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History of Espionage.

- Sat, 03 Aug 2019 12:37:43 EST l9faZouv No.57737
File: 1564850263967.jpg -(49029B / 47.88KB, 610x407) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. History of Espionage.
For this, I'm lumping together all covert operations. Assassinations, spying, misinformation, sabotage etc.

Spying and misinformation goes back farther than written history, so the first historical account goes back to 1274 BC.

The "Battle of Kadesh" between the Egyptian Empire and the Hittite Empire.

Muwatalli, leader of the Hittites sent a bunch of spies to the Egyptian camp posing as deserters. Two of them were able to get an audience with the Pharaoh and convince him that the HIttites were far away and they could make significant gains in territory, Of course this was a trap as they were waiting to ambush them.

Fortunately for Ramses, his forces captured two more spies and interrogated them until they revealed the ambush and Ramses was able to save most of his forces.

The Ra division got fucking hammered, but the rest of his army prepared for the fight to come and the Egyptians technically won, although it was strategically indecisive.

It ended with a peace treaty, but had it not been for the spys there could have been some very different outcomes.

Pic is of a common tactic used, a woman assassin. Because who would suspect her and she can hide some pretty decent weapons in that dress.
Fanny Trotcocke - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 22:15:28 EST PqIVyg6p No.57750 Reply
i learned about a pretty dope trick some ninja families would use against samurai. they invented a katana that was basically backwards. what appeared to be the handle was actually the sheath. they would walk up to an enemy and present the handle of their sword within arm's reach "by mistake", luring them into trying to grab it. unknowingly they just pulled the sheath off a trickster blade only as long as the "handle", their last moment pure confusion as the trick blade gets plunged into their heart.

i know it sounds goofy but i met some real niggas and this was a real historic tactic
Fucking Cedgeham - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 07:44:51 EST rbK+gS1r No.57776 Reply
I dunno about that.

Almost all ninja assassinations were done by dressing up as a farmer, hiding a knife on their body or just sharpening a farming tool into a good blade, stab-and-run.

IIRC that's what those kunai were actually. Just simple farming/gardening knives filed to be used as stabbing implements.
Ian Cunderwod - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:08:25 EST WEH09gij No.57777 Reply
In terms of organized CIA-type stuff it may have started with the Assassins. Supposedly what they were doing was shocking and new and I don't see anything along those lines happening earlier. But then we are talking about clandestine activities.
Walter Winningdock - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 09:48:46 EST rbK+gS1r No.57779 Reply
I assume assassins existed before The Assassins, but The Assassins were specifically trained for their job.

Before that, important people would just give some shitfarmer with debts a knive, "Go kill that guy", and be done with it.

IIRC there was a moment in medieval Italy when it was really popular for the nobility to just hire entire gangs of hoodlums to commit murders. People would be walking down the street and they'd get ganked by 10 murderhobos with clubs and knives.
Hugh Hoshridge - Tue, 20 Aug 2019 12:00:36 EST PksC5wlG No.57783 Reply
I've read some story about a Roman spy who infiltrated a celtic tribe in Northern Italy or Switzerland. He learned their language, got accepted by them and lived among them for ages until the Romans showed up and he totally ratted out everybody and probably laughed his ass off while everybody was getting killed or enslaved.
UnsitOnHat !6VGic0RGBI - Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:01:27 EST NkZPBakx No.57936 Reply
1578870087516.jpg -(35273B / 34.45KB, 600x319) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
User is currently banned from all boardsUser is currently banned from all boards
George Gattingsurk - Sat, 18 Jan 2020 01:34:09 EST J6S5zopa No.57939 Reply
There were a lot of cool secret weapons made during WW2 for sneaky espionage missions.

Some of them are covered on the Forgotten Weapons youtube channel, probably the best weapon channel on youtube as Ian also goes into the history of the guns.

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