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The best survival weapons.

- Fri, 11 Nov 2011 01:46:31 EST 4TWZ6GnB No.5979
File: 1320993991363.jpg -(441202B / 430.86KB, 513x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The best survival weapons.
So what's your best, or favored survival weapon? If shit hits the fan, what will you keep by your side at all times, relying on it to save your ass?

It could be a gun, a blade, something blunt, maybe even think outside the box here. Perhaps it's your car. The point is to pick one thing which you would choose first as a weapon to survive an apocalypse.

Now just to clarify, this is a total SHTF apocalypse. There are zombies, thermonuclear blast sites, biological weapons released, natural disasters, fucking total anarchy everywhere. Things like bullets might be in short supply unless you've got your own personal ammo dump. Forget about raiding a nearby military base, it's almost definitely either heavily fortified and in use already or completely annihilated. You might have some luck in private shops or homes, but ammunition is going to be a bit scarce, especially since in such a world it will become so valuable.

Gas stations won't be up and running for the most part. You may have to find other means of transportation. Think about how this impacts the type of weapon you select. Things like weight, conspicuousness, extra moving parts that need to be carried are all important factors.

Think about concealment. Or alternatively, intimidation. Would you do better hiding the fact that you're armed? Or would walking through a town lugging a fully automatic machine gun speak more to your style?

Think about alternative uses for your weapon. What else can it be used for? Could you chop things with it? Dig perhaps? There's a lot to consider and you only get to pick one.

My choice? A khukri. I'm not saying it's everyone's best choice but it works for me. I prefer being sneaky, inconspicuous, quiet and not having to rely on scavenging for ammunition on top of food and other supplies means more time saved. Sure it's not nearly as reassuring as a rifle, but so long as I stick to the shadows and keep my head down I'll be fine.

I'm not very strong and am somewhat short, the khukri's design capitalizes on the laws of physics, giving you a lot of slicing power for very little kinetic input. A swift flick of the wrist and someone loses an arm. Or a head. Gunshots are loud, they attract attention and can be difficult to direct in a crazy situation if you don't have prior training. Sure you might have gone to the shooting range every weekend for ten years but are you sure you won't piss yourself and freeze up as an undead horror comes screeching at you full speed, mutated face pustules throbbing, fangs eager to eat your flesh? Now in that scenario you might be saying "well fuck, I'd rather have a gun than have to get anywhere close to something like that" and I would say you're probably right. However, there's just something primal about holding a big blade in your hand. It feels right and in a fight or flight response, the first instinct is sometimes to swing violently at your target. With a blade, that will work just fine.

A khukri can do more, it can chop firewood, it's easy to keep sharp and if I really have to it can be a decent digging tool (though it'd probably be fucked up after I used it for that). It makes a prime hunting knife but since I'm more of a trapper and a forager, hunting wild game with a knife isn't going to be a big concern.

Feel free to tell me why I am wrong/retarded/doublejolly african-american etc.

So /fo/, choose your weapon.
Esther Cullerhood - Fri, 11 Nov 2011 14:59:56 EST 4TWZ6GnB No.5985 Reply

Esther Cullerhood - Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:24:28 EST 4TWZ6GnB No.5987 Reply

Thing looks gimmicky as hell, do you have one?
Lillian Chishhane - Fri, 11 Nov 2011 21:21:58 EST 7rohZSfq No.5988 Reply
1321064518870.jpg -(227947B / 222.60KB, 3608x1711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Katana/Wazikashi combo.

Yeah, it's flashy. Yeah, it doesn't have any real use except for the main one. But imagine standing down 10 zombies with two blades of pure fury, or raiding some establishment by swordpoint.
Henry Brugglefeck - Fri, 11 Nov 2011 22:04:36 EST 4TWZ6GnB No.5989 Reply

If you can pull off the look, it's intimidating as hell too. However if you look like a geeky animu weaboo carrying around a katana makes you a target for buttraping.

They're great swords though. They have a lot of slicing power for zombie elimination and unlike my khukri they put a bit of distance between you and your attacker.

That's one thing that worries me about using a khukri now that I think of it. I go to slash a zombie's head off and my hand and arm are coming so close to its gnashing jaws.
Molly Goblingchot - Fri, 11 Nov 2011 23:45:10 EST FKKi4hBX No.5990 Reply
1321073110817.jpg -(74819B / 73.07KB, 373x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
would be my trusty machete, things strong as fuck, but i'd bring my spanish rapier, stronest sword if ever held made from Toledo steel, other than that, theres not much to say, I wouldnt be doing what i do in falout and looking for shit to kill i would just do what >>5982 this fagget does, and climb buildings and shit to find good shit, and to get to a good floor to squat on that has no other entrance
Iron Knight !zmN/DpDu62 - Sat, 12 Nov 2011 01:15:16 EST IHobPw2q No.5991 Reply
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Woodman's Pal machete. 1/8" thick chunk of 1075 spring steel with a leather grip, handguard, and hook. I'm entirely confident that it could easily split a skull, clear brush, dig, damn near anything. The brush hook could remove a zombie's jaw. Light enough to carry all day. Great balance, similar to a kukri.

That's a terrible wrecking bar. Too short, no claw. If you can find a steelworker's bar, they're nearly ideal. A bit heavier than I'd like, but amazing power and very useful. I'm not even sure they're a production item, but I've got an old one in the shed. One end is a standard chisel, the other is a wicked-looking drift punch. Probably about 30" long. From a quick google they are actually still made, called aligning bars.
gordon - Sat, 12 Nov 2011 02:25:24 EST 6CqzD9dw No.5993 Reply
1321082724319.jpg -(29702B / 29.01KB, 620x186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
but joking aside:

"Sweet baby Grylls. This “Crovel” tool is absolutely monstrous. Its patent-pending hardened steel shape is alternately sharp, grippy, heavy, and jagged. The rope grip even detaches to form… you know, rope."
Samuel Crogglekere - Sat, 12 Nov 2011 04:12:39 EST j64yr19/ No.5994 Reply
Great at first thought. But it's heavy, and costly. $109, 5.5lbs.

The website says it will save you weight and bulk compared to other tools...run down the list.
Shovel. Cold steel tactical shovel. $20-30, with cover, 26.6 oz about the same length. Pro larger better designed shovel head for digging. Con non-rotating head. Doesn't shift to a hoe, but works well enough as one when used properly from the knees.
Saw. Gerber slide saw. $11. 6.7 oz. Easier to use, and from the videos on the crovel site, cuts far faster.
Crowbar/hammer head. Two options here...first, a flat bar , $10sh, about 20z. The back of the bar works pretty well to pound things, and it will work MUCH better as a prybar. Or a roofing hatchet. Pounds nails better, is slightly less great for removing them, but it has a hatchet head for basic choping tasks. About 20oz, $8-40ish bucks, depending on quality.

on top of that the crovel thing has a storage tube...hollow handle? Anyone remember why we HATE hollow handled "survival knives"? Though at least the crovel seems to thread in, and is a heavier gauge steel than many hollow tools. Still, a point of concern for me for a pry tool. Second, some paracord. I'm not going to account for the paracord, because let's face it...you allready have at least a couple hundred feet in your pack, right boys?

So, 26.6 oz, 6.7 oz, and about 20oz. 3.3ish lbs, compared to 5.5. Slightly more bulk, granted. But each individual tool is easier to use to to less weight.

$30 for the shovel, $11 for the saw, and between $10 and $40 for the hatchet. Assuming a quality hatchet, $80 for the separate tools that individually perform better at their tasks, compared to $109.

So yeah. AWESOME tool. But not so practical. For me when a tool combines lots of features it has to be reasonably priced compared to the tools it combines, and still be as functional as the base tools. My leatherman for example...the cost benefit ratio is actually quite high. This thing? The price point is to high for the versatility and reduced performance of the included components.
Samuel Crogglekere - Sat, 12 Nov 2011 04:14:28 EST j64yr19/ No.5995 Reply
also, in before "you over think shit to often, gtfo"
Fucking Grandspear - Sat, 12 Nov 2011 18:53:28 EST 6CqzD9dw No.6000 Reply
>>5994 i agree with you, but the point was to choose 1 thing only. if i had to choose something useful i would choose the crovel for the versatility over the other tools. also why would i pay for it? in an apocalyptical situation i would steal it from a store^^.

You can use it to open doors, cut wood, digging, cracking skull or cutting limbs, and really a lot of other use sooo.
James Gollyspear - Sun, 13 Nov 2011 06:05:36 EST WN+CHzs9 No.6008 Reply
It might not be as badass, but I'd say go with a baseball bat boys. It is relatively light weight and can easily crack a skull wide open. Plus a bat does give a bit of distance so one can really reach out and touch somebody.
Shit Dizzleford - Sun, 13 Nov 2011 22:20:53 EST j64yr19/ No.6013 Reply
nice get. And your point is well made. The weight still bothers me, though.
James Chacklewell - Mon, 14 Nov 2011 10:18:24 EST cmKSzxHn No.6022 Reply
My big ass dogs and a chainsaw
Jenny Blatherforth - Mon, 14 Nov 2011 11:25:33 EST 11SYuaWB No.6023 Reply
Yeah, machete. Bowie knife is good, Tom Brown Tracker Knife would be good, but machete is a great tool and weapon, and if I was stuck with one gadget it'd be a machete or its cousins, the Smachet, Machax or Woodsman's Pal.
George Saddleletch - Mon, 14 Nov 2011 18:54:07 EST ApMkIdtT No.6030 Reply
1321314847366.jpg -(6487B / 6.33KB, 251x251) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A machete is nothing but a TOY unless you live in the AMAZON JUNGLE. There, I said it, bring on the buttpain from all the armchair commandos.

Now to complete my axe I would obviously bring one or two Mora knifes. But that one is so obvious I shouldn't even have to mention it.
George Biddledine - Mon, 14 Nov 2011 19:27:00 EST j64yr19/ No.6031 Reply
What be you smoking, son? Machetes are quite useful.
Nigel Hangerville - Mon, 14 Nov 2011 19:31:37 EST 0XP0xuLm No.6032 Reply
My .22lr SBR. I wouldn't want any other gun.
Edwin Shittinggold - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 05:23:03 EST ApMkIdtT No.6040 Reply
Oh yes, for cutting undergrowth. But that's about as versatile as a machete gets.
Thomas Hissleworth - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 06:10:13 EST //ir05hF No.6047 Reply
1321355413365.jpg -(64375B / 62.87KB, 740x810) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You shut your whore mouth.
Cedric Dongerforth - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 07:18:53 EST TCC/2CYo No.6049 Reply
Aluminuim baseball bat

Its fast, light and it dosent break. Ranged weapon of choice: Sling shot - infinite ammo.

I'd find a big ass building and baricade the shit out of it and stay there as much as possible, boulding my band of raiders bigger every day for total world domination.
Edwin Shittinggold - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 11:20:27 EST ApMkIdtT No.6054 Reply
1321374027349.jpg -(111772B / 109.15KB, 500x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah that thing sure will make you look real badass. Almost like a pirate.
Iron Knight !zmN/DpDu62 - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 19:22:09 EST SbqlpDa4 No.6062 Reply
1321402929520.jpg -(1933541B / 1.84MB, 4288x3216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fuck yeah.
Priscilla Cugglepune - Tue, 15 Nov 2011 20:35:47 EST j64yr19/ No.6064 Reply
What do machetes do? They cut inch+thick limbs in a single swipe. What is a large portion of bushcrafting when it comes to repetitive cutting tasks? Cutting limbs. Chopping.

My cold steel Kukri machete chops just about as well as a hatchet of the same size. It also works as a draw knife.

If you have a full size axe, it's better. But a good machete is BETTER than a hatchet of comparable size, IF you know what the fuck you're doing.

Clearly you don't. But that's your problem.
Reuben Dremmlegold - Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:13:22 EST /kEababX No.6078 Reply
And you can use the hook for dragging zombeys to the bonfire.
Nathaniel Brubblewater - Wed, 16 Nov 2011 22:33:58 EST 4TWZ6GnB No.6085 Reply
OP here, a khukri is just a superior machete.
Cornelius Cleddledit - Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:37:42 EST aqsgMFC7 No.6103 Reply
What you guys forget is,

Chinese military shovel.
Hannah Crillermitch - Sat, 19 Nov 2011 21:35:01 EST DNZo2eMn No.6109 Reply
USP compact .40 because whoever has the gun wins
Archie Duckledale - Sun, 20 Nov 2011 00:17:17 EST aqsgMFC7 No.6114 Reply

You call it gimmicky,

I call it practical.
Iron Knight !zmN/DpDu62 - Mon, 21 Nov 2011 22:26:54 EST xuwuddam No.6139 Reply
1321932414231.jpg -(1097016B / 1.05MB, 1608x1206) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Interesting fact, the commercial ones have the grip notch, despite being sold without a sharpened end. I converted mine earlier. For the record, I don't suggest you buy one of these unless you have and are comfortable using a bench grinder, it'll make the required customizations significantly easier. A Dremel is handy for finishing it as well. Anyways, since I've already put a decent edge on the toe of mine using a bench grinder, this wasn't a huge undertaking. Took about a half hour, as it was fucking cold and I didn't want to fuck up, either myself or the temper of the blade. I didn't take it down as far as I did the toe, as I want to leave it thick enough to still be very solid. Tested in the yard, in front of the shed. That's grass, frozen gravel and rocks. It worked pretty well, especially considering the amount of effort you usually have to put in using a shovel to get through this shit. I then put it in a vise and ran a deburring tool over the entire blade, including the shovel end. Gonna sharpen it properly tomorrow sometime, but as it is, it's fine. I wouldn't want to dig a foxhole with it, but it works.
Simon Shakeway - Sun, 04 Dec 2011 21:48:46 EST t6vRpiGl No.6241 Reply
it's just too bad for the bastards that it's made in china and therefor will likely break on first use.
also the shield and cooking functions demonstrated in the video made me lol
Hedda Druttingville - Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:56:25 EST ex7W6fjd No.7264 Reply
1329058585706.jpg -(195460B / 190.88KB, 491x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Caroline Tootforth - Wed, 15 Feb 2012 00:58:36 EST hmR17ob0 No.7307 Reply
1329285516781.jpg -(8071B / 7.88KB, 300x230) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Crowbar. Relatively light, durable, fast. Can easily puncture a zombies head. It also has multiple uses. Getting inside locked homes will be essential for raids and scavenging
Emma Perringwell - Thu, 16 Feb 2012 22:21:49 EST j64yr19/ No.7320 Reply
heavy clunky overrated chunk of Chinese shit. This subject has been covered already. The comparative real tools, weigh less, and are more functional.

Angus Fingercocke - Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:44:02 EST tc2Ws5fA No.7321 Reply
Whenever I see people(on here it is some of the worst) post what they would take in a SHTF scenario, a lot of those people probably have never walked 20 miles with more than 30 pounds. Even funnier when they talk about carrying ten 30rd magazines, a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. The weight difference of even a few ounces is a huge difference hiking. Needless weight adds up and can kill you.

I have a 12"x1/2" crobar and that is as big as I would want to carry with any sort of frequency. Going any bigger and you may not be gaining any advantage that can't be made up for with an improvised cheater bar. Even the mighty crowbar is too limited for it's size and weight. An entry tool with a prying end would probably be better due to the versatility.

If you have a group then someone should have a real crowbar because they can be invaluable for foraging(along with an axe and a means to carry a lot of weight like a sled or something). If you are held up at a set location and just go out on raids or foraging trips, the less weight that you carry, the more weight you can bring home. That means less trips and less energy spent.
Clara Grimhall - Sat, 18 Feb 2012 23:26:13 EST YVwYispS No.7343 Reply
I would use a metal baseball bat. Swift, tough, has some reach, and is somewhat useful outside of combat. Can be used as a hammer or destruction tool. Pretty lightweight and easy to carry in hand or attached to a bag.
Reuben Beddleman - Wed, 22 Feb 2012 13:27:27 EST xxfgYS1r No.7381 Reply
Shellelagh or a machete. Would hate to have to choose. Probably go with the shellelagh. Traition and all.
James Dundertuck - Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:48:26 EST nu0zJwQ4 No.7382 Reply
Traditionally its spelled Shillelagh.
Hannah Murdford - Thu, 23 Feb 2012 11:42:34 EST xxfgYS1r No.7397 Reply
So I wasn't too far off for being a fifth gen American who has rarely seen it written? And I think that that would be the weapon of choice. Very useful, from what the old family members tell me.
Walter Gevingburk - Fri, 24 Feb 2012 20:27:45 EST Z0OAgRHm No.7410 Reply
I've got wood club that have steel end [about the size of baseball bat], when shit hits the fan I probably just add some wrapings [rope,leather?] and I'm all set
Eugene Mazzlechodging - Sat, 25 Feb 2012 01:11:50 EST tc2Ws5fA No.7411 Reply
Wide leather strips would be more comfortable but paracord would be more useful.
Nigger Hengerdog - Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:25:55 EST r8ewyXEx No.7486 Reply
I have an AK style rifle+ammo, a couple machtes, a kukri and a few knives. I think I'll be fine.
Ebenezer Chembletek - Sun, 04 Mar 2012 10:45:29 EST HALxwpZp No.7543 Reply
My bug out shotgun, and my carton of cigarettes.
Esther Goppercocke - Tue, 23 Oct 2012 19:42:18 EST TiW9citL No.9926 Reply
Can it be two things?
First choice: My Freeman. Or, I call it my freeman. It's a crowbar with the word "Freeman" painted on it, for obvious reasons. It's extremely durable, can deal MASSIVE damage with either side. It's heavy enough to incapacitate someone, but versitile enough that, if I swing and miss, I can come back around and break things. Oh, it's also good for breaking things. Doors, windows, a really big variety of uses. Easy to clean. And it's intimidating. I've broken multiple things with it, it's length prevents me from getting hurt by whatever I'm breaking.
Second choice: My trusty bowie knife. Less as a weapon, more as a tool. I've skinned hundreds of animals with it, I sharpen, clean, and oil it every time I use it. I can and have split wood with it. The blade alone is a foot long, the spine is 1/4 inch thick. So not too manuverable as a weapon. But it's also very intimidating. So yeah.

Knife if survival in the woods happens, Crowbar if in the city or zombies.
Martha Migglewedging - Sat, 27 Oct 2012 10:47:18 EST sW1xDhTe No.9956 Reply
1351349238341.jpg -(147468B / 144.01KB, 894x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have some effective melee weaponry.

>1 is just a hollow steel pipe, weighed down with some wedge bolts, wrapped in ducttape to prevent light shimmering off the steel, and black rope wrapped around the base to provide a better grip (big hands)

>2 is obviously a cheap kukri machete

>3 are hunting knives, a Buck 119 special and a cheap knife I've had for like 7 years, I've sharpened it, though and put some Spyerco teeth on it.

>4 is kinda self explanatory... Still need to sand down the sharp ends, and the blunt heads can be used to execute less than lethal blows, to incapacitate, if it were needed.

I think I'm covered.
Caroline Hagglehall - Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:50:53 EST DiNNTQ0F No.9980 Reply
>Less than lethal blows

Nope. Bro, if you hit someone with that number 4 shit - they dead. That shit it more deadly that number 1.Those nails put all the power and weight on a smaller and more concentrated area - meaning that those things are going to go into a skull.
James Niggershaw - Wed, 31 Oct 2012 19:41:25 EST YPYMZFfy No.9994 Reply
Hatchet. fast, heavy enough to split a skull and doesnt qualif as a pole weapon so I can fight closer cqc. I
James Niggershaw - Wed, 31 Oct 2012 19:53:33 EST YPYMZFfy No.9995 Reply
Hatchet. Functions as a cutting tool and heavy enough to split skulls. Lighter than crowbar.
Rebecca Grimhood - Fri, 02 Nov 2012 00:54:06 EST uBPpeb8s No.10000 Reply
1351832046755.jpg -(184132B / 179.82KB, 787x528) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Footlong Subway-sandwich all the way! Superior melee weapon, well capable of cracking a skull open with a single blow. And you can always eat it if you get hungry. And it doubles as a prostate stimulator.
Hamilton Mocklegold - Sun, 04 Nov 2012 11:23:30 EST 0CJ7YK5b No.10019 Reply
Any real survivalist knows that quiznos is the only option.
Doris Cammertut - Wed, 07 Nov 2012 04:05:44 EST yVQWb4jc No.10039 Reply
1352279144686.jpg -(49299B / 48.14KB, 394x591) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>mfw the 10000 get on /fo/ was a post ridiculing the one-upmanship that dominates this board
Caroline Menderdock - Thu, 22 Nov 2012 22:02:27 EST GtCMR+am No.10163 Reply
>implying a quizno's sandwich won't fall apart after being used to kill merely 2-3 zombies.
Seriously, go back to /nom where you belong.
Shit Mogglebeg - Fri, 23 Nov 2012 05:25:28 EST oqTt4cvD No.10166 Reply
1353666328378.gif -(31262B / 30.53KB, 193x217) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Defo a sling simply becuase with training its arguably the best ranged
Also a blunderbuss or black powder rifle. Making your own ammo is possible and nobody will be looking for the items necessary. Now if I had a regular gun then bullets would be a toughie especially since I live in England.
Worst comes to worse the rifle can be used as a gunstock club
Phineas Cradgechatch - Sat, 24 Nov 2012 01:03:17 EST 7kczEzWU No.10169 Reply
Mosin nagant. Dirt cheap and so is the ammo. It's a hundred years old and will last at least a hundred more. Simple action means incredibke reliability; again, it survived the Eastern front and a hundred other wars, you can't break it without trying to. Even then you're more likely to break whatever tool you use on it instead. It also makes a great pike with its bayonet fixed. It's accurate enough, not great, but it will hit what I shoot at. Round will take down any animal on this earth. I can always make a sling for small game later also.
Hugh Drembletatch - Mon, 16 Sep 2013 14:55:13 EST NJArxWVM No.11759 Reply
Just a second opinion....I live in Central America and, when venturing into the jungle, have often used a machete for its intended purposes. That being said....lots of farming families use machetes all day long, I've seen enough damage done in a machete fight to feel that, in a survivalist situation, it would be more than just a toy.
Samuel Crullersat - Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:40:34 EST u6PMLeDw No.11762 Reply
honestly, i view a SHTF as more a slow go then anything. i view it as EOTW so the more tools i can bring from pre event the better off i will be. im not going to lie, im an arm chair warrior so im shooting from the hip here and bsing most of my opinions but i think id rather lug around a heavy duty wagon, like the garden style ones and bring doubles if not tripples of all the tools id want, ya know axe saw hammer crow bar and have to ditch it. then to go super light weight and end up at where i plan to set up camp and be like damn, i wish i had XXXXX

i think a cb or bow would be the best weapon though.as long as you have a string itll fire and you can always make bolts or arrows, they arent the heaviest items, quite to discharge. this is big deal. next time the power goes out venture out side and listen at night. even a 22's discharge will travel for a mile or two and idk about you, but id rather have no one get the drop on me or know i was around the area untill i decided to inform them.

i dont view a knife as weapon, its a tool. a crowbar would be nice but thats assuming you are in suburban or urban environments.
Basil Gillersid - Tue, 17 Sep 2013 14:47:42 EST mSXdMKSy No.11764 Reply
1379443662051.jpg -(6100B / 5.96KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd have to go with my Arsenal AK-47 or my Glock 17. If I chose the Glock I'd have 33 round mags and a rigged-ass silencer. I'd make a homemade suppressor for the AK. The AK and Glock would be a good choice since they are extremely reliable and can go on for long periods w/o maintenance and can fire under water. Tough decision between the two. I would probably end up going with the Glock since it's much lighter and it wouldn't get in the way like the AK would. Plus I could make a homemade rifle stock for it if I so chose to.
James Gonningstitch - Fri, 20 Sep 2013 01:28:18 EST /+40IIdp No.11777 Reply
my martial arts knowledge is the best weapon lol, while a legion of neckbeards waddle at me with all kinds of shovels and knives i will be crippling and killing them with my bare hands and looting all their shit
Ivan Issaccs - Fri, 20 Sep 2013 08:12:03 EST TLb2NfrM No.11778 Reply

Untill of course a single person lands a solid blow, probably breaking your hand or arm trying to block it, leaving you in agony while they then proceed to cave your skull in.
Basil Dappershaw - Wed, 25 Sep 2013 03:38:53 EST Kb4GtEmk No.11805 Reply
1380094733967.jpg -(36785B / 35.92KB, 850x401) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is this even a question.
Cornelius Bommlelodging - Wed, 25 Sep 2013 04:10:52 EST P6801HHe No.11808 Reply

That piece of shit better not be your answer.
James Hittinglut - Thu, 26 Sep 2013 22:09:43 EST /CJmKIWv No.11821 Reply
good intellect
strong hands
able legs
and good lungs

lack one
lack all
youre finished.
James Hittinglut - Thu, 26 Sep 2013 22:11:06 EST /CJmKIWv No.11822 Reply
not you
but its finished
maybe a knife if you can use it well and throw it far and on point
Cyril Moddlebanks - Thu, 03 Oct 2013 04:28:18 EST 17LUAqDH No.11854 Reply
Are you really so much of an imbecile that you'll insist that odds are always the same and not a product of human knowledge of the situation and preparedness for it?!

For each individual there will always be many elements they did not foresee, but that does not excuse what you could have done.
Jack Cidgehall - Thu, 03 Oct 2013 17:00:22 EST P6801HHe No.11859 Reply

I'm not insisting that, merely that you don't need any of those things to survive.
Augustus Hommlestod - Fri, 11 Oct 2013 17:37:43 EST MrDUCEOQ No.11908 Reply
1381527463987.jpg -(82536B / 80.60KB, 900x379) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This. Or my sword I used to have, but I gave it to my friend before I moved states for awhile, but I recently moved back, so I think i'm going to buy it back from him.

Pic related, that's the exact model, except the original grip came off so I rolled black electrical tape around it, felt a lot better to hold after that.
Julius Deane - Sat, 12 Oct 2013 11:13:30 EST RsS/WnBq No.11912 Reply
You assholes can have them machete's, and swords and dumb shit that will get you killed.

I, however, have an over/under 20g/.22 that my grandfather had. It is in great condition, bore is fine, action is still smooth as fuck. This is a sixty year old gun that will last another sixty years with good treatment, and will never have a mechanical fault as it is a break action. 20g and .22 is plentiful where I live, and I will never be short on ammo as I have plenty and it is very light.
I'm not saying it's a perfect gun. .22 is too small to reliably take large game at distance, and 20g is sometimes too light for a long range kill. Break action is also not ideal, as it's hard to reload prone, and the shot time is lengthy. However, I think the benefits outweigh the detriments, so I'll stick to my old shitty rifle.
John Bottingworth - Sat, 12 Oct 2013 23:28:08 EST IPD65YdS No.11918 Reply
give me an M1carbine bullpup with a drum mag.
Jericho !.iRAtomic2 - Wed, 16 Oct 2013 20:34:38 EST BYatvm4L No.11931 Reply
As odd as it sounds, a sword would actually be my first choice. I was trained in classic sabre fencing, so I actually know and have the muscle memory to use the sword in a fight.
Second choice is my blacksmiths hammer. 3lb head on a 14" handle, that thing will cave in a zombie skull pretty well.
Basil Clashfield - Wed, 23 Oct 2013 00:07:46 EST P6801HHe No.11961 Reply
OP here. Posted this 2 years ago and my opinion on kukris hasn't changed much, it's still an excellent all around tool. Great melee, great utility and looks intimidating however, I've found a hatchet chops better, a sword makes a better weapon and all things considered the short heavy forward curving kukri doesn't look nearly as intimidating as many other weapons.

So having said that, I change my mind. A rifle would be far more useful. for survival. I'm torn between an M14, Mosin Nagant, AK47, and FN FAL. The M14 and FAL are the more accurate respectively but the Mosin and AK are more rugged. The AK will weigh the least but will also have the shortest range. The Mosin will be the most rugged, also doubles really well as a melee weapon but it's pull bolt operated and not as accurate as the M14 or FAL. The M14 dominates ranged fire and is semiautomatic but is the most temperamental of all these choices, which isn't saying much but it's the apocalypse and shit's gonna get rough. A somewhat rugged vs really rugged gun, you want to go with really.

The FAL is accurate at long range, can go full auto, is pretty durable for what it does, can successfully hold a bayonet and is probably the best blend of all of these choices.

I think it boils down to the FAL or Mosin. FAL's more complicated but so much more accurate but isn't as good of a melee weapon. Ammo's prettymuch the same weight for both.

I think I'd choose the FAL.
Martin Nettinghag - Wed, 23 Oct 2013 16:18:45 EST LCIjMa9F No.11965 Reply
ive never used a kurki but the shape always seems like it would be very akward to use to chop. theres no weight to it and the chopping surface is at a forward angle... i feel even a normal machette with a large head on it would be more comfortable to swing.

never really got the apeal to them comapred to a regular blade.

where do you live that you can get a full auto fal?
Barnaby Greenwell - Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:19:48 EST P6801HHe No.11968 Reply

I live in the US, can buy a semiauto and have access to a machine shop. Making it full auto wouldn't be hard.

I don't think you're thinking of an actual kukri, the blade on a proper one is thick like a proper hatchet, some are an inch thick but most are 3/4ths. Anything less and its effectiveness decreases. There are a bunch of kukri machetes out there, these aren't kukris, theyre machetes shaped vaguely like a kukri. They're always really thin like a machete and the neck of the blade doesn't curve down at that 120 degree angle a proper one does, it usually just has a slight slope to it.

Basically the kukri's shape combined with the thick as fuck heavy solid steel blade gives it the chopping power of an axe with the reach of a shortsword.

A real kukri's handle is also shaped in a specific way too. It will end in a fluted shape and have a ring around the center of the handle. You put your middle and ring finger around the handle and when chopping with the kukri you flick the blade forward. The shape of the blade combined with the handle gives it all the chopping power of an axe swung like a whipcrack. It is very very effective for what it does IF you get a real one. They behead cows with them in a single stroke during Hindu sacrificial holy days.

Still though, I'd prefer a rifle.
Frederick Hongerworth - Wed, 23 Oct 2013 22:33:24 EST gBlGD8eH No.11970 Reply
1382582004429.jpg -(39354B / 38.43KB, 650x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
a viking style axe. practical, durable, can be us for killing but also other basic survival needs. it dosent run out of ammo, electricity or require much maintenance. kind of the closest you can move a swiss army knife to something you could actually kill a bear with.
Hamilton Dommlecocke - Sat, 26 Oct 2013 02:52:06 EST Eu8OIeTG No.11981 Reply
those are nice. they're great for bushcraft, great for forced entry, and great for close combat. they're very plain, and are nearly indestructible provided you buy from someone that forges and affixes them properly.
Phoebe Gapperfot - Sat, 26 Oct 2013 23:54:59 EST KBFpv0w8 No.11995 Reply
That beard might make a good brush hook, too.
Fanny Herringkug - Mon, 28 Oct 2013 17:58:07 EST OAORLq6P No.12008 Reply
My pocket knife. I'd rather be a rogue than a warrior.
Albert Henkinbad - Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:14:34 EST 9Yko9nR3 No.12009 Reply
1382998474494.jpg -(11464B / 11.20KB, 262x193) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Total SHTF scenario, worst clusterfuck imaginable type deal. If our weapon can be anything we own I would go with my INCH bag. Have paracord in there, duct tape, little explosives (read as Reservation fireworks), aerosol cans, nuts and bolts, tool kit, sling shot with a couple of different types of bearings and BBs, I have hygiene stuff, expanded med kit, it fits my BOB which is pretty well stocked, and both combined have the nutrients and calories I'd need in an emergency where I can't find the natural foods around me. Also has some fun things for barter plus a collection of tobacco that I refresh and renew every month or so plus papers, matches, candles, and a couple of half empty Bics lighters. That is my optimal weapon, put me and that bag into the suck and we would probably make it out alive, in one piece, and about as well off as when you put us in.
Barnaby Honeycocke - Tue, 29 Oct 2013 03:00:41 EST lfiBP94i No.12010 Reply
i dont know where to start. first off an INCH bag is not a weapon, its a tool, none of us would venture with out a few blades at least as you need a knife as a tool long before you need it as a weapon. im assuimg this isnt a complete.

second, your logic is really, really far off and leads me to believe you probably dont have this bag. first, why the fuck would you put half used lighters into an inch bag, the idea is you will never get new lighters so the best ones possible. matches are fine, till they get wet. for the size/weight a lighter wins unless its cold (body heat can help with that) but you lose a ferro rod before you go through it.

a bb from a sling shot wont kill anything, let alone be accurate.

if you want to spend all your time gathering food thats fine, but come winter when vegitation dies youll need a better weapon then your sling shot to take game. rabbits will die from a bearing yes, but thats alot of effort to put into huntting rabbit. taking one deer is food for a much much longer time assuming you can smoke it.

Molly Snodbury - Tue, 29 Oct 2013 12:14:37 EST Mcjj1sBm No.12011 Reply
Tools aren't weapons? Wow, never hit something with a hammer and thought to yourself that you could kill with it, have you.
The half lighters and things like that? Don't feel like I'd need to have them so full if I can maintain a fire somewhere. I don't NEED a lighter to light a fire, it makes it easier though.
The vegetation needed for survival around me isn't completely dead for any portion of the year around me, why would you assume that I have to suffer the same natural woes you do? There are also a vast lacking of deer and that sort of wild game around me, so I have to improvise compared to the normal thought process towards hunting and other old fashioned methods of survival.
My BBs may not be that accurate or deadly from the slingshot but they help make great, small, effective IEDs I can shoot from my slingshot. The main deadly ammo I have in there is the collection of hardware. Good luck telling me that a nut or bolt, about quarter inch in size, isn't going to be accurate and deadly. I can also use found ammo in my slingshot, good luck doing that with something else that requires a projectile.
I also stated that it is compatible with my BOB, that is always near me, travels with me everywhere I go, which has at least three other blades not including my multi tool, which is also pretty goddamned effective in a fight, Ever been punched in the chest a pair of pliers? It isn't fun.
Think outside the box when it comes to weapons, adapt, improvise, and overcome. Survival depends on the ability to adapt, so if you are the strongest person around and you have a big blade but need an explosive with a somewhat shaped charge, you aren't gonna do what needs doing, where as I will. Pic related in so much as how I think you felt when you saw my post.
Molly Snodbury - Tue, 29 Oct 2013 12:20:02 EST Mcjj1sBm No.12012 Reply
1383063602091.jpg -(10958B / 10.70KB, 261x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In class posting, didn't notice pic didn't upload. Too busy with my note taking. NB for double
Martin Sinningman - Wed, 30 Oct 2013 08:51:31 EST Eu8OIeTG No.12030 Reply
Alright, slingshots have elastic bands, which are a pain in the ass when they wear out and you don't have access to a store that sells them.

I suggest learning to make and use braided slings. Extremely durable, ammo is literally lying all over the ground, and they fit in your pocket. Also they outclass a slingshot big time. Instead of a marble you can sling a golfball-sized rock with enough force to bust in a skull. Granted they're hard to learn but still a great survival weapon.
Isabella Blathercocke - Wed, 30 Oct 2013 10:20:29 EST 9Yko9nR3 No.12032 Reply
That is why I always have a spare. I intend to use what Ihave until I can scavenge for something different, not necessarily better or bigger. My plan is to pick up a bow as soon as possible, but times are tough.
Sidney Marrykit - Wed, 30 Oct 2013 12:32:02 EST INEX+CON No.12034 Reply
hes using an 3 foot long sling shot and is jacked as fuck. considering his ammo weighs a stupid ammount. lb for lb and of the pistols shown wil give more deadly shots.

not even taking into consideration thats a blunt force weapon and likely wont cause bleed out if hit in a non vital location.
Isabella Blathercocke - Wed, 30 Oct 2013 14:56:13 EST 9Yko9nR3 No.12035 Reply
My ammo doesn't weigh a stupid amount, maybe a pound and a half at most. Taking into consideration found ammo, the ability to replace my band, and the ability to take whatever I find and thinking outside the box, something never taken into consideration by the people that have never really had to think of scavenging as a viable option as well as the lack of ammo that will occur about three months into any sustained SHTF scenario, I would think that using something that only requires found ammo and that that ammo isn't necessarily needed to be carried is kind of a good thing. That and my BOB, which fits into the INCH bag I have readied, has three different blades in it as well as other cord and gear, I could generally make someone who is not as suited to the harsh life of scavenging in a partially urban, partially rural area have a pretty bad day. Like I said, my bags both have the capability of turning almost anything into an IED as well, along with the capability of sustaining me solely from those bags for about eight days. That, coupled with the knowledge of local vegetation and wildlife, the ability and capability to make traps, snares, etc., and to blow things sky high or simply out of my way with muted sound makes m favorite tool turned weapon into a formidable thing. I have had to live by the unofficial Marine motto of improvise, adapt, and overcome longer than most people in a fist world country can conceive. I know for a fact that my bags are magical in their ability to continually provide for me for an unforeseeable amount of time. I have had to live out of them in some very harsh conditions, in reality, for longer than most people have conceived of in theory. All without drawing any attention to myself from the local LEOs and civilians. For months. Good luck having that kind of real world experience and knowing that a 'tool' such as a BoB or an INCH bag is one hell of a weapon in the right hands. In case anyone is wondering where that real world experience came from, I was homeless in both a metropolitan area and in a rural area for about two months. After that I got a little help from friends with couches and floors to sleep on, off and on. I only had with me what was in my bag, one bag. That bag is still what I use for a BoB, and my INCH bag is full of things I dreamt of having out there on the streets and in the farmlands, woodlands, and parks near the metro area I was in. Anyone who is telling me that I cannot survive with what I have, the gear and mentality that I can slip into like an old pair of pants, has never really lived on the streets and has never really had only themselves and their gear to depend on. And before the objection is raised that I wasn't hunted, I have bipolar with severe schizoid tendencies that wasn't treated and had an active warrant for my arrest that would lead to at least half of my gear getting taken from me. That, channers, is being in a hunted, no friends anywhere, hostiles everywhere mentality and that was my reality for months. Made it through that, with no real scarring and no real damage done. So no, not jacked as fuck. No, not pound for pound outdone by pistols, no, I have taken into account everything I have in my kit and will not be out done for lack of bleeding, and no, won't be taken down by people that have no idea what fighting for the simple human right to eat something, drink potable water, and to rest my body and mind for more than two hours at a time in peace and safety. Good luck out there, comfy people. Hope you can handle adapting to your preconceived notions of survival being thrown out the window, figuring out what plants are around that won't kill you, figuing out what level of decay food can be in while still giving nutrition and not taking away more than it gives through some kind of food poisoning, and figuring out how to stay sanitary when that inevitable food poisoning comes to you. Good luck.
Whitey Hallerridge - Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:20:32 EST RBNbFF2n No.12049 Reply
So I'm not a "survivalist" per se so I don't understand the lingo(though I have everything I need including the skills, and bug in location to survive), what the fuck does IED mean in this context? You have improvised explosive devices?

I would never say you can't survive with your slingshot, but you're not going to have as easy of a time as someone with a firearm. You'd also be outgunned when encountered with just one guy with a semi-automatic weapon, you can kill someone with a slingshot but you can't put out the same rate of fire as someone with a firearm by the time you pulled back to aim a second shot you'd be full of bullets. Also OP was talking about all out zombie scenario or whatever so its a little different than being homeless for 2 months. You better be extremely accurate with that slingshot to the point of being professional marksman level type of accurate.

That would not be the ideal choice of a weapon for most people is all they're saying. Put your shit in paragraphs holy fuck.
Whitey Hallerridge - Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:40:53 EST RBNbFF2n No.12050 Reply
1383248453006.jpg -(72406B / 70.71KB, 1100x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Also your point about ammunition is valid, but there are people with stockpiles of ammo and they're not necessarily going to go around wasting it. A .22 with 500 rounds(you can get a box of that pretty cheap) could last someone a year easily if they stayed out of danger and used it sparingly.

So I think people should have a plan b for ammo, the slingshot is a good idea, its just not my first choice and I wouldn't be confident in my ability to hit things from a distance like I would with a .22 or another rifle. I would have to put some serious effort into learning how to be accurate and fast with a slingshot.

Personally it sounds tempting to take my Remington 870 because I'm most familiar with it, I could pack birdshot for hunting food(I could take down a dozen birds in 10 minutes, easy dinner for a group), buckshot for any human threat/ hunting hogs/deer/other big game, and a few slugs just in case. Then I would carry a small lightweight .22 rifle for most other stuff like popping zombies. It would get pretty heavy pretty quick but those plus a bug out bag that will last me several days(all I need to get to my bug out location assuming I don't have a car/can't use the roads to get there) wouldn't weigh any more than what the guys in Afghanistan hike around with in much rougher terrain than I would have to endure.

Also you can clean birds with your bare hands its really easy so that's something that would be a great food source because they're plentiful. When I clean dove I just reach in with both thumbs and rip open their ribs(you have to break the bones, its easier with pliers but you can do it with your bare hands), then pull the meat out. Pic related, its the part you want to open up. Just reach right under where his thumb is with your thumbs then rip it open I'm sure you can find youtube videos where people explain how to do it.
Jack Firringkid - Fri, 01 Nov 2013 03:59:27 EST P6801HHe No.12052 Reply

Just reload the shells. Carry sacks of shot and powder and have like 50 shells with extra primers. Reload them until they are too fucked up to reload.
Angus Snodspear - Sat, 02 Nov 2013 16:05:36 EST RBNbFF2n No.12066 Reply
This is something I never really think of when looking at scenarios like this just because I've never loaded my own shells/bullets, that would probably save me money too.

Now that I think of it that way you could get real creative with what you put in shotgun shells you could probably make your own shot somehow. You can also make black powder. I just found this.


Of course you'd need alcohol. I wonder if moonshine will work for making black powder?

There are probably some portable handloaders out there. You could get a handloader that would fit in a backpack for sure, if you had the other shit you need like powder and bullets you could use one of those as well.

I could get a blunderbuss too.
Henry Buzzville - Sat, 16 Nov 2013 09:51:19 EST cISdrS6m No.12163 Reply
>>12066 you are better carrying shot and a cast to make iron balls then you are iron balls to make shot
Sidney Burringsten - Sat, 16 Nov 2013 12:54:29 EST neNz0E/B No.12164 Reply
really, i think we need to talk about the sling shot, its benefits are it can put food on the table with a renewable ammo source.

its main problem is you cant hunt anything larger than a racoon, and even that coon might just get pissed off. you obviously will be carrying another fire arm. which one do you carry in your hands? now the question becomes what do you wanna risk, the large animal noticing you as you grab a larger fire arm or the smaller animal noticing you as you shoulder it and reach for the sling shot. i guess thats neutral as you're more likely to see a squirrel then a deer but its something you need to think. seconds count in a fire fight.

another issue is its a specialized skill set, do you want to have to practive with the sling shot and the rifle? probably better things to spend your time on.

honestly, im thinking .22wmr or LR with a decent scope is the best choice,cheap LIGHT WEIGHT ammo and you can take a deer with a head shot. regugers make those nifty 25 round mags for there 10/22 so you could, in theory get into a fire fight. ive never been shot, or shot at but i figure it would make peole think twice regardless of what caliber you have.

another thing ive been thinking of learning to do is trap. there are many things to do in the wilderness besides put food on the table. i think picking up six 110 conobears and a foot hold would well be worth the weight addition to your INCH bag.
Hedda Chublingridge - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 06:22:56 EST TenZ/ygz No.12168 Reply
1384687376477.jpg -(46170B / 45.09KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If I can only have one thing, then I would take a nice big survival knife with a compass and assorted goodies in the handle compartment.
Walter Crummerchet - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 11:18:36 EST ZhwpGcz4 No.12170 Reply
you know nothing of knives, enjoy a snapped plastic handle.
rat tang is the thinest id go, but id prefer a full tang.
Phyllis Dosslestock - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 12:59:05 EST zePlBnYT No.12172 Reply
A slingshot can either be effective or have a renewable ammo. Go try to hit anything with a slingshot and rocks instead of hunting ball bearings. You aren't gonna hit jack shit. No one is unless the were born on a farm and shot a slingshot for years on end.

Slingshots are hard as shit. Even harder when the projectile isn't perfectly consistent (ball bearings vs river pebbles)
Hedda Chublingridge - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 13:33:43 EST TenZ/ygz No.12173 Reply

I've never even seen one with a plastic handle, I think you are just dumb.
Cornelius Dicklegold - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 16:59:26 EST mUfbTSeI No.12175 Reply

I'll save you some trouble if that did ever happen, don't. You'll die. That blade has no tang, Unless you consider a weld to a screw a tang. Plus getting all your tools in the same place is just asking to lose them. Ask any accomplished outdoors man and you'll get the same answer.
Hedda Chublingridge - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:02:11 EST TenZ/ygz No.12176 Reply

lol my bad, I guess you guys are mostly right, I've been looking at getting one for a while and didn't know that. One guy showed me his when I was younger though, I'm 100% sure it was 1 piece of steel (not including the hilt) with the handle drilled out, I just assumed they were all like that. He tended to spend a lot of fucking money on his gear though.

Also, if some are plastic, don't they also make some of them with decent polymer instead of plastic?
Walter Crummerchet - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:29:37 EST ZhwpGcz4 No.12179 Reply
1384730977207.jpg -(5371B / 5.25KB, 329x153) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
survial knifes are gimmicy shit you sell to people who dont know anything about survival, so no you wont find a nice one. and lets think about whats in one

a compass is almost useless with out a map and a set of bearings, seriously you cant figure out north south east and west then you probably shouldnt go into the woods.

fishing hooks but no bait needle and thread ? what the hell do i need this shit for and really, if you lose your kit and all you have is a knife, your going to be in for a world of hurt. fishing will be the last thing on your mind

the only practical thing in there is matches, which tbh, i think are useless compared to a lighter and more importantly a fire steel/ferro rod.

what you get it totally up to you, but id suggest something with a full tang , a nice thick spine, and high carbon steel. you want to be able to baton wood and throw sparks from a ferro rod

iff you wanna make your own survival kit all in one place, get a sheeth, add a ferro rod and as much paracord as you can wrap around it and you just made a 100 times more useful item in the even that you lose your kit.

pics are what tangs are,
Cornelius Dicklegold - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 18:38:58 EST mUfbTSeI No.12180 Reply

Sure, a skilled blade smith could make a good one, but it won't change the fact that a '' Survival Knife '' like the one in your picture that usually go around for 10$ at your local flea market will break quickly because they have no tang, are cheaply made and won't get/stay sharp.

If you wan't a knife you can trust your life to, just get an ESEE.
Walter Honeyshaw - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 19:00:19 EST ZhwpGcz4 No.12182 Reply
is it just me or does it look kinda akward/uncomfortable to use.
Thomas Blunkindock - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 19:32:24 EST zePlBnYT No.12183 Reply
I have a cold steel "bushman" hollow hande but full tang. All one price of high carbon steel. Look it up. Doesn't screw shut but makes a nice spear. I have a magnesium Ferro rod, a bunch of lubed up Cotton balls, a screw, coagulant stick wrapped in clean cloth, tiny bit of flattened high quality duck tape, and paracord jammed into mine.

It comes with a nylon sheath with a pouch too but I always make my own out of kydex.

With the wrapped grip and lanyard of paracord I have on mine I have a good 20+ feet of genuine 550 cord. 12 foot is my longest piece and then the 8 coiled up inside the handle.

Get it faggot. I have the Bowie but you can be a nerd and get the sleeker one ;)
Hugh Sablinghere - Sun, 17 Nov 2013 21:30:08 EST TenZ/ygz No.12184 Reply
1384741808760.jpg -(152756B / 149.18KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Man what are you talking about you could cram tons of goodies in there, that's just a random picture of a(n) (apparently shitty) survival knife. You could fit some freeze dried minnows in there with the hooks and line, or just use your fucking head and catch a bug or worm... There's room for other shit in there too, maybe some Dexedrine, penicillin and painkillers or iodine tablets or a suture needle+thread, a signal mirror, steel wire, antiseptic, duct tape, condoms(no lube, for carrying water) etc... You might even cram a small aluminized Mylar blanket in there. I'd skip the matches and attach a magnesium+flint thingy to the sheath somehow. I have an old Camillus hunting knife that I trust just fine, don't really see a reason to buy a new one, I have beaten the fuck out of it over the years and it still holds its edge.

As for the compass, where I live it has been extremely overcast and foggy for weeks, a compass comes in handy when you cant see the sun, moon or stars at all, sometimes for a few days in a row.


I think I'm gonna go big and save up for a used Chris Reeve one.
Simon Gubbertug - Mon, 18 Nov 2013 05:50:49 EST P6801HHe No.12194 Reply

Bro do you wanna die?
Isabella Crindleforth - Thu, 21 Nov 2013 02:40:42 EST uTPzPeox No.12212 Reply
everything you just described could put added to a regular knife if you made a simple pocket on the sheath.. im really not seeing the benefit of creating a hollow space in the center of my knife when there are easier and better ways of storing that stuff.
Isabella Nazzlekirk - Thu, 21 Nov 2013 16:59:47 EST hYZ/LeTo No.12220 Reply
I suggest you look up the blade in question because it is a full tang. The hollow handle is more for the option of making a spear than storage.
Fanny Niggerforth - Thu, 21 Nov 2013 18:39:18 EST TenZ/ygz No.12221 Reply
1385077158951.jpg -(48131B / 47.00KB, 321x210) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Because the stuff I put in there is inside a tube made of high strength steel, in a steerhide sheath, on a steerhide belt around my waist.

Plane crash, avalanche, losing my gear crossing a river... doesn't matter. Ill have whatever the fuck I put in there, watertight and attached to my body unless I am bisected across the waist by a fucking grizzly or something. Plus I will have a knife, a (crappy) saw and a huge serrated steel spear head I can take any large animal in north America with.

The thread topic is best survival weapon, I don't really think there is any other one weapon that will give you all that.
Jack Fanfuck - Thu, 21 Nov 2013 19:52:16 EST zzcl3hIi No.12222 Reply
I am the poster and my sheath actually has a large pocket on it hahaha.
The handle just allows more storage space in addition to the sheath pocket. In fact the sheath the knife came with has a pocket on it.
I keep a space blanket and a five gallon bin bag in my sheath pocket.

More things in one spot. Say you have to ditch your shit in an instance with no room to grab anything. Or you get lost just going to retrieve some water.
Even when I just go hunting for a couple hours in my own woods near my house, I have the knife and kit with me.

Feels good knowing you have everything neccesary to survive strap onto your person. Just in case you lose your bearings for some reason.
Jarvis Brookspear - Mon, 02 Dec 2013 05:18:58 EST GzcLuJ15 No.12304 Reply
My SHTF weapons of choice would be a recurve bow, fixed blade knife, and a 22lr rifle.

The bow could double as self defense and taking down deer and the like. Knives are always good, and the little rifles ammo is cheap and easy to store and carry. 22's are pretty quiet also, and can hit things from pretty far away. I live out on the prairies btw.
Clara Penningfield - Mon, 02 Dec 2013 10:46:03 EST TEMM32OT No.12305 Reply
k, my issue is for basic 3 day survival you need five things for survival, container for water, a form of combustion, a cutting edge, cover.climate control and cordage. not much of that will fit into the hilt of a knife so why make it hollow?

and really, if you dont have water you shouldnt eat as it will dehydrate you more.

and that belt sheath will be there as long as the belt is there, much better to attach to sheath not the knife,
Charles Blillybun - Mon, 02 Dec 2013 20:52:04 EST TenZ/ygz No.12307 Reply
1386035524073.jpg -(60203B / 58.79KB, 500x579) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You can carry 1.5L+ of water in a condom. Just make sure you get the ones with no lube. You could fit a few into a knife handle.
Ian Puttingtud - Tue, 03 Dec 2013 16:38:19 EST qRpfWm6i No.12314 Reply
Literally all of those things can fit in a knife handle. Maybe not all at once. But all five of those things that you probably read from a web page are listed in my post and are presently in my knife/sheath.

Well since you just wanted to say the same thing twice, congratulations.
Some people just like to hear their ownvoice.

You can fit EVEN more in a quality knife with a hollow handle with a sheath pocket than a sheath pocket alone.

End of story.
A Wizard - Tue, 08 Sep 2015 23:17:59 EST ofPP4QJE No.14115 Reply

If there's something I feel the need to remark on in this thread, it's gotta be the lack of people who've been in actual knife fights.

It's fucking way more intense than most of these people realize. No room for error at all, without some luck anyhow.
Hugh Sablinghat - Sun, 13 Sep 2015 20:43:12 EST N0qKCZ5V No.14124 Reply
A crossbow would be better suited seeing as you might be able to fabricate arrows and keep the weapon itself well- maintained
Fucking Blicklenore - Sun, 13 Sep 2015 23:41:45 EST 1QkijXJh No.14125 Reply
1442202105949.png -(398484B / 389.14KB, 461x716) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

OP here not so much that at all it's just really fast I've seen them happen, stabbing fast and crazily.

I mostly stand by my original choice though and a kukri =/= a knife. Kukri's a short curved sword.

Curved... sword.

Swung right so long as the kukri is built proper thick like a near half inch thickness on the blade (they're a bit like an ax that way) it can chop a guy's head off in one blow. Not even ISIS can do that.

btw my thread this board <3

c u guiz in the cesium
Phoebe Fuckingford - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 22:52:39 EST K48qdaYw No.14126 Reply
1442285559242.jpg -(2888781B / 2.75MB, 3264x2012) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A semiautomatic rifle w/ decent optics, pistol, and chest carrier for magazines. Myself and a lot of my family are veterans so between us we have dozens of rifles and over 10,000 rounds of ammunition. AR-15s, AK47s, RPK w/ drum magazines, large-caliber bolt guns, small caliber guns for small game, all kinds of stuff. We could definitely hold our own.

We'd probably fortify our ranch property out in the country, set up some sandbag positions and lookout posts, keep 25% watch in 6 hour shifts. The LMG would probably be best positioned in a sandbag emplacement near the unpaved dirt road leading to the ranch. There are already loads of fences around the property to keep "zombies" out.

Send a fireteam out to get food, fuel, and ammunition every so often. Grow corn and wheat, take care of the animals and get eggs, milk, and cheese. Shoot kids waving khukris around if they venture onto our property.
Phoebe Fuckingford - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 23:16:36 EST K48qdaYw No.14127 Reply
1442286996242.jpg -(68671B / 67.06KB, 720x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Enfields are cool, my gf has one. Ammo is pretty expensive for it, but it's the smoothest action and the lightest recoil of any milsurp battle rifle I've ever fired.


>a lot of those people probably have never walked 20 miles with more than 30 pounds.

>not doing ruckmarches in full combat gear

You're right though, squishy civilians couldn't carry much more than 50 pounds over a good distance, I'd say. I wouldn't carry more than one long gun and one pistol, either, but some unlucky motherfucker has always got to carry his rifle AND the AT-4. In case we run into somebody mobbing in an LAV, ya know.


AK type rifles are the best, my favorite rifle is an AK. I'm left-handed, so I like that the charging handle is on the right side of the receiver.


I own a 91/30, and it's a good rifle, but I'd want something semiautomatic for a SHTF situation. Unless you had some optics mounted on it and were a designated marksman behind the line.


I'd go with the AK simply for the added range. "Getting in the way" shouldn't be an issue, as I'd assume that in any SHTF situation, you'd always have your weapon in the low carry.


Ultimately it could come down to luck, but you can increase your chances of survival through several ways.

  • Being prepared
  • Staying alert
  • Being in an organized group
  • Having the right equipment


AK47 is by far the best choice from amongst the firearms you listed. The Mosin and AK are roughly equivalent in durability (as in it's practically impossible to make either one malfunction), and the AK obviously has the advantage of semiautomatic fire and a larger magazine capacity. Also the ammunition is dirt-cheap and available anywhere.


>Just reload the shells. Carry sacks of shot and powder and have like 50 shells with extra primers.

Who's gonna ruck your reloading press? :^]

Addendum: Everyone not carrying a firearm is gonna get shot.
Henry Duckson - Fri, 18 Sep 2015 19:07:26 EST BkDnqWyk No.14128 Reply
1442617646696.jpg -(378663B / 369.79KB, 1600x1168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>Shoot kids waving khukris around if they venture onto our property.

Funny stuff man but I said one weapon for you, not what your relatives have stashed up, just one weapon that you carry.
Jack Poshstodging - Tue, 22 Sep 2015 19:31:47 EST K48qdaYw No.14133 Reply

>first sentence of my post

>A semiautomatic rifle w/ decent optics, pistol, and chest carrier for magazines.
Wesley Bankinman - Wed, 23 Sep 2015 03:40:10 EST vs7uOiqi No.14135 Reply

>just one weapon

>rifle and pistol

>yellowtexting triumphantly even tho u rong
Albert Grandford - Thu, 24 Sep 2015 03:22:01 EST BkDnqWyk No.14136 Reply
1443079321786.jpg -(88831B / 86.75KB, 500x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>optics optics muh optics army boiiiiii

Check ur batteries m8 its an emp like Call of Doody
Whitey Pusslefuck - Thu, 24 Sep 2015 17:40:37 EST K48qdaYw No.14138 Reply

I already said that my primary weapon is a semiautomatic rifle, my P-64 is just a back-up weapon. If you're really going to be nitpicky and say NO SIDEARMS ALLOWED IN THE POST APOCALYPSE, then forget the pistol.

Specifically, I have a Saiga rifle chambered in 7.62x39 w/ a Bushnell 1x28 red dot riflescope. I recently added a laser pointer as well, and sighted it in along line of bore for quick acquisition of targets for very short range shots. I sighted in the Bushnell scope at 100 yards a couple of weeks ago at the range, and I was shooting pretty good groups at that range.


>whiny civilian detected, user ignored
Angus Tootworth - Fri, 25 Sep 2015 01:12:52 EST BkDnqWyk No.14139 Reply

>whiny civilian detected, user ignored

You're a piece of shit. Fuck off.
Dr. Mario - Sun, 27 Sep 2015 19:27:55 EST G3yRzxTp No.14143 Reply
1443396475152.jpg -(55735B / 54.43KB, 600x331) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hands down if I had to pick only one weapon, I'd keep my Remington 870 12 gauge.

Now having just this shotgun won't be good, but if I had to pick ONE that's what I'd pick.


>Relatively durable action. Less prone to jamming than semi-autos and is capable of functioning without cleaning (though not advisable).
>Substantial power (slugs can penetrate Level-II handgun body armor that city cops wear
>Decent capacity (mine holds 6+1)
>Can handle a side saddle to hold 7-8 more shots
>Optional "butt" saddle to hold 5 more
>Super common ammunition, it's all over the place
>Multiple types of ammo (Slug, buck, bird, etc.)

>Can be used to hunt almost anything (birds, deer, boar, humans, bears, etc.)
>Standard issue with many police forces, which means replacement parts
>Easy to make slugs out of birdshot rounds + candle wax
>Durable stock can be used as a melee weapon/defensive club
>Easy to operate, can teach anyone in seconds


>Loud, near impossible to suppress
> heavier recoil, can be hard to use in tight spaces
>lower rate of fire than semi-autos
>hard to conceal
>Less range/accuracy than a rifle with optics
>ammunition is heavy

I think this is the ultimate compromise between a rifle or a handgun. The barrel could be shortened if needed, And different barrels can be used for different purposes. In close quarters shotguns are king. Chances are if I have to shoot at something over 100 yards away, I'm better off creeping away to avoid confrontation. 12 gauge is EVERYWHERE, and boxes and boxes of birdshot on the Walmart shelves won't be taken as fast. There are easy "teks" on how to create make-shift wax slugs where you empty the bird pellets, mix them with melted wax, and refill the shells. Slugs could be made from almost any metal.

#2 Other than that, a solid semi-auto .22 rifle or pistol would be a good alternative. Lightweight/common ammo, relatively quiet, can be used by anyone (even a child), fairly accurate, and can intimidate an edged weapon into order compliance.

>What I would/will carry on day #1, setting being urban center

  1. Remington 870 strapped on my back
  2. concealable level-II body armor
  3. S&W M&P .40 in open-carry holster, would wear jacket to conceal if needed
  4. Non-firing stun gun/flashlight combo on the other side
  5. Huge ass bowie looking knife that was made by my grandad in a thigh-holster
  6. my BOB bag, small medic kit/food rations/etc

>Wife will have
holstered .38 revolver, hunting bow on her back, pepper spray,

I would just give any random guest one of my .22s. It's never a good idea to carry all your tools at once though.

>Granted this is only good for raiding and escaping. I'm a shitty survivalist and city boy at heart. Truth be told if I was stuck in the city and was escaping to our relative's rural farm I might just conceal a 9mm, some level-II armor, a small 4-6 inch knife, and get the fuck out of there.

>lol no offence but I'll just order to drop your reverse scimitar and get on the ground
>take all your supplies and chuck your kukri up into a tree
Alamazo Alex - Mon, 05 Oct 2015 15:08:07 EST 0q4Hn8V2 No.14152 Reply
Oblivious! Weapons R shit if they need ammo. So a nice sword, or heavy bar, could be a board with nails. Just no ammo. As for transport, a bike would be good, but for real style, take a swegway.
Martha Seddlelidge - Thu, 08 Oct 2015 12:40:59 EST ZyPVyj2X No.14156 Reply
1444322459251.jpg -(9943B / 9.71KB, 212x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
12th century lugged spear. Got it a while ago. 82" ash haft, 5160 spring steel head, practised more with it than any other weapon for more than a decade now. Flawless defence, superior range in melee fights, versatile- can be used one handed or fucking THROWN.

Lugs will block anything and prevent the spear from going in too far and getting stuck. All core, body in balance, little energy spent.

Pic related. (That looks like maple though, mine is definitely ash).
A Wizard - Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:32:12 EST Y51oHzXQ No.14157 Reply

Don't forget that you picked a good weapon for hunting boar.
Cedric Cecklehood - Wed, 14 Oct 2015 00:58:45 EST GJ27r+ts No.14159 Reply
1444798725889.jpg -(116982B / 114.24KB, 1920x536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
RK62 would be my go to weapon, but any AK variant would do. It's easy to maintain, ammo is plentiful, and you have to seriously mistreat it for it to jam on you.

I'd also get my hands on a small hatchet for use in close combat in a pinch, and as a versatile survival tool.
Jarvis Femmlesudging - Tue, 10 Nov 2015 17:36:31 EST pxI+uCUP No.14203 Reply
Piston-carbine in 5.56mm. Whether a SCAR-16 or Mk.116 or ARX100, all work and are easily maintained with an OTIS kit and minimal lube.

Ammo wont be scarce until decades into major-SHTF, even then it is remarkably easy to remanufacture it.

A good fixed blade knife too, and maybe a back-up switchblade thats low-profile. Also a nice weapon is any sort of crossbow for hunting and keeping fed.
M - Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:38:57 EST YzXH5bH2 No.14417 Reply
My crossbow. I can always rely on it. And i don't need any kind of special ammo. Just a sharp thing.
Archie Wuzzlenedge - Fri, 09 Sep 2016 05:55:17 EST oF/K7C/K No.14418 Reply
Hey, a Barman's Comb, the less famous cousin of the nailbat. Never actually seen one before.
Charles Blonnershaw - Tue, 13 Sep 2016 02:50:55 EST 3VlPy42e No.14422 Reply
Careful yo. Waraxes ~can~ be used to chop wood, bone, and plantfibers, but they're designed to chop into flesh.

As in, just cutting into flesh superficially. They're not designed to lop right through heavy organic substances, because the blade is so thin. You can chop through strong organic substances, but you run the risk of damaging your blade. You're probably better off with a waraxe, and an actual tool axe.

There are hybrid war-tool axe designs, like the axes that Roman logistics soldiers used, but those are really just lesser quality tool axes that can be swung around enough to give you some level of personal defense when ambushed by some celts hiding in the trees. They're not true battlefield weapons.
Fucking Ponderson - Wed, 14 Sep 2016 01:37:57 EST 7qQm3zP2 No.14423 Reply
Right now I think I have my bases covered, for the most part. I have a Taurus Old model 66 357 magnum, a Marlin 336 in 30-30, and a Stevens 320. These three guns have me covered on defense and food procurement. I also have a compound bow that I use for fishing and small game. If needed, I can raise the weight up to about 75 for elk.
Alice Dobblebury - Fri, 23 Sep 2016 07:29:20 EST gy9qCXXI No.14427 Reply
how much weight do you plan to lug around with just firearms
Jack Dartwell - Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:32:53 EST zXluUIcN No.14633 Reply
Health, strong and trained body. Smart, high IQ brain. A lot of skills and knowledge in many fields of science.
Dat human is the best survival weapon.
Ebenezer Blenderhodge - Tue, 15 Aug 2017 03:32:55 EST cE6EFAsT No.14634 Reply
1502782375124.jpg -(92966B / 90.79KB, 900x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A hatchet or small axe of some kind, with a sturdy wooden handle. Why wooden? Because it can be replaced. I wouldn't want a tomahawk as it can't double as a hammer or tool as effectively as a hatchet. Another added bonus of the hatchet is low maintenance. Any way I can reduce time maintaining my weapons is time I can put towards scavenging, healthcare, exercise, and repairing other things like guns. A blunt hatchet is still extremely dangerous, and useful!

Also a trench shovel if I could find one.
Dr. M !gWLn19/oKs - Sat, 02 Sep 2017 01:46:14 EST mpWk37Jl No.14644 Reply

Unloaded and empty firearms are superior to a machete. How the fuck will he know it isn't loaded?

For me OP, I would pick either:

>Glock 17 (obvious reasons)
>Quality AK-47 with bayonet
>J frame 5 shot low weight revolver with a SHROUDED hammer. This allows for single action accurate first shots without compromising anything. You can shoot it right through clothing. It doesn't jam; at worst a round doesn't fire and you continue to shoot.

>Revolver will keep working for years without any maintenance whatsoever.
>Hiding your guns so they're less likely to shoot you from a distance when you can't see them
>Get first shot against someone
>Speed loaders weigh much less than magazines

Frankly I'd rather steal the machete at gun point and genuinely say I intend to pay for this later.
Sidney Sodgefoot - Thu, 14 Sep 2017 02:29:35 EST GhUcsVoq No.14650 Reply
1505370575533.jpg -(12383B / 12.09KB, 443x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I fear that this may be the official point at which I become a middle aged neckbeard.

This is insanely practical. You carry it like a walking stick. You can use it to create passages through interior walls or roofs. In a fight you are Thor incarnate. You can also lay carpet if you're fancy.

Best paired with Cheetos and an Utilikilt.

Angus Crishshaw - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 14:34:03 EST JnyUUiwg No.14672 Reply
1513107243321.png -(24905B / 24.32KB, 555x555) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I always thought blunt weapons were cooler than blades anyways. War hammers are the shit.

I always thought a mace would be more practical as a fighting tool though.
Beatrice Sunnerford - Wed, 10 Jan 2018 14:30:02 EST XZfuaYX8 No.14679 Reply
Scimitar dipped in the blood of a bubonic plague victim.
Also little poison dipped knife.
Rusty Dagger with Satan's Signature.
The Serpent's Sword.
William Songerstock - Thu, 18 Jan 2018 09:53:35 EST QixSdK75 No.14682 Reply
small prybar/crowbar (also useful for forced entry/egress)
my moraknif
pistol with silencer (9mm single stack)
12guage pump with *lots* of shells and a good number of slugs
A sling

and for holding ground never underestimate a punji pit filled with poo-covered pointy sticks and cigarette butts.

I would also love to get my hands on a few claymores to strap outside the vehicle (a little beater pickup, or the standard white van(not a box truck)) but that seems a little pie in the sky
George Pollymodging - Thu, 18 Jan 2018 13:08:08 EST gHHff3SQ No.14683 Reply

lol what do the cigarette butts contribute to the tiger pit?
Martin Birringpig - Sat, 20 Jan 2018 18:05:23 EST /nacha0Q No.14684 Reply
Small chance of giving the guy cancer
That'll really ruin his day
Albert Bregglehare - Sun, 18 Mar 2018 21:43:06 EST ulG4mPee No.14715 Reply
>>5979 a single shard of mussel sea shell war is hell
Betsy Battingway - Thu, 29 Mar 2018 20:14:43 EST 3nVbmlq3 No.14718 Reply
Non smokers will smell those fag buts and realise you smell awful and so will make a terrible meal or rape victim and leave, the smokers who are slower due to emphysema will be easier to avoid. They'll smell the shit still but by the time they've picked their way around your punji pit you are long gone, which means if you need to stop and hork up some phlegm you'll have a lead in case the raiders already cleared their lungs this morning.
Basil Hirryridge - Mon, 06 May 2019 23:45:46 EST Dkl0aHBY No.14825 Reply

I can't believe this thread still lives, I'm the op I've lost 2 kukris since making this, one to pigs who confiscated muh weppins and one to a dirty rotten thief

Long live tccchan
virex - Fri, 17 May 2019 17:33:36 EST PqVADGCu No.14831 Reply
I'm sort of a small person so I'd just like an extremely sharp light blade for self-defense. And if there are ever zombies, you fucking run, do not engage in melee with a cannibalistic diseased monster. Adrenalin works, especially if you're already in decent shape. In fact, a really good idea would be to trick the zombies into an area and seal them in, but that would take group planning or someone with a lot of ingenuity that moves a little too quick and quiet. later
Hugh Boblinggold - Mon, 20 May 2019 15:43:48 EST Gt88cdkf No.14838 Reply
Why? I'm a knife and swordfag, but wtf are you thinking, not having a firearm as well?
Molly Bunshit - Fri, 31 May 2019 11:27:17 EST a31hA/X3 No.14840 Reply
1559316437723.jpg -(11985B / 11.70KB, 220x185) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dude, you know what would be good for a shit hits the fan scenario? A fat suit. Not like one of those blow up kinds that you can get for cheap for halloween, but like a really good hollywood one. Imagine, underneath you could keep guns and ammo and body armor but no one would know it was there, plus if anyone is shooting at you first of all they think you can run much slower and less far than you actually can (so like they might assume you hid somewhere close rather than expand the search many miles out) and second of all there's a good chance that they would shoot through the suit but miss you. And if a zombie tries to take a bite out of you? Sorry zombie dude, you're not getting my tasty ass flesh today, just a big ol chunk of that fat suit. Plus if worst comes to worst and your best play is to fake your own death, if someone shoots through the suit and hit the body armor or it misses you entirely, you'd still be fine, but you could use a bag of fake blood under the suit to make it seem like you're bleeding to death. The only issue with this plan is your adversary might try to do a double tap. Last of all it is of course a disguise so if you need to you can take it off and no one will know that you were the fat dude they're looking for.
The Fat Wanderer - Sat, 01 Jun 2019 18:07:52 EST CYVlRzWR No.14841 Reply
1559426872742.jpg -(96250B / 93.99KB, 430x325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If the the fat suit were a layer over a light but durable exosketetal operating suit underneath you could potentially have something similar to a fat suit of power armor. Have some magnetic cranks with solar as well as piezoelectric power and you could go pretty far to make an environmental suit with a ventilated helmet and hidden compartments within. Your balls would be ice cool and well protected in the scorching wasteland.
A_Wizard !cMZsY.BCnU!!vVWR8L52 - Thu, 06 Jun 2019 16:10:53 EST Gt88cdkf No.14842 Reply
I refuse to shit talk this idea, for the odd fact that I would prefer to have this in the apocalyptic future that is coming. Keep it up, make it happen.
Molly Drepperfield - Mon, 10 Jun 2019 02:50:49 EST watc9mOU No.14843 Reply
probably a steel milled baseball bat
i can use it to grind shit too
Graham Grandforth - Mon, 17 Jun 2019 10:54:27 EST vf89p7Uu No.14844 Reply
Armour is probably more important that weapons, harsh terrain etc

So armoured gloves I guess
A_Wizard !cMZsY.BCnU!!vVWR8L52 - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 15:45:27 EST Gt88cdkf No.14848 Reply
I wouldn't say that it's more important, but it is a lot more difficult to acquire after SHTF than before, than a firearm is likely to be. If we're playing that game though, optics, especially night vision gear, should take priority. The most dangerous enemy is the one you don't see.
Nigel Bunwater - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 17:56:20 EST vN4Ea/Xz No.14859 Reply
.22 Rifle and a Crowbar. .22 Ammo is EVERYWHERE and a crowbar is a good tool and weapon. Remember Everyone: Short Hair, Tight Clothes, and the Zombies have nothing to grab. [T]7

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