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Making your own shit

- Wed, 04 Sep 2019 20:32:08 EST VYcGkvns No.282568
File: 1567643528530.jpg -(12715B / 12.42KB, 357x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Making your own shit
Best/cheapest way to get as drunk as possible? I live in Canada where the price of alcohol is ridiculous and it's becoming untenable to drink every night but I can't stop and don't want to. As long as the shit won't make me go blind or anything then I'm up for making it, not bothered by taste just looking to get the highest alcohol content.
Phoebe Sushdale - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 21:35:26 EST wo0k3NL8 No.282570 Reply
>I live in Canada
Smoke weed then.
"It's the cheapest drug there is"
Walter Guddlefere - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:43:01 EST raPkIkHO No.282571 Reply
Buy the cheapest apple juice you can find. Buy a carbuoy, or a cheap 3/4/5 gallon water jug. Buy an airlock online. Buy some brewer's (preferably cider) yeast.

Pour juice into carbuoy. Add a half pound sugar per gallon of juice. Add a bunch of yeast. Put airlock on carbouy. Wait two weeks. You have cider that's safe to drink, and will taste pretty good. It'll be about 6%, I think. You can add more sugar for more booze, but you'll have to wait longer. You can also bottle it, but you'll have to wait longer.
Charlotte Puvingsetch - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 04:27:36 EST VYcGkvns No.282572 Reply
Ex-poly drug addict and I depend on this stuff to scratch the itch. Weed alone doesn't cut it anymore sadly :(
Thanks I will definitely look into it. Seems a little on the weak side though but if the flavor isn't completely piss poor then I'd drink it. Would love to get something at 40, 50, 60% alcohol level as long as it's not overly complicated or dangerous or anything.
Nathaniel Chillerchick - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 06:48:10 EST ZmMOOBMJ No.282573 Reply

you could freeze filter it to get it up to maybe 30-40% MAX but you ain't going no further without a still
Walter Guddlefere - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 10:51:30 EST raPkIkHO No.282576 Reply
20% is just about the maximum possible without distilling. You can add more sugar to the juice, use distiller's yeast, and also buy some yeast nutrients and put it in there.
Basil Worthingwell - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 23:45:50 EST RgepkrfM No.282582 Reply
Distiller's yeast makes a pretty foul-tasting final product from what I've heard. Better to go with Champagne yeast. It'll get you to 15ish% and ferments pretty clean.
Polly Bummerdene - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 13:14:58 EST pYuVTxhE No.282661 Reply
Literally make your own wine or kilju. It can't get cheaper and you won't go blind.
Rebecca Hiffingwell - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 21:04:47 EST n8Tdn66M No.282664 Reply
Totally. Champagne yeast is better for actual high gravity cider. However, OP's just after hooch.

i actually tried it with distiller's yeast once. I didn't carbonate it, and it came out... surprisingly good! I was shocked. Might've just been a fluke, but that extra 5% really gave it some alcohol heat, yaknow?

Champagne yeast is pretty much always better, but if OP just wants to make swill, then distiller's is the way to go IMO. Especially since it's sold in pound bags.
Phineas Gebbermadge - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 00:03:37 EST gLp0DJId No.282665 Reply
without making your own alcohol, the cheapest way to get drunk is to get cheap alcohol. around here you can get a half gallon of "vodka" (which is really just unused grain alcohol from bourbon distilleries) for like $10. capitalism has its perks.
Cedric Pittfield - Sun, 15 Sep 2019 06:43:12 EST VYcGkvns No.282678 Reply
Here in Ontario for $10 you get less than 375ml. 40 oz of vodka is 40 dollars. I don't understand it, almost to the point of drinking rubbing alcohol.
Eliza Numbleneck - Sun, 29 Sep 2019 17:07:48 EST zvpueHrM No.282803 Reply
1569791268600.jpg -(915113B / 893.67KB, 2480x3425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this is how I've been doing it for the past 5 years.
first of all i barely have any money and live in terrible conditions so not everything is optimal, but given these conditions i am still able to make 10% abv alchohol and avoid having to rely on the dreaded LCBO.

  1. get one or two of those mr beer fermenters (2 gallons). I've searched for a different fermenter but can't find anything else. I bought a 5 gallon container once but it always made vomit inducing and weak alchohol, and it was a bitch to clean. With the limited funds i have, mr beer fermenters seemed to work best and are always in stock.

2. next I clean the fermenter with water, then add a tablespoon of Five star PBW and fill the fermenter with water, shaking it then leave it aside for a day. I then rinse it with water and clean it with One step before doing the next steps. With One step you don't have to rinse.

3. Dump 1 KG of sugar into the fermenter so half a bag of 2kg which is usually sold for $4 each at loblaws

4. Then pour a litre of cold water into the fermenter. (this step is required because you're not supposed to pour boiling water directly into the plastic fermenters, so it might be better to find one made of glass if you can to skip this)

5. boil a litre of water with 2 tablespoons of raisins.
try to squash the raisins with a fork or spoon while you boil them. The raisins will act as your nutrient for the yeast.

6. pour the boiled raisins and water into the fermenter.
then fill fermenter with cold water until there is 5L in the fermenter.

7. Wait till water inside fermenter is lukewarm. Then use a laddle (it should be sanitized, usually I boil it with the raisins) and then hard stir the mixture for about 5 minutes (need to do this step because the yeast needs the oxygen to work well)

8.get yeast (red star wine yeast is good, or regular bread yeast like Fleischmann's works too if you can't find wine yeast in stock ) and sprinkle into mixture.

9.close fermenter and wrap it with a black garbage bag or towel because yeast work better in the dark. THe fermenter must be kept in room temperature always for 30 days for maximum ABV (but i get impatient sometimes and drink after 20 days, this is why i suggest 2 fermenters at once). I usually leave it next to my heater during the winter.
this should produce somewhere between 10% to 12% alcohol for only 2$ a batch.

10. when its done store it in bottles. The end product is a really sour and tastes bad but you can mask it with coffee and crackers while you drink, it always gets me pretty drunk and does the job.

More tips:
For the second batch you don't have to clean the fermenter, i just dump the sugar on top of the residue left over after drinking.
I've tried using yeast nutrient in place of sugar but it makes it taste even more bad, so i prefer raisins.
Hedda Nipperhotch - Sun, 29 Sep 2019 21:20:31 EST vcVEYNVx No.282806 Reply
Ontario, eh? how far away are you from Quebec? because if it's a reasonable driving distance then embrace your inherent canadian franco heritage and just load up on cheap wine and cheap beer. Our hard liquor prices are the same as any other province however.
Lillian Blugglestock - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 03:54:32 EST AGbKKD5M No.282848 Reply
I make my own shit everyday, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day. Usually I just eat stuff and make my own shit.
Cornelius Shittingstone - Sat, 12 Oct 2019 20:26:26 EST gaCHVjTx No.282893 Reply
Cheap ass hooch. I use to drink this shit when the unemployment checks dried up.

  1. Find a large container. 5 gallon bucket. 5 gallon water jug. One gallon glass containers work too, but the larger the better imo. Saves on yeast money. Hell, you can make this in a toilet or bathtub if you don't mind not using a gas exchange system.
  2. [assuming 5 gallons] Go to the grocery store. Buy 15 pounds of mixed berries, the cheap shit is okay. Buy 5lb sugar. Buy yeast. Brewer yeast leads to better results but any yeast will lead to getting drunk.
  3. Find a balloon.
  4. Clean the bucket. With rubbing alcohol, 91%.
  5. Mix the berries, yeast, sugar, and water in the bucket. Put the balloon over the lid of the bucket. If using an actual bucket than get creative with a straw.
  6. When you notice the balloon is full of CO2 than take the balloon off, let the gas out, and put the balloon back on.
  7. Wait six weeks.
  8. The top layer is going to be unappetizing. Use a large spoon or something to scoop it up and throw that out.
--- Warning --- Maybe bacteria was growing in that bucket instead of yeast. Use good judgement on what you put into your body.

Bam. You have five gallons of hobo wine. Mix with coca-cola if it tastes too raw for you. You won't go blind, but if you were drinking bacteria instead of yeast you might get sick.

The frozen berries are optional, but you should use something for flavor even if it's just rice or some bread. I've started with this system and upgraded over the years as I found cheap/free parts. I'm now outputting legit good homebrew beer at a rate of three kegs/month.
Edward Pittham - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 00:14:11 EST xyk0uGRy No.282898 Reply
1571026451215.jpg -(30522B / 29.81KB, 660x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What you got against methanol? I hear native Americans loved it..

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