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Arrested for not talking?

- Sat, 31 Aug 2019 15:47:32 EST FRWZMpRk No.46457
File: 1567280852104.png -(809909B / 790.93KB, 1275x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Arrested for not talking?

"He's your boyfriend, and we're investigating a crime right now... tell me, you're gonna obstruct our investigation? Which is arrestable?"

I'm no lawyer, but isn't what he's saying a lie? It sounds like the cop's trying to get her to tell him whether or not the guy being placed under arrest is her boyfriend/tell the him his name. Isn't this a direct violation of the 5th amendment? Can't you legally plead the fifth in this type of situation without being charged with obstruction of justice or whatever charge he's talking about?
Molly Padgetick - Sat, 31 Aug 2019 20:23:32 EST dWnFA6/1 No.46458 Reply
She could have said "I'm not obstructing anything" and walked away. Her rights were not violated. The cop just lied by implying that not non-compliance can lead to arrest which is something they do every day.
Edward Sogglesore - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 02:16:14 EST vEid6OnJ No.46460 Reply
She walked up to the police. She wanted her phone. She claimed she was her girlfriend. The cop asked her what his name was, the officer said how can I
give you your phone, that we don't even know who he is. She folded and
gave his name, to get her phone. The arestee gave a fake name. He had
warrants. This confirmed this.

The fake name, could have been anybody. And if they let him go with a summons to appear in court, who would appear? Yea nodoby. So a warrant would be put out for (name of somebody.) If they did let him go. And the name he used as an alias could have gotten (somebody arrested.) Possibly in the worst possible time. With his kids, who would be taken 'temporarily' by child services. Or released to a relative or guardian. Traumatized possibly if taken by child services.

In all, she went up to the police, they had every right to ask who he/she was.
They were trying to figure out who this guy was. Simply that. I don't see that
they were interested in her name, which I have seen it happen, where she could have had warrants as well. To top it off, 'their ride' took off when they saw what was up, so they obviously knew he was shoplifting, and as well, possibly had warrants/drugs in the car.

Note: the cops immediately 'offered' for her to find herself a way home. Without running her name, as it looks. Which, if cameras were not there, they likely would have run her name. With every reason to to do so, or with simple discretion, to not run her name. Her attitude was kind of immediately abrasive.

Ok in all, if she gave them a fake name, would this have matched between her and her boyfriend? If they found different, she would likely be arrested. If the name he gave didn't jive, he would have gone to the police station until they found out who he was. If he had been arrested before, which he was, it would have come up rather easily through I believe the NCIC database.
Polly Grimridge - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 18:46:35 EST cfYutFUh No.46464 Reply
If they have evidence to arrest they will arrest. No amount of talking will take away evidence. If they dont have evidence to arrest then they cant.

I’m not resisting, i want a lawyer, I’m not answering questions. Fucking nazi state we have to beg not to be tackled and arrested.

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