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Ayurvedic Cow Jenk

- Mon, 02 Sep 2019 22:09:30 EST KGF6qW0j No.25186
File: 1567476570333.jpg -(43584B / 42.56KB, 852x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ayurvedic Cow Jenk
sup /jenk/,
I've got a contact promising me genuine Ayurvedic Cow Jenk.
But what I want to ask is if it is a legit thing?
Nigel Blullyfodging - Fri, 27 Sep 2019 04:18:35 EST QTXRvdMp No.25219 Reply
It's a legit thing, it has to be made in a certain way with some ingredients added, but it's not really better than your standard stuff. Mostly just indians that get placebo off of it cows being holy and all, and the ayurvedic spices makes them feel more at ease with huffing the jenk, masks the stank just slightly.
It's more of a religious preparement, will only affect somebody who believes in the implications. And only when used in actual ritual procedure. Mostly by the aghoris.
A good similar example would be altar/communal wine. Won't get you any drunker or anything, it just has certain rules to how it is allowed to be made. In your case it's most likely a sellers trick, sounds cool with "altar wine" / "ayurvedic jenkem". And even if it is genuine, it's most likely stolen goods, might have been stored incorrectly since they don't know how, they're just common peddlers who came into possession of it.
Would not recommend buying, if you must just because maybe you won't have access again, don't pay any more than 1.5x the usual rate for standard jenk.
Nigel Blullyfodging - Fri, 27 Sep 2019 11:08:24 EST QTXRvdMp No.25221 Reply
If it's genuine ACJ though, you'll be able to tell in how the spices have combined with the shit scent slightly, turning it slightly different, more nose-palatable. Fake ACJ will just be like standard jenk but more barnyardy, and like a topnote of the cheapest spice they could get ahold of in bulk (most likely gone off ones stolen from what the stores throw out out the back to be picked up), added in cloying amounts, making you almost forget about the shitsmell because of how annoying and sharp the spice note is.
Esther Gittingcocke - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 04:21:23 EST QTXRvdMp No.25223 Reply
Wait a last thing, there's also two kinds of genuine ACJ, either the common kind for common folk that's just the spices mixed in for production (though in carefully weighed amounts). But for the real prime grade ACJ they actually feed the cows feed with the spices in them, so it gets digested and changed inside the cows intestines. Like that coffee where it's of beans shat out by some lemure or whatever. Very rare, it's not something you and me would ever even get to lay our eyes on, why I didn't think to mention it.
If it is stolen goods, it could on a tiny tiny chance actually be the prime grade, if they got into the shipping container of some high-up dude they could've accidentally gotten more than they bargained for. Don't give your real name if you buy it, the owners will definetely be on the hunt for these dudes, and you don't want your name on the buyers list if they are found.
Nigel Nullygold - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 05:11:59 EST MY+35dNd No.25238 Reply
> it has to be made in a certain way with some ingredients added
Probably to do with the cows vegetairian diet.

Kind of like how you can't use carnivorous animals shit as compost but you can use horses manure but the opposite for jenk?

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