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Crazy Good MDMA by Samuel Grandshit - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 00:06:21 EST ID:RviN9YOq No.224886 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1483938381285.jpg -(22463B / 21.94KB, 480x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 22463
I had probably the best MDMA I'll ever have in my life recently, I met a dude who knows a dude who knows a dude who was able to get it straight from the source, tested at 83% purity. And Wow.

This thread has no point or purpose, no questions or anything productive. I just need to talk about how fucking PHENOMENAL it was. I dropped .08 and didn't feel anything for half an hour, and then it was like a switch was flicked in my head and I was rolling tits. No nauseating come up, no anxiety or body load, I was not rolling, and then a minute later I was soaring on a low dose like that.

Throughout the night I did three more points, and at no point whatsoever did I feel overwhelmed or slightly discomforted. No jaw tension at all, I might as well have been sober if it weren't for the waves of sheer bliss smashing against my everything. At one point I even fell asleep with no trouble at all.

The best part was the comedown, it was like a nice, gentle release instead of the normal despair and discomfort, like saying goodbye to a good friend rather than watching your friend get kidnapped and shot in the head. It left me feeling better than I had before rolling for days after.

I'm really looking forward to candy flipping with it in a few weeks, got a new batch of stormtroopers that are supposedly upwards of 99% pure. Its gun b gud.

That's all. Thanks for reading, had to get that out there, gimme gimme gimme dat attention. Anybody have any ideas for fun shit to do with extra pure MDMA?
Graham Sellerhood - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 07:11:05 EST ID:YL4HWgpo No.224887 Ignore Report Quick Reply
that doesn't sound like mdma to me though

>Anybody have any ideas for fun shit to do
Polly Wunderwine - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 15:18:44 EST ID:3ozNMwap No.224888 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Was it ridiculously white? Like transparent white? Cause that was also my best experience with molly. An MDMA so powerful the positive after glow lasted like a week. God bless the deep webz!
Doris Drashwater - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 16:40:44 EST ID:Pm5myykP No.224890 Ignore Report Quick Reply
80mg is not a low dose
Samuel Grandshit - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 17:26:59 EST ID:RviN9YOq No.224893 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yuuup, had a very slight tan tint to it but was pretty much see through rocks. And seriously, what would we do without the deepweb, lol
.08, not .8. Supposedly the lowest amount you can take and still fully roll.
Sugar Cubes !yV1kUsqr/. - Mon, 09 Jan 2017 18:29:34 EST ID:VIt0SNyV No.224894 Ignore Report Quick Reply

your experience sounds like mine when i first started getting pure X. I love how it goes with whatever you're doling, i think there's some screencap of a poster here talking about that fact. Clean molly always fits the situation you use it in very well.

Users who get used to doing it at raves and other such events cant imagine how anyone would want to sit at home alone or with friends and take it. People who use it in more relaxed settings, typically at home, can't imagine why anyone would go to a loud and busy venue and take it.

With pure X i always get jittery ( like i drank a large coffee) on the comeup but end up couch-locked, IF i sit down AT ALL, for the duration of the experience. Either way once i come-up fully i get far more relaxed and mellow than one would think one would get on a stimulant..

I think there's another thread on this page discussing this very topic actually. And indeed many people i know have stated that after they stopped getting X cut with speed and what-have-you the experience seemed less jittery over-all and the comedown seems extremely gentle by comparison to previous experiences up to that point.
James Bishmidge - Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:47:25 EST ID:6HtWsnF6 No.224897 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Your welcome, Frankie boy.
James Bishmidge - Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:47:25 EST ID:6HtWsnF6 No.224898 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Your welcome, Frankie boy.
George Bardhood - Fri, 13 Jan 2017 17:14:51 EST ID:odP1nGVh No.224908 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can vouch those storm troopers are top notch. I had the dead pool batch recently and dosed 400ug and literally the cleanest trip and one of the most visual trips I've EVER had. Nb cuz random. Just had to share the double T love and appreciation<³
Nigel Chuppertare - Fri, 13 Jan 2017 18:10:22 EST ID:RviN9YOq No.224909 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah, I had 375 ug and I was having the craziest visuals I've ever had. Waves of changing colors, shimmering double and triple visions of everything. Some pretty crazy actual hallucinations too, not just tracers and light shows, it was phenomenal. The molly sort of brought me out of the trip mentality, but was definitely worth it, I think the actual hallucinations were brought on by a combo of the acid and mdma psychosis, they were Really out there.

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