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- Sun, 14 Jul 2019 00:37:42 EST 2+BQSKIL No.226988
File: 1563079062126.jpg -(41385B / 40.42KB, 426x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Serotonins
I've read around here and other places that mdma is horrible for your brain, but other psychedelics are ok and safe? What do they mean by this? Don't shrooms/lsd do pretty much the same thing? Isn't pic related the consequence of both mdma and other psychedelics?
Captain Misterbear - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 06:56:35 EST R9Tv5m+s No.226989 Reply
Well I don't know anything about neuroscience, but I do know this: I've done MDMA a handful of times, and if that's what my serotonin presence (whatever that actually means) looked like two weeks later, I couldn't tell the difference.
Simon Nunnerlerk - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 07:13:10 EST VjuI6T+y No.226990 Reply
1563102790903.gif -(1801102B / 1.72MB, 687x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think this image was debunked as a hoax, but don't have a sauce so can't tell you for sure, if I find it I will send.

Psychedelics do not cause your serotonin levels to change "directly", as far as I know they only bind to the serotonin receptors, but don't interact with the "mechanisms" that can change serotonin levels.

MDMA on the other hand does cause a release of serotonin and can cause the average levels in your brain to drop afterwards, BUT how much exactly I don't think is known and it can be a lot but only with massive dosages and even then I don't think it won't recover for 7 fucking years that just seems stupid. MDMA abuse does cause long-term effects but most people do recover and most say that after a couple of weeks they are pretty much back to baseline. And for those that don't recover for that time, I'm not sure, I haven't looked that much into it nor have I experienced severe long lasting effects.
Matilda Bremmerken - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 01:46:56 EST lV+Bd9GH No.226995 Reply
I dunno about the OP image either but here is a relevant study. Keep in mind though it's only one study on rats.

>For example, in the frontal cortex, specific binding of [125I]MIL was decreased by 80% at 6 hr and by 62% at 24 hr, after cessation of treatment with MDMA. Twenty-one days after administration of MDMA however, the number of binding sites for [125I]MIL was back to control levels.

Nathaniel Pockwill - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 06:32:41 EST mEFmBgXS No.226997 Reply
>The MDMA (8 doses; 5–20 mg/kg each) was administered to rats over a period of 4 days.
Aren't these high doses?
Edwin Suttingwater - Thu, 18 Jul 2019 15:13:25 EST r9gQldfE No.227007 Reply
For 75kg (my weight), that would be between 375mg and 1500mg, two times per day, for 4 days !! Extremely high dose for me. Last time i did 300mg I was way too high haha.
Hamilton Fidgefoot - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 20:54:56 EST 89cQmojl No.227052 Reply
MDMA is a phenthylamine, meanwhile psychedelics like lsd and shrooms are triptamines. They affect the brain totally different
Eliza Fuckingway - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 10:03:36 EST p6aNiiBb No.227070 Reply
I've only done MDMA once, but from what I'm reading in this thread, that is pretty clearly the result of MDMA abuse/misuse. Given that the rats were dosed extremely heavily, and multiple times over a period of 4 days (anyone in their right mind would dose once and then let the brain recuperate) it's safe to assume that it has very little to do with what the actual effects of MDMA are on the recreational users mind, and more to do with what happens when you overload the brain. A similar thing would happen from heavy binge use of meth, I'd imagine.
Isabella Grandfoot - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 21:11:45 EST seksLn6z No.227072 Reply
Mescaline is a phenylethylamine too and so are many other psychedelics as well.
Hedda Closslebutch - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:41:59 EST QCF4UURB No.227075 Reply
Very high doses. The recommended dosage for "safe" usage of MDMA is 2mg per kg. If you follow that rule you're not likely to have a hang over.
Solanacia - Tue, 27 Aug 2019 00:20:43 EST yCFAzu4p No.227091 Reply
1566879643439.jpg -(75750B / 73.97KB, 800x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I always kinda thought that since MDMA was an amphetamine, and since amphetamines are neurotoxic, then that kind of explains why. I've also heard that it has something to do with oxidative stress.
Shit Dozzlefuck - Tue, 27 Aug 2019 10:38:24 EST EGYCn7cy No.227092 Reply
MDMA is way more neurotoxic than almost any amphetamine, way more than even meth, but the idea is you don't do it that much. If you drop ecstasy every weekend you're probably doing more damage to your brain than someone who smokes meth every day, maybe even more. Shit is a ghastly drug if you abuse it. I'd say the max you can do and have it not cause significant damage is once a month, twice at most but not every month. Probably a handful of times a year is the healthiest (well other than not doing it at all, which lets be real, would suck too)

I have seen a lot of people just be completely destroyed by this drug.
Simon Honnerwad - Tue, 03 Sep 2019 23:51:03 EST coE6dnZx No.227112 Reply
What happens to people who abuse ectasy everyday? Do they get methbrain and can't feel pleasure?
Doris Donningkud - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 15:00:43 EST EGYCn7cy No.227113 Reply
It's terrifying honestly. It destroys the receptors for one of the most fundamental neurotransmitters in your brain almost irreversibly. Your brain can repair itself, but no where near the rate at which you're damaging it if you do MDMA daily or near daily for any long period of time, or even if you do it weekly for more than a few months. It starts with emotional problems, severe depression, inability to regulate mood, crippling anxiety, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, inappropriate reactions, bursts of anger, and things like that. I've seen people burst into tears at the slightest thing, things as trivial as not being able to open a package or dropping your food on the ground. Like you just saw your entire family killed in front of you levels. I've known people who have not left their bed for days at a time except to go to the bathroom, no food or water unless someone brings it to them, doing absolutely nothing. You can't cope with any sort of stress, you lash out at people, some people even self-harm or attempt suicide.

This sort of thing is really well known but isn't even the half of it. Like I said, serotonin is a critical neurotransmitter, it doesn't just affect emotions. You lose touch with reality completely. You get hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis. You dissociate, you get derealization/depersonalization. From personal experience, I can tell you that you get into this state of mind where nothing seems real so everything seems plausible, and then you can't tell the difference between things that are probable and things that are plausible, so you doubt everything about reality, and you can't tell what's real and what isn't. This slowly transitions to full blown psychosis as you start to forget that hallucinations are hallucinations and your mind goes down these rabbit holes.

This is all made worse of course as you continue to take the drug. After taking it once or a twice a week for a couple months, there was one time I took probably a gram over the course of a night and I thought the police were raiding my apartment. I could see shadows of them outside my window and I hallucinated alternating red and blue lights. I looked through my peephole and saw two police officers standing outside my door clear as day, just standing there. I heard indistinct radio chatter. I felt a presence, and that unique sense of dread you get when the police are involved while you're on psychedelics. I went to look out my window and I saw the shadows of two people standing on my balcony. I didn't think once "what are they doing how did they get there?" I thought "Damn they're planning an ambush" I went to my room and outside my window I saw the shadow of a person lowering themselves down on a rope and just hanging there, outside the window of my 5th floor apartment. Instead of thinking "Ok, this can't be real, cops don't do that" I thought "Oh wow, a grappling hook, clever", and I went into my bathroom, locked the door, turned off the lights and just laid there on the floor in the fetal position, as the red and blue lights poured under the door until I whited out. I figured when I came to that the lights must've been real and they were there for a neighbor and I made the rest up, nope, I talked to my neighbor the next day, not even that happened (he also offered to take me to the rehab center he went to for meth which I eventually took him up on).

It affects your memory too, in a huge way. Long-term and short-term. After a certain point it's almost like being on Xanax, you forget what you're doing as you're doing it, you can't remember things that you've known all your life.

There are lots of physical side-effects too. That infamous trouble urinating sticks with you 24/7, you lose all sexual drive when not on the drug, your body is racked from constant dehydration, your joints are stiff, your muscles are sore and prone to cramping, your mouth and throat is constantly dry, your vision is blurry, for some people their hair even starts to fall out.

Luckily, I didn't go on for very long and I'm pretty much back to baseline beyond having bipolar with psychotic features, which the doctors claim I probably would've gotten anyway since drugs can't directly cause a mental illness, but not nearly as severely. Even that is well managed at this point and I'm a normal functional person again, but it could've gone very differently, and did go very differently for quite a few people that I knew personally. Other drugs were involved, but MDMA
Sidney Brupperstut - Fri, 06 Sep 2019 09:26:58 EST 5yHpU38P No.227114 Reply
Hi there, your question being very pertinent I want to give you my personal opinion on that matter. First I wont say MDMA is a non-harmful drug because it clearly is but the problem of its neurotoxic effects is actually complex and the answers given by the scientific community are not very clear. Basically there is a few main issues that have a big impact on the dangers of MDMA and how it will affect your brain. The first one is dosage, the second one is the environment and the last one is about the person doing the drug and how often. Dosage is the easiest to understand. The more you take, the worse it will be. But that apply to almost any drugs even substances like sugar, salt, fat etc..etc.. now the second one is a bit more complex. Some scientific study have shown that the environment, for example a nightclub, will be more harmful to you as your body temperature will be higher, you will sweat a lot and exhaust your body ressources very fast. Body temperature appears to be a key element to the neurotoxic effects of MDMA. Third is about behavior and who is doing the drug. If you have mental issues or already experienced depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, psychosis or schizophrenia to name a few, MDMA is to be completely avoided. But with any of the mental issues above it's not just MDMA you have to avoid, it's basically any psychoactive substance as these issues affects the same neurotransmitters than MDMA and most psychedelics. It's pretty clear that you shouldn't mess with a fragile brain. The only problem is that people realize they have issues after they messed up with some drugs. And that can even happen with cannabis for example. Some people smoked pot once in their lives and became schizophrenic. It's extremely rare but it's true. Finally, how often you take the drug is extremely significant when it comes to brain damage regarding MDMA. Serotonin is a central acting neurotransmitter and it has a ripple effects on behaviors and limited amounts can be produced by the brain. Taking to much MDMA to often will without a doubt deplete your serotonin and the consequences might very well be dramatic. But I would disagree with the claim that MDMA is worst than meth. Meth is extremely potent and you basically don't sleep for 2-3 days when you take it. That doesn't happens with MDMA. Alexander Shulgin who synthesized and rediscovered MDMA as a psychoactive substance said that the optimal dosage and frequency was about 120mg 4x a year. It's of course very low in comparaison to the 200mg+ pills you find now days in Europe and I don't know anybody doing MDMA capable of limiting themselves to 4x a year including me. To conclude, MDMA is the only molecule that should be in a ecstasy pill but isn't half of the time. Always test your pill or check it online to see if they have been tested in a lab. Switzerland and Austria have both websites where you can find your pill with all the specifications necessary to identify the substances in them. Here is a link that might interest you about the toxicity issues of MDMA and much more. You will find very interesting details and you might even learn new information about your inquiry. Wish you all the best. Stay safe.




James Danningshaw - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 11:19:51 EST IXmdnhIp No.227169 Reply
1570288791536.jpg -(192611B / 188.10KB, 1818x1228) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hey fellas, have a similar question regarding the effects that MDMA has on your brain. How does it affect memory?

I haven't taken pills or MDMA in 6-7 years now but during 2012 i dropped pills I want to say 6 or so times. I feel like my memory hasn't been the same since, very scattered.

Now this may also have something to do with the fact that i was a habitual (every day) bonghead for years on and off during those past 7 years so it's hard for me to get pin this completely on MDMA but it can't have helped.
Jenny Foblingway - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 23:36:56 EST uULavK/P No.227170 Reply
Do it even that's great that's how the brain looks. I've never felt better
dr. m - Sat, 12 Oct 2019 18:04:40 EST TTDGpkhV No.227195 Reply
that is 100% caused by being a bondhead, lmao. 6 doses of MDMA, assuming it was an average of 150mg and no more than 200mg any one time, isn't all that much in an entire year's dosing. Once every 8 weeks is pretty much the imaginary line in terms of taking "too" much.


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