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Meet the Chair Guy

- Thu, 12 May 2022 00:43:38 EST vYlHETK1 No.25551
File: 1652330618252.png -(1661152B / 1.58MB, 774x1086) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Meet the Chair Guy
I knew this guy on discord during the start of the pandemic. His name is now Chair Guy.
He self-described as:


Someone who stays up for multiple days on discord on their computer 24/7. The only time they arent sitting at their desk would be when making food. They swivel the chair 180 degrees and make a sandwich while sitting in a chair. Until the pandemic is over this person refuses to ever leave their chair. Light from window was blocked out when lockdown started. No way to tell light from night time. Nothing is permitted unless it can be done while sitting in the office chair at the desk. Piss bottles galore. Shit buckets ready on hand.
This man is takinh lockdown seriously. Lockdown in their room. They wouldnt dare venture into the hallway of their home. Everything they could ever need or use is within reaching distance of the swivel chair. After being awake for 58 hours they pass out in the chair. Day 35 of the quarantine, they are still in the chair. Sadly they left their toothbrush in the bathroom 35 days ago, so they wont be calcifying their pinael gland any time soon


Last online: 722 days ago

all flows nothing lasts

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