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Being racist to get out of jury duty

- Sun, 06 Feb 2022 11:55:30 EST NX+rX/0Z No.46920
File: 1644166530781.png -(214170B / 209.15KB, 430x608) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Being racist to get out of jury duty
Its unpopular but does it work?
While bias can be attractive depending on the specifics, but is it an automatic strike?
Thomas Pittshit - Sat, 12 Feb 2022 11:30:48 EST 1r5GI6E3 No.46923 Reply
All kinds of shit can happen in jury selection. Depending on how flagrant your racism is, certain lawyers could want a kind of racist person on the jury. Probably no lawyer wants a flagrantly racist person on their jury because if you're that flagrant about a bias, you're probably just unpredictable.

Then a lot of it depends on what direction the lawyers take voir dire. If it's a murder trial where race is an issue - like a white cop killed a minority - you'll probably get questions in voir dire about race. And if you say you're racist, you'll probably get struck for cause. But if it's a wire fraud trial where race isn't an issue, you probably won't get a chance to say you're racist (and it might not even matter in a case like that). You could also put that you're racist on the jury questionnaire and you'll probably get struck for that too in most cases.

So yeah it works.

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