim of LV, surprised i haven't seen any MRAPs.

In summerlin last year I saw a house get raided by SWAT come to think of it and there were. they took like 3 MRAPs 4 Hummers and 2 paddywagons to freakin one house across the street. Head the breach, and a ton of noise and lights, for about 30 seconds, then about enough time to toss the house/loot it, then quietly drove away.

actually i should have that on video somewhere. i was posted on top of the gate to my neighborhood, bout 15' up. i wonder..

all ships check in.
Phineas Namblekune - Mon, 19 Jan 2015 01:31:42 EST Kb4GtEmk No.13697 Reply
This kind of thing really upsets me. I believe there are good cops out there, and I appreciate the police that aren't corrupt, but weapons of fucking war do not belong on domestic fronts and it's hard to argue with people saying we're a police state when you see occurrences like this. What are your thoughts cursive?
Archie Piddlefield - Wed, 21 Jan 2015 17:15:21 EST lcYadD0W No.13711 Reply
If the guy killed cops for justice why did he kill his girlfriend first? lol fucking faggot, all these protesters should be shot.
cursive !M6R0eWkIpk - Thu, 05 Feb 2015 10:21:38 EST 8RYncBiW No.13741 Reply
1423149698438.jpg -(12126B / 11.84KB, 150x233) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3 things,
  1. Your reading comprehension needs serious work, try reading >>13688 again.
  2. Who "killed cops for justice" after first killing his girlfriend? if you have an answer, see step 1 again.
  3. >all these protesters should be shot.
go shoot em then, i dont give a fuck. you're the one seem to give a fuck, so what'd ya do about it?

Hoping you were too rageface/wasted to read or didnt bother to after seeing that Ferguson ish on /FO/, and I would be too. SJayW shit is usually included or responded with topics like this. Rest assured, I'm not protesting for civil rights or cop rights. These problems are taking care of themselves. On the off chance the events incited wider unrest I posted the stream link when it went down for others to see.

just in case you still have no fucking idea im saying, here's a video on the vegas thing. The one I said was for LuLz not justice.
as far as I know mobs didnt execute any of the fascist forces in MO, an easily justifiable scenario esp for a mob. That's 0 justice MO, 2 for the fuck of it Vegas. They may have had some sorta reason. "white supremacy," as mentioned in the news, doesn't sound like a reason to shoot 2 white people, they were just tweaking.

Not even bumping this myself, but anyone with links to chain reaction riots, looting, violence, r3b3ll10n feel free to!
archie go to /pss you'll love it, I promise.

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