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Mr. Loco Band

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- Wed, 01 Apr 2020 23:21:05 EST 9k/gLfuz No.456438
File: 1585797665843.jpg -(13794B / 13.47KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mr. Loco Band
Desperately need help finding any full Mr. Loco albums. I'm talking about the band:
not the rapper.
Like, I can't even find a damn CD. I think I came across a used one online somewhere for like 50 bucks or something outrageous like that. Ideally I'd like a download, but if CDs could be found for reasonable price somewhere, that'd be cool too.
Charlie Bonehead - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 23:23:42 EST 9k/gLfuz No.456439 Reply
04 - Papas.mp3 -(3964737B / 3.78MB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just want to get high as shit and bliss out to these sounds. Is that too much to ask?

New to this kinda shit

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- Fri, 20 Mar 2020 20:05:55 EST Pwk/3V5b No.456399
File: 1584749155075.jpg -(233380B / 227.91KB, 730x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. New to this kinda shit
Should I get a Korg Nanokey2 or a Pocket Operator? I wanna get into production/sampling but I have no idea if I'd be any good at it or if I'd give up after a few weeks, so I can't afford to commit a bunch of money to it. Any help appreciated.
Charles Bippertotch - Wed, 25 Mar 2020 20:54:26 EST 3xk6JNrp No.456414 Reply
Well if you want to get into production and sampling, maybe start with tools for production and sampling. I'd recommend that you get a DAW, there are free ones, there are payed ones there are bootleg ones. If you really want to blow some cheddar then I'd get a sampler like the vocla sampler. I mean the nannokey is just a midi controller like what would you do with that without a DAW or a synthesizer or vst's?
DSfA !!4N+Uxa7h - Sat, 28 Mar 2020 06:31:36 EST 3uA6sgR0 No.456423 Reply
08 I Want The Wifi Password.m4a -(15344164B / 14.63MB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Didn't know they made a Rick & Morty version of the PO-12, that's kinda funny. I have the first one, it's a fun wee drum machine and you could make some funky beats with it but like Charlie says you probably want to get a DAW to put your recorded sounds together and do something with them. Reaper is a decent free one, GarageBand comes loaded on Macs still I think, or it's not hard to get bootleg versions of like Fruity Loops or Ableton :)

The PO-12 is fun to muck around with and has its own recognisable sound but idk if it's what you're looking for. I've used it on quite a few of my tracks though, attached is a crazy thing I made for VIPTRONIC 14 a few years ago. All the beats were recorded live in one take with the PO12 then I put the recording from my wee Tascam recorder into Garageband and added some MIDI synths and samples. It's about a lassie getting her tits out in return for the wifi password. And the guy putting it together recognised it as the PO-12 being (ab)used!
Cedric Piddlehall - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 17:25:54 EST JmsRw+Gi No.456437 Reply
For sure, I always intended on getting a DAW, I was just wondering if anyone had any controllers to recommend. Since making this thread I've decided to pull the trigger on a launchkey with ableton. I did a really shitty job at asking this question.

I suck at music

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- Sun, 16 Feb 2020 16:21:57 EST xovbVrYZ No.456275
File: 1581888117690.jpg -(99569B / 97.24KB, 939x756) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I suck at music
I've been on FL studio for almost TEN years, I've tried Logic, Ableton, and Pro tools as well.
I've watched tutorial after tutorial, studied all the basics of music theory, spent hours creating sounds, obtaining and trying new VSTs, playing with beats, sampling, recording vocals.
I CANNOT MAKE A GODDAMN SONG FOR SHIT. Everything I make is garbage. I can't make a decent melody in the piano roll to save my life. My brain just DOESN'T COMPREHEND.
Am I just shit with music? I try so hard... have these near countless hours been wasted? I see fucking teenagers making money with the most basic shit, like it just clicks in their brains.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to make music make sense in my retarded brain?
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Charlotte Dropperhall - Fri, 27 Mar 2020 12:31:17 EST DPb5pcmf No.456422 Reply
No instrument ever made a song on it's own. The music/song must already exist inside you and is then facilitated by the instrument. This might seem obvious, but just tapping out notes on an instrument and hoping for a song pretty much never worked for me.

If you don't already play a real instrument, I suggest trying to pick one up and taking lessons. I'm always learning new tricks and phrases on my sax just from playing it and trying to play other peoples music.

Think of it like this...a graphic designer creates images using software but can still probably draw quite well with pencil and paper. Same with producers...they use the software but should know how to create music without the software as well.
Emma Pickbanks - Sat, 28 Mar 2020 20:27:54 EST rihcEXUc No.456426 Reply
That's not the point.

If you sit with a DAW and synths you painstakingly think every note through. If you hold an instrument you pick it up and create instantly. It's a different sort of music and writing and practicing some sort of physical instrument changes your relationship with the creative process.

If you are struggling to write but have never played an instrument there is a HUGE chance that this is going to help. You are right though, you need to actually learn to play it. Just holding it isn't enough. You can self teach if you have the drive and enough idea but getting some lessons early on will help with technique and giving you a grounding and is probably the best way to learn for several years if your resources permit.
Phyllis Fozzleville - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 13:20:18 EST Ewr6lSbV No.456427 Reply
I have a somewhat similar problem. I'm well versed in 4 different instruments and even went to music school to learn the performance and composing side along with a year and a half of production. I sunk a huge amount of time into that shit from age 9 to 25. I played with bands regionally and could have probably went pretty far if I stuck with it but the problem always was that I hated everything I wrote. I could sit down and write stuff that sounded awesome, and take drugs, forget it in a looper pedal or on a computer somewhere and come back to it and realize it sounds pretty damn good. But in the moment, I've always hated every last single thing I wrote and played. I was about 21 before I even wrote a song from start to finish and the process was utterly grueling. I hated every little facet of fucking everything. I eventually ended up writing and doing all the instruments and vocals for 2 full length albums. Then I was like, this shit is just too much heartache and a pain in the ass. So I slowly stopped playing, quit a couple bands, and one day I woke up, saw all these instruments and all that shit sitting around me just collecting dust and decided to sell it all the invest the money into stocks. Especially since I was holding down a day job and never had time to play since it was a shitty dead end manual labor type deal where I was just wiped out completely.

>I sold off everything in full about 3 months ago with my last shitty Rondo guitar being given to a nephew. I don't really miss it, honestly, music doesn't really hold that special place in me anymore. I don't listen to much music anymore and just listen to talk radio mostly at work. Music hasn't hit that special connection with me in a couple years. Last song that I remember connecting with was MX by Deftones. And that was a long time ago. I guess what they say is true, when you get older you just grow out of shit.

I don't really know what advice I'm giving OP but that is my story. Don't know if you just simply can't compose music or if you just hate what you end up with. I'm the latter not the former. I really hate that I sunk all my youth and school years and college on something that ends up being utterly worthless for the majority of my life. I should have went to real college and got a real degree, now my body is going downhill working in landscaping because I have no real skills and being poor as fuck. Maybe I should post to /qq/.

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