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stupid guitar question

- Thu, 10 Oct 2019 20:40:55 EST Jdgiz50u No.455701
File: 1570754455961.png -(555723B / 542.70KB, 535x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. stupid guitar question
so i bought an electric acoustic (acoustic electric)?

anyway it has a 3/4 jack. there's a 3/4 jack to usb conveniently being sold online. the guit has an onboard preamp. im content with just the basics right now.

here's the dummy question: do i have to change the metal strings i've been using on it in its acoustic form to nylon strings in order for the pickups and computer software to register my playing?

derp i figure the answer is yes, but i wonder since i havent bought nylons or computer hookup equipment yet.

Cyan - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 07:47:57 EST a8iRzmsf No.455703 Reply
1570794477963.png -(89068B / 86.98KB, 375x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What is the model of guitar?

If it's a guitar which was designed to be used with Nylon strings please please please dont put steel strings on the poor instrument. The tension could RIP the bridge off.

If it's a steel string guitar then dont even worry about using nylon, it wont sound very good and the pickups are probably not ideal for them.

Can you link the cable too? It sounds like you're looking at those rocksmith realtone cables. They're basically an audio interface in a cable so they'll get the job done but you could do better. You'll have to set up some other software to deal with latency. It would be better to use an actual audio interface if you can.

Finally what software are you using? If you just wanna record you can do it. If you're talking some kind of pitch to midi stuff well you may have problems. We need details Cedric!

And you mean a 1/4" instrument cable?
Henry Sunnerchane - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 07:56:39 EST eYaHU/96 No.455704 Reply
If it has pickups installed you must use metal strings. Pickups work off the magnetism of steel and nylon isn't ferric. Unless you have a piezo pickup you'll get no sound out of it. Post a model so I can say for sure but I don't see any reason to use nylons.

Nylons are generally for acoustic and metal is for electric. Think you may have them backwards here.
Lydia Crublingson - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 10:25:36 EST scBYe+I7 No.455717 Reply
1570976736581.png -(271239B / 264.88KB, 537x524) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP Here.

Ill just swallow my embarrassment here. I meant 1/4 jack for electric guitar output.

The guitar I bought is just a Yamaha Acoustic Electric it has onboard preamp and 1 way piezo pickups as well as an out port for a 1/4 jack.

it came with, i don't know what else to call them but metal, (brass , steel, copper, tin i think for the EADBGE.. they came in a set) strings. they sound fine, i like to fumble with them and sound off some notes/strum when i know i am alone.

i have been using Rosegarden software on Fedora Linux to record my singing.
i don't think i am going to need it, since Audacity does fine for recording and editing.

So I am looking at a 22$
Behringer GUITAR 2 USB Guitar to USB Interface Cable

IF the cord works on my linux computer, youre saying that I need to keep the metal strings in order for the music software to pick up my playing?

if I can record my playing, I'd be very happy. I'm trying to do this all bare bones first, so I don't feel like a fool on expensive equipment that I can't get to work.

I do wish there were some way to play the electric, have it record to the computer, but not have the phyiscal guitar sound out loud. is there a way to do that? i always thought this was how electric guitars worked, actually.

maybe the synthesizer programs are more for me. still, i believe the guitar deserves a special kind of respect and I owe it to everyone to at least try to incorporate a real one.

thanks for taking time to read this.
Eliza Herryputch - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 09:17:58 EST +3sQk2vG No.455723 Reply
Well, since it's an ACOUSTIC electric, you're never gonna be able to avoid hearing the sound of the guitar itself.
If it were just a normal electric, all you'd hear is the strings clicking from your pick. Along with any audio coming from the computer or amp.

They're usually copper coated strings.
D'Addario strings are a good route for a beginner.
If you happen to break a string I'd recommend going to your local music store
(Guitar center does a thing where you pay for the strings to be changed and they replace them with Ernie Ball strings, which are good. They do it for free. You just pay for the work to be done.)

If it means anything, if you cannot record to your PC and everything, you have an acoustic. Microphone usage with acoustic doesn't sound bad for your own personal listening.

Always record yourself, and always listen back to how you sound. Look where you can improve and what you can work on.

Justinguitar.com is a decent website, ignore the guys fashion sense and you're good to go, lol.
Chordify, Ultimate Guitar, Songster, these are all good song databases, if you'd like to look for ways to play the songs you like. They're not always correct so. Better than nothing at this stage however.

Struggle thru the pain of your finger tips being numb or calloused.
Hope everything's good for you and have fun playin!

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