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google books

- Sat, 30 Apr 2016 08:08:31 EST czz0vDiI No.37924
File: 1462018111590.jpg -(168931B / 164.97KB, 740x526) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. google books
i need to download documents from books.google.com... i there any software that can extract the full pdf with the ommited pages?
Augustus Grimworth - Sun, 01 May 2016 02:33:32 EST ckCMBJZR No.37927 Reply

No. Use:
Fewer items, but the best in the world in terms of overall catalog. It has a kinship with library.nu, but the connection is unclear.

The best method to get a book for free, btw, is to check it out using the inter-library loan system. It's free (you get your library card for free at your local library - in some cases you can get a free card if you are not in the county, but only in certain counties). Some books are not available this way, and must be found at physical libraries. In this case, what some people do is steal these books then return them manually to their rightful place. You must be careful, as many libraries have tagged books, and use an alarm system like stores do, however these are ancient systems, generally, and you can get around it by just googling how to handle the particular system. NOTE: You should write down the exact books the one you are taking goes between. Reference works have a certain "look" to them, and if reshelved wrong someone will notice. Additionally, while the book is out getting loved you the book thief-lover should compact the items on that shelf, so that there is no blank space.

And the best method to digitize the book is to rig up a home-made book scanner. Many versions exist, but the simplest version is:
You can use your cellphone if it has has best-in-class imagery. You will need a tripod nonetheless - and a cellphone tripod mount in this case. Cameras without exception produce better images with more light, up to a point. You want to have enough light that it is automatically selecting iso 100 (various apps will let you view the EXIF data on your images to check to see how they were shot).

And that brings us to the matter of obfuscating the images. You should not perform OCR. This makes the task of identifying the book much easier for the nasties.

Easy mode:
Use an exif remover
works fine without paying.
(note that manufacturers COULD hide some kind of watermarking in every photograph, indicating which model/batch or even model serial number was used - hot/dead pixels (or sensor dust) could also be used to fingerprint the camera)

Use a renamer
This works fine without paying too. Basic version works a champ.

Set your files to be named:
and so on...

These will be placed in one folder.

Zip the folder
this will make regular zip files, and also 7zip files. 7zip adds security, because not all tools support it...
rename the resulting zip file from WHATEVER.zip to WHATEVER.cbz
And in the case of a 7z file, rename WHATEVER.7z to WHATEVER.cb7

View the book
You've created a "comic book." It's an authentic e-book, not a spy-e-book. In other words, you have the honest page, not a slew of spy crap, metadata. Just the raw fucking book, maaan
This is one of the best and fastest readers. It handles cbz and cb7

Read like a mofo

Don't let nobody tell you nuthin' you do need rehab
Don't give in, OCR, the ebook, or anything.

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