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Come down

- Sat, 31 Aug 2019 10:05:37 EST xDjJ/yVG No.227100
File: 1567260337529.png -(1062620B / 1.01MB, 900x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Come down
So I'm looking to try ecstasy but I'm worried about the come down. Being depressed for days seems pretty tough. Are there certain things that help with it? Smoking grass maybe?
Fuck Warrypet - Sat, 31 Aug 2019 10:14:49 EST EGYCn7cy No.227101 Reply
If its your first time and you only do 100-200mg you probably won't have that terrible of a comedown if you have one at all, in fact a lot of people get an afterglow their first few times.

Weed has not really mixed will with coming down for me, but I abused the shit out of MDMA and I don't really like weed that much anymore. For me it just makes the comedown worse, I get more anxious and self-loathing.

Benzos, antipsychotics like seroquel and non-anticholinergic antihistamines like hydroxyzine all work better than weed for me. Alcohol too come to think of it. Never tried opioids but I imagine they would work pretty well too.

But no matter what, your first few times at a reasonable dose you won't be depressed at all the next day, maybe just a day or two of feeling tired, unless you already are depressed.

The come down itself shouldn't be that bad if you keep the dose sane, it only really starts to get bad if you do a lot and/or more than once a month or so.

Everyones different though ymmv

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