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Fleeing from probation

- Thu, 14 Nov 2019 16:29:28 EST /UjG95o+ No.46538
File: 1573766968548.jpg -(286961B / 280.24KB, 2000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fleeing from probation
I’m running from probation becuase my life is hell and its ruining my life and i cant do it anymore. And theyre targeting me.

If my license got suspended can i just run and get my license back after its done being suspended? It’s just a misdemeanor so i dont really gotta worry about anything. I talked to someone online and they told me they ran from probation with a suspended license and they just paid their fines off later and then all their warrants and shit went away and license wasnt suspended anymore

Can i just run and as long as i pay off all my shit i can get my license back? And the only thing is i just cant run back home? I dont really care about that shit i just wanna leave as long as i get my license back i dont really give a shit.

So just pay my shit off and wait and they have to give my shit back on the run as long as i do pay it off and everything? And the only thing i gotta worry about is a warrant 3000 miles away in a place i never wanna go back to anyways?
Martha Dondlefune - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 23:06:01 EST F1q0c8o5 No.46540 Reply
I wish I had an answer for you. How is your life hell though, if you are willing to share that info? Best of luck - hopefully you can get enough information to make up your mind - and then hopefully you make the best choice for your life.
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Rebecca Grandfuck - Fri, 15 Nov 2019 22:56:04 EST duLAvH8s No.46541 Reply
speaking from experience, you can run on most felonies above F-3 and not have problems.
If your license is suspended then the state you move to will not issue you another one.
You can always go buy a new ID and persona from some mojados but even that is pretty risky.
If you end up buying a car, register it in a friend or family's name.
It really isn't worth it. If you absolutely must make the move then make sure you stick with it. If you disappear for a few years and come back with no new charges and have your shit put together some courts will shrugg it all off and just ask for money.
>the fact that you're here posting about it makes me think none of this will be possible TBH famalam
Angus Honeyfield - Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:29:31 EST eY+wzBfz No.46542 Reply
>and as long as i pay off all my shit i can get my license back?

Many places would want you to go in person to where your fines were imposed, to pay off the fines.You wil not get your license back until you fill those obligations.

Traffic stuff DMV fines, and criminal courts are two separate entities. Although they may
be one-of-the same. You will likely or almost certainly not be able to get you license
reinstated until you pay off traffic tickets, etc, even in another state. Know what you have
and see if you can pay these off by mail. Contact the clerk of the courts where these are
and ask if you can mail these in. Best to begin is contact the dept of motor vehicles to get
a picture of what needs to be done to get your license fully reinstated. They should be able to see what you need to do.

Running from probation? Depends but generally it will find you at some point or another, in some form or another.
Angus Bunkinhit - Sat, 16 Nov 2019 00:43:17 EST F1q0c8o5 No.46544 Reply
Strangely enough I've met someone that claimed they stopped reporting and that it ended up working out. She said she never was warranted for it and when she went back to court, whenever the hell that was, they just said she was done. She was on it for something ridiculous though, I don't remember. I think depending on your case they may treat you differently.
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Albert Wavingstone - Sat, 16 Nov 2019 14:17:31 EST 7l4oi9E9 No.46545 Reply
Sometimes the system may decide if something is actually worth pursuing. i had
at least one deal that worked in my favor by no part of my own.

Others they tried to prosecute by coercion and other means, one fuck, had a piece of paper and said ok you don't want to take this deal, and acted as though to be going to rip it up. Put it back down Your looking at x amount of jail, which was impossible concerning colorado law, and the charges that really didn't exist. Any DA who pursued the case without a written 'confession' would be an idiot to try to pursue it. A real judge who values his long earned career would definitely have something to say about it.

Anyway, I kinda laughed and said your a freaking moron, or whatever. They had a fan club waiting out side and you could see their their carnival like attitude, until one person who was part of the thing who was in the office momentarily and went back in after I exited, almost ran over and told this group I wasn't intimidated into taking the deal. The group(s( that were all interested in us, suddenly had literally draining faces, they were like confused. I walked up toward them. And they all scattered.

love this shit when you beat them on your or their own accord, but hate it because it happens. It shows what a bunch of total misguided losers (as trump would say) work in government.
m - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 12:56:55 EST L+ja/yus No.46546 Reply
Unless you already have a passport and can safely leave the country to some where that doesn't extradite and has long term visa options (Vietnam, Laos, etc.), then don't ever do what you're suggesting.
Augustus Clobbertare - Tue, 26 Nov 2019 13:08:41 EST cfYutFUh No.46554 Reply
It’s a misdemeanor so they won’t EXTRADITE me

The fucked up thing is that this is literally a minor misdemeanor. The only misdemeanor on my record. This fucking garbage as state treats any misdemeanor like a national class a felony. Not even fucking joking. I’ve talked to people in other states with serious felonies and it’s like a slap on the wrist compared to my fucking MISDEMEANOR. and I’ve been on the shit for over a year with nothing but good behavior. Literally still tasted like I robbed a fucking federal bank with a gun and shot someone or something. THIS IS SO FUCKED. I literally have to run
Hedda Piddledale - Thu, 28 Nov 2019 02:47:02 EST zoDbd7Q+ No.46557 Reply
Yea, reality can be a misdemeanor can be treated worse than many peoples felonies. I don't know why. I think it may have something to do with city county revenue$, especially if they are on you case so hard.
Charles Trotshaw - Thu, 28 Nov 2019 19:43:25 EST F1q0c8o5 No.46559 Reply
Sometimes. I have a felony that is complete bullshit. But people can strangle their girlfriends and get a county year at most.
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