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The end of the mongol empire.

- Mon, 07 Mar 2022 17:19:34 EST c8YO+wyu No.58267
File: 1646691574277.jpg -(1169775B / 1.12MB, 2261x2809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The end of the mongol empire.
Croats vs Mongols:
The first time euros used guns and crossbows. The Croatians fill the water supply with extreme psychedelic mushrooms. And fill the land with extra thorny thorn bushes/black berry bushes that act like razor-wire along with a deadly version of poison ivy that was selective bred. Croatians burn giant bonfires of marijuana constantly to get the mongols too high to fight. Croatians use scorched earth tactics, abandoning all towns and create underground cities that are mazes and death traps for the mongols. Croatians wear terrifying folk costumes 24/7 that are “mind boggling” to the mongols. Croatians inbreed and keep only people with positive mutations. As a result Croatians were extremely diverse and strange. Like elves, beast-men, dryads, spirits, angels, and demons.
First hand mongol sources speak of domestic selectively bred giant wolf and bear cavalry too. Croatians are all on their own kind of shrooms themselves for creativity and engage in extreme ambush tactics and nightmarish “outer-worldly” psychological warfare. The Croatians never engage the mongols in direct battle. Horses are useless in the mountain terrain and “terrifying and complex” traps are everywhere including an early version of landmines. The traps are often horrifying Rube Goldberg machines. Croatians shot mongols with strange non-fatal poison darts (such an extreme castor oil that makes them shit constantly) and left them alive to create disorientation among the mongols ranks that then got dragged down by an increasingly disoriented, terrified, and wounded force. The mongols fail to take any of the underground giant endless “maze like” death trap cities and the Croatians eat the mongols. Mongol corpses were stored in deep underground frozen cellars so the Croatians had an abundance of food always. Croatians would pop out of their endless secret holes from their tunnels, shoot a mongol, and drag their corpse underground. “The Croatians could appear from anywhere. No one that went after them into a hole returned”. Many Mongolian warrior women were taken captive and drugged on shrooms to the extreme and then turned into cattle and fattened to the extreme on the flesh of other mongols for them to be eaten themselves or milked and used as breeding cows and manure factories for underground farms. Mongol warrior women only breed with the biggest and strongest mongols so the Croatians have the mongol women often bred by their youngest and most feminine boys as psychological warfare as they would then show the pregnant women often to entice the mongols into traps and make the mongols go mad. They also use selectively bred bees to attack people and release swarms of fireflies to light endless nighttime surprise attacks. The mongols couldn’t rest a moment. The Croatians seek to trap the mongols in Croatia and have none escape. The mongols fall into a terrified full scale route and fight amongst each other in the effort to escape. Very few escaped. The khan is said to of died of “existential dread and terror”. The pillaging ends and the mongol empire dies.

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