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“Shadow People” Plug

- Thu, 09 Jun 2022 12:15:08 EST szUPnMnG No.71823
File: 1654791308502.png -(2999453B / 2.86MB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. “Shadow People” Plug

My brother wrote a book in federal prison. “Shadow People” is a dark comedy with a lot of potential, and it’s self-published. He is serving time for a second-degree murder charge but really someone else overdosed on stuff while he wasn’t around. Anyways, here’s the fucking book. Enjoy, and let me know if I can post it on /stim/ or any other boards should anyone actually buy it and enjoy it. My brother and I were both long time users of this site.

“A dark, maniacal, and psychologically bent tale of addiction, psychosis, guilt, and long for a world not our own, Shadow People is in equal parts dark comedy and psychological horror story. Ulysses Bright is a young man hell-bent on hedonism and self-annihilation. A mid-level drug dealer and methamphetamine addict, he often goes on drug binges and stays awake for days at a time. When he does, he begins to see things… and people… that aren’t really there. At least, he thinks they aren’t really there. As a nightmarish, psychedelic fog of sleep deprivation and amphetamine psychosis begins to take hold, he becomes less and less sure of what constitutes reality, for him and for a world that seems to be going all sorts of wrong all around him; a world where the dead don’t stay dead and shadowy monsters lurk just out of focus in the periphery of our minds. Gaze longingly into the abyss, and do not be surprised when it gazes back at you…“

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