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Ancient Aliens

- Sun, 12 Jun 2016 07:49:50 EST RO9VCtpC No.56723
File: 1465732190477.gif -(145178B / 141.78KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ancient Aliens
Yo, just finished watching all 20 seasons.
What do you think about them building the egyptian things and givings us alien tech?
how the fuck does transistors and magnets work??? That is alien shit right there
Also, how do you feel about Tesla being an outkast alien that lived among us?
The tribe of shabazz is real
Nathaniel Hombleworth - Wed, 15 Jun 2016 09:46:16 EST OcqFH6+Q No.56732 Reply
White Pig, GO HOME
Simon Purrynet - Sat, 30 Jul 2016 03:33:43 EST v7IFmULK No.56789 Reply
/tinfoil/ you faggot nb
Martin Gosslesture - Mon, 01 Aug 2016 16:37:26 EST DDbjk2et No.56793 Reply

This video is a little over three hours, but it's really informative and well made. Lots of references. You can also find it broken into chunks because fuck watching all that in one sitting. I learned so freaking much about so many fascinating ancient cultures. Probably my favorite video on youtube.
Hamilton Finningdock - Tue, 09 Aug 2016 21:17:02 EST djZ3fIOz No.56801 Reply
>this is what the majority of people consider "educational television" these days
oh dear
Matilda Hongerwill - Sun, 21 Aug 2016 15:34:38 EST qaltVwi3 No.56817 Reply

Kinda falls apart at the end when he's like "angels arrrre reaaal"
Betsy Drinnerville - Wed, 05 Jun 2019 03:51:37 EST B9gH9LZQ No.57653 Reply

ANCIENT HISTORY RESEARCHERS BELIEVE/SUGGEST....... The whole show they are like this, or call them experts..... Its a bullshit show, and Im all for ancient civilisations. But the alien crap is just speculation
Shit Blythehall - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 20:34:39 EST PqIVyg6p No.57661 Reply
you should read about faraday's early experiments regarding electromotive force, it may help your void of scientific literacy. also re: pyramids: you live in the ancient world and you want to build something that's fuckhuge. what shape do you choose? (hint: the only option is pyramid)
A_Wizard !cMZsY.BCnU!!vVWR8L52 - Thu, 13 Jun 2019 03:01:10 EST XsO0o/wD No.57662 Reply
First off, the foreman of all of those images was white. The natives said as much.
More importantly, leave /tinfoil/ out of this. We have some fucking standards. Not much, but some, damn it.
Hamilton Paggleworth - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 13:39:31 EST Ov10B12U No.57692 Reply
>look up AA on wikipedia to see if it really had 20 seasons
>it got 14 which is bad enough
Fuck this planet full of retards.
Polly Pittworth - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:25:21 EST WJ07taYS No.57693 Reply
in OP's timeline the aliens never managed to surpress the final 6 seasons, the ones with all the proof
Matilda Mommlewill - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:11:52 EST IlyKIasb No.57721 Reply
>leave tinfoil out of this
lol I know it's wizard's schizophrenic babble, but it's hilarious to see people 360 degree turn into looney toons right after they finish chastising someone
Henry Nepperfield - Sat, 03 Aug 2019 16:37:00 EST OyVyeVjx No.57741 Reply
Does anyone else know people with red veins?

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