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- Sat, 04 May 2019 17:18:26 EST OF0cmyiA No.454906
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Post songs of triumph.



Alice Turveyson - Fri, 15 May 2020 01:30:57 EST YTv4gwU2 No.456617 Reply
really great picks, these songs have kept me together through some really tough times

The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection

Talking Heads - Pulled Up

Frank Harris - Hold On To The Vision

Pete Seeger - Tomorrow Is A Highway

Van der Graaf Generator - Childlike Faith in Childhoods End (this one at 12 minutes does take a while to build up, but the end makes me tear up every single time I hear it)

Asja Kadric - Fear Not This Night

The Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free

These three are a bit more tenuous but they really reflect major breakthroughs I've had at various points in my life, maybe someone else will find them inspiring as well

13th Floor Elevators - Thru The Rhythm

Procol Harum - Quite Rightly So

Love - You Set The Scene
Martin Buzzlock - Thu, 21 May 2020 09:21:47 EST W63lAfx6 No.456649 Reply
Songs in this thread so far
Needless to say, the mood a song conjures up differs from person to person. These are my own views and interpretations. I'll share my own selection of songs in the next post.

>Alchemist - Arrival
Quite good. Has a very confident, triumphant feel to it, as well as the vibe of a new dawn.

>Lettuce - The Force
Quite good. Slightly less 'muscular', but more joyful than the previous, with more of a mood that puts emphasis on the journey that led to the triumph, if that makes sense?

>Rjd2 - Ghostwriter
Not a bad tune, but didn't conjure up any feelings of succes at first. To me, the beginning (up until roughly the 1:30 mark) has more of a slightly melancholic, reminiscent or reflective feel to it. Something a Hollywood film would use to score some lightweight drinker with a regretful hangover. Then it picks up and for a while it does exude an atmosphere of victory-related elation.

>Good As Hell (Vintage '20s Style Lizzo Cover) feat. Ashley Stroud
I have a particular dislike for "quirky" covers of contemporary songs done in old-fashiony styles. So, with all the bias in the world, I say: awful and entirely not triumphant. Would rather listen to a hairdryer.

>Street Fighter Alpha 2 Sakura Theme
Quite gaudy and kitsch-sounding, which is to be expected of a videogame soundtrack. Not terrible, though and definitely has an air of having overcome a hurdle.

>The Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection
Quite good, but I don't pick up any triumph vibes. It has a carefree, gleeful feel to it, though, which I suppose can be considered a victory in certain situations. The airy quality to it give off a vibe of new beginnings, as well.

>Talking Heads - Pulled Up
Quite good. The guitar play which starts at 0:38 has a very irresistible feel-good factor to it. I'd place this more in the self-assuring category than victorious. However, it does have an "unshackled" undertone which can be considered triumphant.

>No Retreat,No Surrender - Hold On To The Vision
Sounds like the soundtrack to the montage segment of every 1980's action film. Don't particularly care for it, though I can see why this would embolden you (but only if you are sporting a mullet and have fanny pack with grenades in it wrapped round your waist).

>Pete Seeger - Tomorrow is a Highway
I'm picking up a little too much mournful, pensive tones to feel any victorious or triumphant moods. However, it does have an inspirational quality to it.

>Van Der Graaf Generator - Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
It takes two minutes to kick in, but when it does it emits a bold, conquering atmosphere. I imagine this would work well in a dystopian setting where society has crumbled and mankind is ruled by marauding gangs of butch lesbians who have enslaved the handful of straight hot chicks left on the planet for breeding purposes. At night they go out and hunt down the smattering of virile men who survived the apocalypse and capture them to reproduce with the enslaved hot chicks. This song would play as I escape the clutches of the evil lesbiotronics and dwell the desert, thinking of all the hot poon tang I was forced to fornicate with. This moment inspires me to return to the caves where the nasty lesbians live and blow up their evil empire and free all the hot poon tang, after which I singlehandedly repopulate the world back to its 2020 population and an Eifel-tower size statue of my penis is erected (pun intended) to never forget what happened.

>Fear Not This Night - Asja Kadric
Flat, tedious, predictable. Sounds like it could have ended up mid-table on Eurovision. Would rather listen to a washing machine filled with bricks.

>The Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free
A little too delicate and sentimental to be considered as having a victorious or triumphant atmosphere.

>The 13th Floor Elevators - Thru The Rhythm
Quality song. However, I find it has more a frenetic, rousing atmosphere to it than one of victory. Definitely a great song if you need stimulating.

>Procol Harum - Quite Rightly So
Definitely feeling this one. Has that distinct feel of elation and delight to it that one associates with a success.

>Love - You Set the Scene
I love Love, but I find this works better as a breezy anthem for the insouciant, cheerful attitude one feels when life isn't kicking you in the testicles and you feel a wave of optimism and joy and opportunity flow through your veins.

>21 years of 3rd Strike
When this started playing I switched back to the tab because I thought a horrible advert for some sort of hi-tech sports shoe had started playing. Turns out it was the song. Not a fan, though I understand why people would feel triumphant listening to this. Personally, I'd rather listen to a thousands frogs being burnt alive.

>Adam York - Yakety Sax
I would rather stick my head in the anus of an African elephant than ever listen to this again. A for awful. You should have at least gone for the original, buddy.
Martin Buzzlock - Thu, 21 May 2020 10:36:36 EST W63lAfx6 No.456650 Reply
Here's my list. Some are obvious in their stirring up of a sense of victory and success, others are a little less direct. Please feel free to discuss and critique my selection. I won't add my own reviews as it may affect your own listening experience. I hope you enjoy them!

Franks Echo Quintett - Melodie Fuer Barbara

The G.G. All Stars - 2,000 Tons Of T.N.T.

Sensational Saints - How Great Thou Art

Graham Gouldman - Bionic Boar

Sound Dimension - Wish Bone

Cos - Oostend, Oostend

Manhatten Brothers - Vuka Vuka

Lester Sterling - Spoogy

Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters - Karagouna

Claudete - Queen Of The World

Johnny Jones And The King Casuals - Soul Poppin

Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over

Anoman Brouh Felix - Kpichiamon

Benoit Hutin & Joachim Sherylee

Elias Rahbani - Dance of Maria

Jackie Mittoo - Peenie Wallie

Young-Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut

One Deep - Crime Stories

Happy Mondays - Step On

The Wailing Wailers - I'm Gonna Put It On

The Beaters - Inhlupheko Iphelile
Unable to find on youtube

That's my list without having delved into my Garage Rock and Psychedelic Rock folders (I left them out because the list would be vastly too long). I might come back and post solely Garage Rock and Psychedelic Rock songs, though, that would be a good list.
Alice Drudgetadge - Thu, 21 May 2020 10:40:47 EST YTv4gwU2 No.456651 Reply
All fair except in my view I Am The Resurrection is definitely triumphant à la "I Will Survive", or reflects triumph in spite of the actions of another person. The messianic theme is an outrageously prideful (Ian's trademark really) way to symbolize rebirth after ending a difficult relationship, one where all the love turned to hate but you still needed the other person and you still had so much of your own personality tied up in their's

And the triumphant aspect of both Thru the Rhythm and You Set The Scene is that I associate them with finally getting to the point in my life where I felt what they had to say, more guiding than inspiring, the triumph is finally getting the feeling both those songs describe after searching for it my whole life.
George Cribberlack - Fri, 22 May 2020 06:02:40 EST W63lAfx6 No.456658 Reply
That's a marvellous explanation of I Am The Resurrection! I fully agree with your take on the song and I suppose that is the same vibe I was picking up when I ascribed it a carefree, gleeful feel. This would indeed amount to a triumphant state in the situation (and interpretation) you sketch.

>The triumph is finally getting the feeling both those songs describe after searching for it my whole life.
That's a beautiful description of something I have sometimes struggled with. I often find myself delaying listening to certain songs because I don't think i'm "ripe" or I am not in the stage of my life where I feel like the song's inherent magic would impact me the way I know (or wish) it could. Do you understand what I mean? I don't know whether to take the "the right time is now" approach or put songs up on a pedestal and "work towards them", if you will. I don't know if I'm making sense, but I'd love to talk about it.

By the way, do you have some sort of music profile (rateyourmusic or so, I don't know many, I'm not into social media)? I'd be interested in seeing your taste in music
Emma Sonnerlork - Fri, 22 May 2020 13:27:59 EST YTv4gwU2 No.456661 Reply
I don't have a RYM or a last.fm anymore but I used too. The problem with last.fm is I would fall asleep listening to music and my plays were all messed up and RYM I cared more about my curve than anything else and I wasn't realistically appraising the music, I spent too much time trying to make the subjective objective.

I've been meaning to get one again just because I want to keep a library of music, the only social media I have anymore is snapchat and discord, I get on IRCs occasionally too.

>Do you understand what I mean?

absolutely, I actually have a very erratic way of finding new music where if I really, really like something from an artist I'll introduce their songs into my library slowly to almost savor it. A lot of bands in my top 100 I haven't even listened to all their work, I can count on one hand the band I've heard all of their material, The Velvet Underground (minus Squeeze), The Smiths, and New Order are about it. Maybe random groups with really small oeuvres like Turquoise Days, The Normal, Silicon Teens, etc. and random local groups

The thing that I love about Thru The Rhythm is that the theme of the song in my mind is not about reaching one final destination and saying "OK I'm here", it's more about finding and getting into the rhythm of your life, or pursuing your "True Will" to put it in terms of the occult. The whole album was deeply influenced by Alfred Korzybski and his (admittedly flawed) system of "general semantics" I find the lines:

>I've smelled the stench from the fumes that rise
>From the books that rehash the same old lies
>I felt the panic that they disguise
>In the forms of laws of every size

To be particularly powerful in light of the fact that after years of seeking I've come to be satisfied in the conclusion that there can't be any one grand narrative to life, that things can be more or less accurate but never the full picture. I think that while the noumenal world certainly exists in my mind, only subjective experience is knowable. Which means, I believe, that all phenomena can be interpreted as "as good as real". I don't believe that this means any idea is as good as any other, no one legitimately says that, not Derrida, not Baudrillard, not the most devout student postmodernism.

I think this realization comes to us in glimpses at first and it's usually terrifying, especially when it comes to you on drugs or through meditation. We tend to push it down deeper and deeper inside of us and become more resolved in our beliefs but eventually for some people the whole thing just falls apart, and I'm really glad it happened to me.

This is an excellent series of lectures on the topic by in my mind one of the best and easiest to understand teachers of philosophy if you're into this sort of thing (and it's incredible to hear someone with his accent talk about Foucault and say words like "straw person", it shows you can't prejudge people):

But yeah I'd be happy to keep in touch however you'd like

You might also be interested in this as well if you're familiar with the song

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