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God this board is dead

- Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:48:53 EST putfxC4q No.57503
File: 1534168133514.gif -(1992915B / 1.90MB, 200x182) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. God this board is dead
C'mon let's talk about cool history shit. circlejerk sucks.

How would the world look if WW2 never happened?
Eliza Pabberlock - Mon, 13 Aug 2018 23:22:01 EST ifP+KLNs No.57504 Reply
everything would be the same except germany would substitute israel

they would be mad about past shit so everyone in the west would side with their shit
Nicholas Sessleridge - Tue, 14 Aug 2018 18:54:21 EST I0gh1mqC No.57506 Reply
1534287261880.jpg -(69654B / 68.02KB, 758x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I started to write out some shit but after a while I realized every scenario I can come up with is basically just WWII but different, like if Hitler just doesn't invade Poland and everybody backs off from that Japan was already in China and that would have probably lead to some sort of capitalist gang bang of the Soviet Union if they hadn't gone to war with the allies first, basically in every scenario that doesn't involve Germany declaring war on the whole world the whole world probably declares war on Russia, and that ends with millions dead in total industrial warfare then permanent stalemate and global partition until one side economically collapses as soon as nuclear weapons are invented, that or humanity goes extinct in the 40's
So I guess you have to look further back and say WWI never happened, and while it wasn't as inevitable as people tend to make out that web of alliances and balance of power politics that turned a crisis into a world war goes back 500 years, someone's gonna declare war on someone, and if Russia is one of those someone's they're gonna have a revolution and then wow it just keeps happening
So I guess you go back to Napoleon? The last time the great power structure of Europe was about to rewritten, that's how far back you have to go to make something more less equivalent to WW2 and the cold war not inevitable.

So I guess there's your answer OP, how would the world look if WW2 never happened? Napoleon would have won.
Charles Hindlestane - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 12:56:30 EST l9faZouv No.57753 Reply
probably blue and green with bits of white
Ernest Greenfield - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 00:57:33 EST 1YbLb96P No.57757 Reply
1565240253176.jpg -(173700B / 169.63KB, 736x498) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Theres obiously no question about it, Adolf Hitler would naturally rule the world and everyone from the Chinese to Africans would be National Socialists, or Nazis, Hail Hitler!
Orthas - Sun, 03 Nov 2019 00:46:49 EST wHI9PkXi No.57872 Reply
Seems like we would have a bunch of bastards fucking their soon to be daughter in laws. I am not for Mass "genecide" I just know that it needed to happen due too bad dreams prospering.
Alice Poffingstock - Sun, 24 Nov 2019 01:27:37 EST f2hT9cGw No.57888 Reply
Likely would've just happened a different way. Between China's civil war and the Japanese conflicts around Asia, along with Soviet ambition, conflict was inevitable. Say if Hitler lost steam or became an artist instead of a murderer, I betcha the western world would unite against the USSR. Maybe Japan would have a change of heart and ally with Russia to take a little pressure off of the inland front. If they took their traditional stance and pounded Russia, maybe China would still have a chance. SEA just depends on the timeline, but imperial Japan just wanted as much land as possible, as did the Nazis and ISSR. Maybe it would be a race to hunt down Stalin, followed with a Japanese-Western conflict.
Jack Clibberwater - Thu, 19 Dec 2019 23:37:40 EST ADE5Aufj No.57915 Reply
This is an interesting idea but I wish you could frame it better. Are you saying as in the Nazis never come to power? Or that the outcome of WWI didn't lead to the fall of the Kaiser?

In some ways it very much defends on how much the Versailles treaty is enforced... If before the 30s, say, certain provisions were eased etc etc. You're talking about possibly a very different outcome where maybe German politics is stable throughtout the 20s and 30s as a Republic, but maybe with less Nazi'ism and more Communism as the "extreme" ideology present in the country.

If you're talking about a situation where Germany consolidated it's continental gains before 1939 and never invaded Poland I think that's an interesting question of whether Hitler could have ever "existed in the peace." His personality, among other things, drove a lot of that decision making. And in a lot of ways that ideology is apocalyptic in nature and has a constant need for an enemy. So it's hard to say if you could have ever had a "peaceful" nazi germany. That seems to me to be a contradiction in itself.

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