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80's 90's

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- Tue, 12 Jun 2018 18:35:43 EST YZUNcVLf No.453660
File: 1528842943439.jpg -(91241B / 89.10KB, 600x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 80's 90's
I've been looking for good music from this era since modern popular music is trash. I get immense joy of the fashion and hair of the era as well.
If you wanna help me in discovering this obviously great era, I want stuff that was actually played on TV or such. Also no metal, alt-rock or grunge etc. Why? These genres haven't really gone forward, and with the advancements in technology good and unique synthetisator sounds have been replaced with sterility and I like the rougher drum machine beat for example.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xweiQukBM_k Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvdLovAaYzM Martika - Toy Soldiers

https://youtu.be/gzoEK545j64 Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

https://youtu.be/2v8YragSIuI Exposé - Point Of No Return

https://youtu.be/tLTGs4fqxBk Yazoo - Don't Go

https://youtu.be/1nw-V5eEeAk Laura Branigan - Self Control

https://youtu.be/w-rv2BQa2OU INXS - Need You Tonight

https://youtu.be/Ud6sU3AclT4 Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

https://youtu.be/Cv6tuzHUuuk The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

https://youtu.be/0sw54Pdh_m8 Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

https://youtu.be/1iaLoatdBCo A short Mr. Mister concert

https://youtu.be/GHUbnt1DDu4 Luther Vandross - She Won't Talk To Me

https://youtu.be/kcPc18SG6uA Sade - Sweetest Taboo

https://youtu.be/JWsRz3TJDEY Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance
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Charles Blytheforth - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:20:45 EST VnPzX1i3 No.453703 Reply

You didn't even like protection?

I'm not sure if i want to give you nice tunes!

more like this?

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- Mon, 18 Jun 2018 16:27:19 EST qJS+3+ZQ No.453696
File: 1529353639484.png -(41976B / 40.99KB, 250x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. more like this?
I found this completely by surprise while looking for acid bath torrents on mega

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7vSmT0S8tA [Embed]

1 - what is this, does anyone know about it, its so uplifting Im usually into industrial, rap, metal, techno, country and such so this isnt something i would even be likely to come across but i fuckin love it its making me feel so happy lol, and not only was i wondering if anyone could point me towards some more of this upbeat happy japanese stuff but also if anything thats similar genre instrumentation wise but a little more melancholy? Like the post-punk to this punk if it was punk? Rambling a bit and not sure how to get my point across but basically i want to discover the emotional and instrumental variants in this jap folk or whatever it is? also just any other good japanese music that's not just like oriental weeb shit but I mean like new shit from japan and anything surreal or weird not knocking classical asian music but it's not what I'm after, I like the way they use mainly acoustic instruments I'd like to see more innovative jap music like this since all I really know of their scene is grindcore and extreme metal


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- Sun, 10 Jun 2018 13:54:07 EST 7aesz4Wm No.453649
File: 1528653247402.jpg -(160021B / 156.27KB, 1080x1094) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Band?
Who are these guys ?


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- Sun, 03 Jun 2018 13:34:15 EST RuDKOpEj No.453615
File: 1528047255944.jpg -(55457B / 54.16KB, 806x795) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. YEEEEEEEEE
>mfw our boy has done it yet again

Ghost Town is a fucking banger, as is ITAKY, Wouldn't Leave and Violent Crimes.
4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Clara Muddleshaw - Tue, 12 Jun 2018 23:04:14 EST RuDKOpEj No.453662 Reply
1528859054576.png -(426574B / 416.58KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And now he's gone and done it AGAIN. Is this truely the Summer of Ye?
Polly Penkinfut - Fri, 15 Jun 2018 00:26:20 EST RlYqoqQv No.453675 Reply
The new Nas album is fucking crazy! Production is perfect and if you like good lyricism this is top tier even for Nas. AOTY shit.

singing be harder than i thought it did be

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- Sat, 09 Jun 2018 12:58:47 EST VnAkOMT7 No.453642
File: 1528563527759.png -(258830B / 252.76KB, 552x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. singing be harder than i thought it did be
so a while ago i find out i can pull off a pretty cool singing voice, i leave it because i have nowhere to practice and perfect it where neighbours can't hear me or shit like that, that was a few years ago. i decide recently after being neet for so long that i should probably do something with myself. fuck it im not gonna practice real life skills, i'll do some singing. so i set up in my room to practice at talking level, better than just not practicing at all i thought. anyway, i fucking give this song like 2 attempts, and by the third my vocal chords are too strained to sing anymore. its been a few days now, still cant sing anything like i was on the first 2 tries. i mean sure it was a very low tone, and i put a twang on it in a couple parts so i can see why it would tire my throat out but god damn fucking 2 attempts resulting in im guessing like a week of rest? how long do you think it would take to get back to normal so i can sing again?

just earlier i realised i can sing in a more "normal" tone, a bit higher than my original attempts. that got like one attempt of sounding ok then straight back to vocal fatigue. i just wanna practice singing god damn it
Edward Murdfuck - Sat, 09 Jun 2018 13:17:04 EST VnAkOMT7 No.453643 Reply
maybe twang isn't the right word idk how to describe it i know fuck all about singing

Voice acting in a foreign language

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- Wed, 06 Jun 2018 00:13:18 EST uJZ0+x8R No.453625
File: 1528258398690.jpg -(11817B / 11.54KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Voice acting in a foreign language
Hey guys,

I really love the craft of VA but it doesn't have the same appeal to me in French (my native tongue) than in English. I consider it to be pretty bad tbh.

I try so hard to work on my accent but often lose hope, thinking I'll never be able to compete with native speakers - especially considering there are TONS of incredibly talented ones.

Is it just another pipe dream of mine or could I sound as 'English' as a native without people doubting if?

It's been my dream for a very long time.

Thanks guys.
Henry Fembleman - Wed, 06 Jun 2018 15:24:09 EST XTGRPDm1 No.453626 Reply
It's possible. Look at all the actors that adopt accents as necessary. Hugh Laurie sounding American as Dr. House, for example. Or Mel Gibson being anything other than a total bogan. In the reverse direction, Peter Dinklage having to put on his Tyrion voice.

However, there is a reason these people are professionals. Just because it is possible doesn't mean it's easy, and I can't tell you whether you personally can accomplish it or not.
Priscilla Mammerwill - Sat, 09 Jun 2018 07:53:58 EST aGcBfIuD No.453641 Reply
The director for House didn't realise who he was auditioning and was trying to avoid people putting on accents. He praised Laurie's authentic bostonian accent. However he's a bit of a heavyweight.

It's not all about actors though. I knew a Dutch girl whose english had a BBC accent. She was taught that accent was more important than the fine details in persuading people she was a native. She did study english for 3 years though, she probably knew more literature than me. My point is that a good language tutor will teach you a proper accent. Maybe you can find such tuition pre recorded or something though.

Discovery Thread

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- Thu, 31 May 2018 12:26:46 EST WF9kL+ks No.453607
File: 1527784006600.jpg -(17514B / 17.10KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Discovery Thread
How/Where do you guys find your tunes?
What are some of your more obscure tastes that you just want to shout out to the heavens and get everybody on your level?
Got a band you want to promote?
Want to shill yourself out to the team?

This is our thread.

Buyfag thread

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- Tue, 29 May 2018 19:37:05 EST G6SJbQVw No.453596
File: 1527637025235.jpg -(218405B / 213.29KB, 422x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Buyfag thread
>tfw finally getting a job and realize I can buy albums

It's been a decade since I have been able to really get into albums.
There is so much more to physical than digital, for me digital completely removed the joy and pleasure of music and reduced it to a disposable commodity.
I wish the world would wake up to the importance of buying albums, the money is going to the artist! More money to the musician = more music!
I wanna buy a big pretty looking shelf to house all my sounds.

If anybody here is a musician and you have physical releases post your bandcamp or whatever, I might buy your album if I enjoy it.


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- Thu, 24 May 2018 00:07:09 EST KTjakFAW No.453575
File: 1527134829498.jpg -(138159B / 134.92KB, 1024x683) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Melancholy



moar plz
DSfA !!4N+Uxa7h - Thu, 24 May 2018 13:41:43 EST 3uA6sgR0 No.453580 Reply
Little Dragon - Twice (16 Bit Remix).mp3 -(7282850B / 6.95MB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's a thread at >>453388 and I'll post a Little Dragon tune from my comedown playlist since you did :) Don't be too sad Hamilton old pal, there's still lots about life to celebrate x

Fascinating Movie Soundtracks

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- Wed, 23 May 2018 12:10:35 EST XCjKM/wk No.453571
File: 1527091835366.jpg -(155489B / 151.84KB, 608x609) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fascinating Movie Soundtracks
Every now and then I come across a movie OST that's not what I was expecting at all so I figured it might make for an interesting thread.


To start off, a recent one I discovered is for the 1993 movie Judgement Night. I'm pretty sure I caught it on cable as a teenager but had no recollection of the soundtrack until I found it today. It's a collection of original songs and covers done by a prominent rock/heavy metal/alternative group at the time along with a prominent rap group at the time. The results are pretty interesting. the tracklist is as follows:

  1. "Just Another Victim" by Helmet and House of Pain
  2. "Fallin'" by Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul
  3. "Me, Myself & My Microphone" by Living Colour and Run DMC
  4. "Judgement Night" by Biohazard and Onyx
  5. "Disorder" by Slayer and Ice-T
  6. "Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.
  7. "I Love You Mary Jane" by Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill
  8. "Freak Momma" by Mudhoney and Sir Mix-A-Lot
  9. "Missing Link" by Dinosaur Jr. and Del the Funky Homosapien
  10. "Come & Die" by Therapy? and Fatal
  11. "Real Thing" by Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill

There was even a proposed track between Tool & Rage Against the Machine that wasn't included because neither band was satisfied with the outcome, but the song has since leaked so you can listen to it here: https://youtu.be/ixoRxbS03jQ

Wild stuff. I've got a few others on my mind but feel free to post your own suggestions.
DSfA !!4N+Uxa7h - Thu, 24 May 2018 13:22:06 EST 3uA6sgR0 No.453577 Reply
01 Fallin' (ft. Teenage Fanclub).m4a -(4008461B / 3.82MB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've got the CD single of the De La Sould/Teenage Fanclub one... a Jam Master Jay mix on the b-side!

battle stations

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- Sat, 19 May 2018 19:50:13 EST 4PyMlveQ No.453555
File: 1526773813983.jpg -(83236B / 81.29KB, 576x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. battle stations
What's up /m/ I just got some actual turntables in the mail and I'm loving blasting through my burgeoning collection of dubstep records. Can we has a gear porn thread?

Also gonna share one of the tunes I've been loving recently. I'm trying to stay up on those Deep Medi records now since they always sell out.

Charles Warryham - Mon, 21 May 2018 18:26:33 EST Rhbk17ys No.453567 Reply
1526941593169.jpg -(2597325B / 2.48MB, 5312x2988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Im making a tube driven reverb tank out of a biscuit tin using a schematic i found on the internet. Its almost ready to be tested.

Psychedelic references in psytrance?

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- Wed, 16 May 2018 12:00:56 EST rvoouR0m No.453539
File: 1526486456925.jpg -(469650B / 458.64KB, 696x1077) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psychedelic references in psytrance?
I'm doing research on music and substance use, and I'm looking for PsyTrance music videos that contain explicit references to psychedelics. Also looking for any type of electronic music videos that features explicit MDMA references. If anyone knows of any and can link thekm, you'd be helping me out a lot!
Clara Choshchug - Thu, 17 May 2018 05:28:39 EST heuYfIQ2 No.453545 Reply
the group 1200 micrograms made a whole album where all the songs are named after different drugs, samples about them, etc.
Ernest Drabberfoot - Sat, 19 May 2018 04:27:57 EST IX5Ue0E/ No.453554 Reply
I listen to a lot of this stuff. If any psytrance has references to drugs in the music itself it is usually in the form of ~30 second samples during the break in beats. As for official music videos made specifically for psytrance tracks, even for the most popular producers, don't really exist. There is one I can think of, (linked below) but all unofficial videos applied to tracks and mixes are more than likely going to consist of people dancing in front of a stage and trippy animations/cinema/vignettes. Most of this is pretty corny and not very good.
Psytrance is meant to be listened to through a hi-fidelity stereo system in nature among like-minded enthusiasts while allowing it to move and dance you around with a proper dj/producer curating the flow. In its full spectrum it's highly introspective music with meaning derived from the experience a individual has while listening to it and any external visual stimuli accompanying it is secondary on all accounts.
Hope this helps


Waited so long

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- Tue, 15 May 2018 11:26:19 EST wqM5VV7B No.453530
File: 1526397979107.jpg -(48950B / 47.80KB, 1200x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Waited so long
Can't believe it's here!

childish gambino

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- Sun, 13 May 2018 23:47:03 EST yBktS1cZ No.453516
File: 1526269623020.jpg -(203228B / 198.46KB, 740x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. childish gambino
Is that childish gambino song really that interesting? I read the lyrics and it seems pretty straight forward and even loses direction at some points. I'm sick of rich dumb white people on my facebook telling me this new childish gambino song is super deep and revolutionary.
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Caroline Necklebury - Tue, 15 May 2018 04:51:22 EST CbFVOWzd No.453526 Reply
I don't get why you'd ignore half a post and reply to it like it was saying something different.

The OP asked a question, I replied that I think he already knows the answer and his post is a ruse. That is very different to what you're accusing me of.

This is a bizarre thing to have to explain since my original post was in no way confusing.
George Hangerbanks - Tue, 15 May 2018 23:58:43 EST tzNV7LH7 No.453535 Reply
1526443123830.jpg -(161158B / 157.38KB, 450x626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Can we all just agree that nobody in this thread understands the deep message behind "This Is America" and where all white and racist because of that?
Eugene Grimman - Wed, 16 May 2018 03:31:53 EST 3uA6sgR0 No.453536 Reply
>>453526 Haha sorry I still don't get it, why would it be a ruse?

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