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Bad mold problem

- Mon, 07 Sep 2015 16:04:33 EST supwLzF6 No.37637
File: 1441656273400.jpg -(33142B / 32.37KB, 533x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bad mold problem
I'm pretty sure I live in a house with black mold and I had no way or money to fix it. I'm buying a mold test kit asap but right now I have every symptom. My nose gets stuffy only in my room, sometimes I get head pains, I'm sensitive to weather and sweat easy. I'm always thirsty and pissing every 30 seconds. My window has a really musty smell where I think the mold is an the wind is constantly blowing into my room through that window. On especially windy days all my symptoms get worse and all I can smell is mustiness. What do?literally every time I go in my room without fail my nose pluga up, I get headaches, my neck gets stiff and all I can smell is muaty shit. I think it's a really severe mold problem because the wind hits my window dead on all day every day and I live in upstate NY so the wind literally blows 60 mph all fucking day long. The window is sit quality so all the wind passes right through it and it all smells must and awful I can tell the wind is blowing mold spores in my room all day. The window freezes bad in winter and has a inch of ice on it every single morning so it just melts and drps Anton of water down the inside of my window. Wtf do I do?
Hamilton Fengerbet - Tue, 08 Sep 2015 14:37:48 EST 9F/UcEdp No.37638 Reply
Dude you gotta get out of there. I'm speaking of experience, I lived in an apartment with mold and I had to get out of there and throw away all of my shit. I ended up coughing and shitting blood after losing 20kg within 5 months and had to detox from it for a long time. Its the worst sickness Ive experienced all my life. I had petri dishes that confirmed I had Stachybotrys spores in the air, thats the day I never entered that apartment again. It will fuck you up bad man, try getting a hold on a can of powder Cholestyramine, it helps pull the mold out of your blood stream and crap it out slowly. I took it for a month with strict diet and got healthy again. Just tell your doctor you need it for high cholesteral or some shit, because if you go there yelling mold they will laugh at you and put you on SSRIs. There is good info on the internet about it.

Good luck
Alice Clonderberk - Fri, 18 Sep 2015 14:34:33 EST CJC0B77k No.37654 Reply
get a spray bottle from the dollar store or where ever; if your re-using one be sure to rinse it out well.

Fill with 2:1 mixture of water and bleach. (dont have to be exact, just dilute the bleach a little more)
spray the affected area with the bleach water.

Once thats done, I would almost recommend fixing the window, however if you want to be really cheap about it, go get some of the 3m window wrap, put that shit up and hit it with the hair dryer to tighten it up.

That should stop the wind from blowing in, and prevent/lessen the window from freezing in the winter.
Also it looks like that window could be easily reached from the outside, so I would also get some silicone caulk in a tube and seal the outside sill better, that should help stop some of the air leaks as well.

Also, dehumidifier, they do wonders although they are a little more expensive than bleach, silicone, and 3m window wrap.
Alice Clonderberk - Fri, 18 Sep 2015 14:35:29 EST CJC0B77k No.37655 Reply
also don't forget to clearly mark the spray bottle with bleach in it as "BLEACH", don't want to accidentally use that shit thinking its water or 409 or some shit.

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