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- Tue, 04 Oct 2016 06:59:20 EST tybhyfAr No.224461
File: 1475578760253.jpg -(23705B / 23.15KB, 549x549) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Comedowns
What do you guys do to beat the depressive comedowns on molly? I was thinking about smoking weed, is it alright to do such? Won't it make me depressed even more? What are some things you could suggest to beat the awful comedowns?
Nigel Tillingbanks - Tue, 04 Oct 2016 09:23:09 EST Pm5myykP No.224463 Reply
take smaller doses (90-120mg) and don't do it more than once every 3 months

works like a charm for me
Ernest Pemmlefadging - Fri, 07 Oct 2016 03:02:07 EST B5yVNw9n No.224472 Reply
I've noticed that for me the comedown is caused mostly by doing too much or too often, and neglecting your physical needs during the roll. My tips:

1) Small doses. One booster max.
2) Space out your rolls. Three months minimum. This way the experience is much better as well.
3) Start earlier in the day. This way you're not as tired when the comedown hits. Also try to get a good nights sleep the night before rolling.
4) Eat before, during and after the roll. I know this is difficult, and food can be downright nasty even the following day, but I swear (in my experience) most of the comedown can be avoided if you just force yourself to eat something during and after the roll. At least some fruit, juice, candy, something to rise your blood sugar. I usually make some easy-to-eat food beforehand: pizza, salad etc. and just force myself to eat a little before going to bed. A little weed can help with this. Also try to eat something as soon as you wake up the next day.
5) Work through any emotional trouble you might unearth during the roll, instead of avoiding it. Depressing thoughts have a way to return during comedown.
6) Weed can help take the edge off the residual stimulation and help with eating and sleeping as well. I like to wait until the roll has clearly ended, and smoke as little as possible to reach the positive effects without getting stoned.
7) If the comedown is really bad, a benzo will usually help a great deal, as well as knock you out pretty quick. But if your comedowns are bad enough that you need a benzo, I'd say lay off the molly for a long while, if not for good. (I usually have some with me when I roll or trip just in case, but I'm a certified nutcase and do my drugs with others like me. I've witnessed as well as experienced a number of total meltdowns, and when one hits I'm really glad I have the benzos with me.)
Reuben Chickletit - Sun, 09 Oct 2016 13:44:05 EST QPTL6pdy No.224479 Reply
weed, benzos, and sex is the best way to recover, but also exercise and healthy eating
Simon Dremblewet - Mon, 10 Oct 2016 07:26:01 EST FY71XDSR No.224480 Reply
Eat a proper meal beforehand, and stock up on orange juice.

A benzo (particularly diazepam) works wonders for getting to sleep. I've always found it harder to sleep after a mandy binge than even stimulants.
Fucking Pittfoot - Thu, 13 Oct 2016 02:07:19 EST H4ab0PPm No.224493 Reply
I took a bunch of MDMA last night. Started fapping as soon as I got home; 8 hours later still haven't managed to cum. Fuuuck.
Plenty of erections though, feels like I'm almost cumming constantly. Anyway I'm drinking to deal with it.
Isabella Cudgeford - Fri, 14 Oct 2016 06:16:15 EST g7YJT8m3 No.224499 Reply
1476440175483.jpg -(195816B / 191.23KB, 1024x819) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When you roll and comedown there are a few neurotransmitters that were depleted. Try light exercise or most effectively smoke weed as it will replenish the depleted electrolytes giving you a tired comedown rather than being in a poor mood. Additionally I think any drug with euphoric effects will counter the comedown, I found weed and other drugs put me at a neutral feeling to slightly positive mood.

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