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Need some help

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- Wed, 03 Nov 2021 01:04:44 EST Ca6BAcfK No.228056
File: 1635915884748.jpg -(2185599B / 2.08MB, 2992x2992) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Need some help
Trying to find some info on this little guy.
Anyone know of any resources for mg or to avoid?
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Shitting Bridgedock - Sun, 07 Nov 2021 03:08:02 EST Tu1SSh9v No.228061 Reply
1636272482980.jpg -(304136B / 297.01KB, 1440x1766) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP reporting back. Buddy had a test kit very strong indicator for mdma. However, we suspect asprin as the cutting agent because the test went a certain color before going black.

Roll report: I AM IN A BLISSFUL STATE OF WELL BEING. My depression doesnt even exist. Laying down and feeling this much of vibrating feeling is sublime.
Took a risk, but ALWAYS TEST.
Shitting Bridgedock - Sun, 07 Nov 2021 04:18:52 EST Tu1SSh9v No.228062 Reply
This! I couldn't remember this website! Read report below 9/10 roll

What was your last trip like

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- Wed, 30 Dec 2020 05:52:44 EST 5lfcGwAQ No.227785
File: 1609325564581.jpg -(244082B / 238.36KB, 750x1062) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What was your last trip like
Let’s talk about it
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Lydia Smallworth - Sun, 14 Nov 2021 16:38:47 EST ou+hvYeH No.228067 Reply
like yeah, getting the ego out of the way and showing the raw version of yourself is so rewarding. tbh though yeah, i kinda don't like that i have to get high to get this close, because i don't want any form of dependency over it.

What i am somewhat worried is, I confessed my love towards her while tripping, and afterwards, she said she's not interesting in relationships at the moment, but she has been wanting to meet up with me this week as well.

I like her, but i can accept friendship there are always other people. I just hope that interaction doesn't make things odd in the future.
User is currently banned from all boards
Shit Mubblefin - Tue, 16 Nov 2021 11:34:19 EST aOCHLJqn No.228068 Reply
I feel bad that youre such a pussy. This girl is going to friendzone you so hard
Cyril Nicklehood - Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:57:16 EST ou+hvYeH No.228069 Reply
yeah, after putting down the rose tinted glasses, I figured. I actually just cut my losses, and left it as is. She then messages me out of the blue, told me we should be fwb. idk, how I feel about it. I think there's going to be more problems if i do so.

theres other people.
User is currently banned from all boards

Mdma + Ibogaine

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- Sat, 04 Sep 2021 08:04:17 EST J0OFzfmb No.228011
File: 1630757057671.jpg -(53254B / 52.01KB, 375x249) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mdma + Ibogaine
Can you mix Mdma and Ibogaine? Has anyone tried it? I tried Ibogaine once with ketemine and it was amazing I felt it for like 2 days after the desert rave. I even saw new scenes in a music DVD for instance that disappeared later I saw a skeleton I wish I took a screen shot I thought it would always be there in the future though so I procrastinated it then it went away. Probably two of my favorite drugs but I can't find any info on them together
Wesley Brookville - Sat, 04 Sep 2021 08:06:03 EST J0OFzfmb No.228012 Reply
Op here ive actually tried ibogaine twice not once, mdma around 30 times
Edward Fapperkirk - Wed, 08 Sep 2021 04:39:55 EST 31b7xXKr No.228014 Reply
I wouldn't fuck around with combinations on iboga for the same reason you don't want to redose or take a high dose, because it can cause fatal heart complications.
I don't know if that's specifically down to how ibogaine interacts with the heart in high doses but I would avoid pushing your luck with stims of any description on ibogaine.

30+ pills

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- Sat, 30 Oct 2021 07:20:26 EST zpk03S6f No.228041
File: 1635592826066.png -(23828B / 23.27KB, 2291x2074) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 30+ pills
I took like 30 pills this year and still nothing really bad happened to me expect really bad nightmares for 2 days..
Angus Sezzlefidge - Mon, 01 Nov 2021 01:04:48 EST 2q/jMAAU No.228053 Reply
i took ten beans, then like 6 methylone beans and another really good blue star bean probably .8 grams of molly over the course of my when i take drugs career which is 8 years, the beans where within 1 year except the blue one and i maybe roll maybe once a year at this point , havent since jan 2020
Angus Sezzlefidge - Mon, 01 Nov 2021 01:07:04 EST 2q/jMAAU No.228054 Reply
i think its better to forget what it feels like before doing it again, but i did get the mental scar of rolling with some girl whose idea of a good time was asking me to touch her and stuff like scratch her and bites her ears touch her boobs, nothing has ever come close to how awesome that was and it makes me sad knowing that was one of the peak brain chemical times in my life and that i will never see her again and that the love was drug induced

on the bright side tho it was fun as fuck and i have goo memories about it to, but its like double edged sword memories

I.V mdma

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- Sat, 07 Jul 2018 10:59:08 EST pCN7LQUT No.226467
File: 1530975548075.jpg -(156693B / 153.02KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I.V mdma
I know some of you guys have done it lots of times. Is it worth it? I feel like I have to experience it, dont know why but I have this feeling. I have needles with micron filters ready and some distilled water. But I've heard that its not as good as taken orally for some reason, is this true? Dosages? Stories?
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Edward Fapperkirk - Wed, 08 Sep 2021 04:48:21 EST 31b7xXKr No.228015 Reply
Extremely intense if you hit a vein. Lasts for 15-30 minutes tops. Surprisingly little comedown.
You will poke the everloving fuck of the arm chasing the high until you run of mdma unless you're great at hitting your veins.
This will guaranteeably kill most of the magic you have left in this substance without an extremely long tolerance break.
If you're interested in this ROA I strongly advise you to consider plugging instead, it's reasonably intense, won't fuck your veins and allows you to retain some aspect of self control.
Dextrolord - Thu, 30 Sep 2021 10:22:45 EST Yph+sMOx No.228028 Reply
1633011765830.jpg -(297174B / 290.21KB, 719x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You do you, please be as safe as you can, but this is one I would recommend against as well. Not just for the physical hazards, but because some drugs are complex in how our bodies digest/metabolize them and they should be taken orally for the "best/most traditional" high. I don't know enough about MDMA in specific to say this is for sure the case for this drug, but my gut says we don't know enough about our brains and how they work for us to really fully understand the mechanisms behind an experience as profound as a good roll and condense it into a single shot to be injected.... I bet it is one hell of a rush and probably incredibley unique... but so was smoking xanax and I'm not doing that again either....
Isabella Dandlepack - Wed, 13 Oct 2021 00:32:27 EST T5sWlbfP No.228036 Reply
I did this once. Had a wonderful evening and morning and couldn’t move the morning after. About 400-500mg with minimal side effects administered IM, bit of chest discomfort was the worst of it. I think I looked at porn or whatever. It’s a 5hour ‘clusterfuck of pleasure’ as long as you aren’t allergic, which like one in five are. I thought that I was having the party of the century with that roa, honest. I rev maybe 150mg if you have allergy tested

anxiety and paranoia?

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- Sun, 12 Sep 2021 02:46:00 EST lhhJaPao No.228018
File: 1631429160025.jpg -(209319B / 204.41KB, 841x757) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. anxiety and paranoia?
my experience in the past with mdma that i've tested has been that it makes me euphoric, clears my thinking, and leaves me with an afterglow for a few days. recently, i got some that i didn't test, and the experience was very different

my dose was 120mg, followed by 80mg an hour later. it was similar at first. i was high and silly, although it didn't increase my empathy and ability to socialize the way mdma normally does, nor did it make me nearly as just plain happy. then when i was coming down, i started getting intense anxiety and irrational paranoia, and it faded into something more like a "hangover" than an "afterglow." also, i feel like i've got less memory of the experience than i usually do with mdma

come to think of it, i had a similar experience with a single 100mg dose from this batch a couple weeks ago

i'm going to use some test kits on what i have left when i get the chance, but in the meanwhile, does anyone have any thoughts on what the substance i got might be or what else might have caused this?
Matilda Crunkinstock - Tue, 14 Sep 2021 10:20:53 EST haXSmPL/ No.228019 Reply
Probably some shit cathinone


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- Tue, 22 Dec 2020 00:57:10 EST ZeumkiOT No.227754
File: 1608616630022.png -(913537B / 892.13KB, 719x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. MOLLY ON SSRI'S + SEROQUEL
Hello guys. At this point in time I am 14 months sober. Last year I went through a very rough anxiety phase that was triggered by sleep deprivation. It lasted from maybe half way through October until about halfway through December. Since then, I have been fine for the most part, with little bits of anxiety and insomnia here and there...

Lately I've been thinking about smoking a little weed and taking some MDMA. I really don't want to make weed a regular occurrence, But I definitely would want to smoke some for the occasional roll. I have smoked countless times and have rolled many many times as well, but I haven't done anything in over a year. I'm very cautious about starting back up because I don't want to reignite my anxiety or insomnia.

Is taking MDMA / smoking weed a bad idea if you're on SSRI's? Sativa kind of gives me insomnia and Molly can obviously keep you up, but last time I took molly I fell asleep standing up, so I'm not really worried about that.

Sometimes I still have this fear of Sleep; or not getting any sleep... And I also get kind of anxious thinking about how long I've been on meds... I am currently on a 10mg dose of Lexapro daily and I take about 50 mg of Seroquel before bed with
a bit of hydroxyzine. Would it be safe for me to roll in a controlled environment?, I want to get another 4 months sobriety under my belt at least... But I definitely want to in the near future.

4 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Clara Hevingbutch - Tue, 02 Feb 2021 01:23:53 EST P4c28+PV No.227833 Reply
Why bother taking Lexapro if you’re just gonna take molly
Hedda Pabberlock - Sat, 11 Sep 2021 01:28:54 EST ZeumkiOT No.228016 Reply
OP here. I ended up breaking sobriety about a month or two after I posted this. Smoked weed for a while, maybe like a month and then I quit. I went 3 months sober after that; but I wanted to get high because the new Kanye album was coming out (And It was great), and sort of ended up getting back into it again. But I decided to quit last night...

For the most part; weed DIDN'T give me anxiety... If anything it helped deal with it. I also came to realize it wasn't weed that gave me insomnia; it was the fact I would always smoke at RETARDED times of the night. (I remember smoking at 6:30 am before going out to get donuts with my friend's dad... When I got home I didn't fall asleep till 10 am, then I woke up at 4pm. I felt DISGUSTING.) If I set a reasonable curfew for myself I'll be fine. Sativa or hybrid is more likely to keep me up; while Indica makes me quite relaxed. I often fall asleep quicker than when I'm sober. If I have insomnia it is probably from doing physical activity too late, or using the computer too late.

I am getting sober again because I get a lot more done this way. I was tend to neglect fitness when I smoke all the time. I'm starting to get in shape for the first time in my life and I want to take that to the next level instead of moving backwards. Also I don't really read, or do anything productive financially when I'm in stoner mode so I need to focus on the guap.

Music on the other hand is different, I can come up with dope melodies and song concepts when I'm high, but I cant really buckle down and write a full song. I need a more punctual, focused mind to do that. It's nice to hear what you've been working on when you're high to see how it vibes, but focus and effort is what's most important for me in the greater scheme of things.

I have to ask one thing though (I don't expect any answers in a dead thread like this)... Does anyone else thing SSRI's make you less high? I remember smoking after long periods of not smoking and the weed hit me WAAAAAAYYYY harder than it did when I first broke sobriety. Perhaps I'm exaggerating abit. Maybe since there was such a long period I went without it, I might have forgotten the feeling abit. But I swear it didn't hit me as hard... Maybe I'm just getting old.
Hedda Pabberlock - Sat, 11 Sep 2021 01:50:56 EST ZeumkiOT No.228017 Reply
Also, I was probably right on the money in my first post when I said I only want to smoke occasionally. I only want to smoke for special moments. I smoked before that Kanye livestream where he brought Marilyn Manson, Da Baby and everyone out at Soldier Field and I FELT that shit! I really felt like I was there.

He really set himself on fire. Holy Fuck!

I only want to smoke for dope shit like that. Or Holidays and parties. Making it an everyday thing is gross. I am in my later 20's so its hard for me to get weed from the homies like I used to. It's legal where I'm at and I always end up buying an overpriced eighth when I could have got a 2 gram 20 of some dank. I'd rather just get something I could smoke in a day or two.

I still REALLY want to roll again but I'm more concerned about how I'd react to it. I have a friend who could definitely help me out. But I am going to finish my album before I do anything again. And even after that I might just wait til I'm off lexapro so I can get the best experience.

Sorry for typing so much. I just wanted to record my thoughts and share them with you guys.

Can MDMA in some degree alleviate/cure anxiety on a long term?

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- Thu, 20 May 2021 14:06:32 EST yFUNvkC+ No.227909
File: 1621533992828.jpg -(11467B / 11.20KB, 252x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Can MDMA in some degree alleviate/cure anxiety on a long term?
I suffer from quite bad anxiety daily. From my personal experience when I take sort of high doses of MDMA or Extacy my anxiety is almost completely non existent weeks following the experience. The same sort of thing can be noticed when i drink a lot of alcohol, to the point where my anxiety is almost gone during the drunkeness. My anxiety is then almost completely gone days following this. The common factor here is that my anxiety seems to vanish after I have experienced a state where my anxiety is not present regardless of the substance. Anyone of you that have had similiar experiences or know what this is??
Best regards
Archie Murdham - Tue, 17 Aug 2021 00:19:55 EST rEd9c+TY No.227996 Reply
I took 150 mg of mdma yesterday and my inner monologue totally vanished. I was very relaxed and looking through people without worrying about feeling out of place. Simultaneously felt very chill calm and collected. It's so amazing for all the stressful thoughts about what I should be doing etc vanishing for a day. It's been about 30 hours since dosing and I feel quite tired today but mostly chill with no stressful thoughts racing around just vibing with the day.
George Duckbanks - Tue, 17 Aug 2021 05:54:51 EST pHQ2A0nM No.227997 Reply
1629194091448.gif -(1025140B / 1001.11KB, 400x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
for a lot of people who are paranoid/anxious/depressed I think it have a lasting positive mood impact that's purely psychological, just good to remind yourself everything's not so bad once in a while kind of thing
Thomas Doddleterk - Mon, 30 Aug 2021 13:38:42 EST TbdOiUhm No.228008 Reply
i feel you. shit was so lit to not have anxiety i ended up becoming a near daily MDMA user and then it wasn't lit anymore. i think if you space it out you should be fine but don't rely on it or expect it to be something you can do super often. stay safe!

Optical illusion and the brain

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- Sat, 14 Aug 2021 17:35:13 EST 0yoevzWL No.227993
File: 1628976913699.gif -(2328339B / 2.22MB, 750x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Optical illusion and the brain
When viewing this optical illusion, what do you feel ?

User is currently banned from all boardsUser is currently banned from all boards

strange Binaural Beats video

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- Wed, 11 Aug 2021 02:11:46 EST 0yoevzWL No.227989
File: 1628662306276.gif -(86015B / 84.00KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. strange Binaural Beats video
After listening to this video, it had a strange effect on me https://youtu.be/1KAlqru_aNg There was some kind of vibration in the body
User is currently banned from all boardsUser is currently banned from all boards

Anyone tried or have info on these?

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- Thu, 15 Jul 2021 23:26:13 EST FyjwVwIx No.227967
File: 1626405973435.jpg -(433627B / 423.46KB, 750x744) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Anyone tried or have info on these?
Has anyone tried these or have any info on them?

Region: North America, Pacific North West

Is it weird that the guy came through with 6 seemingly different pills? Never done pressed xtc before and I expected them to all be the same.
m - Sat, 24 Jul 2021 12:28:32 EST g3no9udY No.227977 Reply
Yeah, there's just no way those are all likely even the same drug, let alone the exact same potency. Your post is either complete naivety or completely delusional, take your pick. Get educated first, like learn how to order an MDMA 4 or 5 reagent test kit, as well as how to check the known databases e.g. drugsdata.org for the symbols/styling/color etc.
Thomas Dizzlebut - Sun, 01 Aug 2021 22:05:04 EST 7TfUq79g No.227986 Reply
i live in ca and can confirm that the tic tac toe pills, phone speech bubble thing, and ace of spade r all legit(if thats where u r), but ive never even seen the other 2 so idk take them if u want but i would test those


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- Wed, 07 Jul 2021 01:05:08 EST sP8PdopQ No.227961
File: 1625634308792.png -(681608B / 665.63KB, 5028x3232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. epills
do e pills even exist anymore? they were around toronto for awhile but then just went mdma out of nowhere and then no pills, what happened?
Basil Pickson - Wed, 07 Jul 2021 21:05:57 EST 8d1+7pZc No.227962 Reply
1625706357455.jpg -(27327B / 26.69KB, 456x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lots of places are like that now because its easy to sell dumb ravers some random powder and tell them its mdma than it is to press fake pills

MDMA + Xanax

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- Fri, 18 Jun 2021 16:40:38 EST mYOTb9Dg No.227942
File: 1624048838234.jpg -(36801B / 35.94KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. MDMA + Xanax
So i wanna try taking xanax with some molly to help even it out. will this cancel out any of the "magic"? It sounds like it could be quite pleasant and comedown wld be smoother too.
7 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Lydia Dessleson - Mon, 21 Jun 2021 19:15:13 EST u5Rs1fBj No.227951 Reply
Cannabis certainly wouldn’t “even put” mdma. Quite the opposite actually l, makes it a lot trippier and greatly increases the chance of anxiety.
Hamilton Cessleworth - Sun, 27 Jun 2021 04:04:12 EST U7q1ChBm No.227954 Reply
Honestly for a chill night, you could just take 75mg and vibe out. You don't need to be completely rolling face jaw clenching like that. Remember the more you do in higher frequency and dose, the more you kill your roll. I keep my doses very low and infrequent and I have been doing so for quite some time. I suggest you do the same and don't get too "into rolling" often. Also get some alpha lipolic acid and 5htp for after you come down. And maybe magnesium to keep you from clenching your jaw and grinding the teeth on that that purdy mouf of yours. Cannabinoids like thc and cbd protect your brain to a degree on mdma as well. Good luck man and happy rolling. Save that shit for a special occasion and dont waste your rolls and as a result, your future serotonin production on unnecessarily strong rolls in boring environments. And drink water and dress lightly for that hot weather.
Hamilton Cessleworth - Sun, 27 Jun 2021 04:07:15 EST U7q1ChBm No.227955 Reply
to clarify, what I mean by killing your roll is that if you dose frequently and in high dosages without giving your brain time to recover, you suffer more chance of killing the magic due to the intense tolerance build up and down regulation of your serotonin receptors as I understand it. You have to really abuse molly to get cognition deficits and emotional issues, but the magic will fade fast if you abuse it too much too fast. That's a fact that I bet many can attest to here on this board.

mdma dosage include hydrochloride salts

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- Sun, 27 Jun 2021 03:59:21 EST U7q1ChBm No.227953
File: 1624780761181.png -(947501B / 925.29KB, 960x958) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. mdma dosage include hydrochloride salts
Can't get a straight answer so I thought I would hit up 420chan.

If I want to get a dose of 150mg mdma, do I just weigh up 150 mdma crystals? I heard the most pure mdma is around 84 percent due to hydrochloride salts that cannot be removed after synthesis. Do I need to bump my dosage accounting for 16% that cannot be removed after synthesis(assuming its "pure 84% molly" or are the dosages accounted for? For instance, a 300mg tablet bean, if I take half of that, do I need to take 150mg mdma crystals to get the same dose, or slightly more?

Any help would be appreciated.

pic unrelated

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