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Retired veteran needs some tips

- Mon, 09 Dec 2019 17:00:58 EST WrQW87EO No.227258
File: 1575928858227.png -(54641B / 53.36KB, 220x220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Retired veteran needs some tips
So back when I was 16-19 I took a ton of molly. Quit all drugs for the last almost 10 years. I do take adderall 15mg XR daily.

This xmas I'm planning to take molly with my long term gf. She has done molly a few times, but clearly hasn't had the same experience I have. About a year ago, we took molly together at a low-key party, but she didn't get horny or eye flicker/dilated pupils. We both took 2 caps from a friend; some people that took his molly got decently high, but I still wouldn't say they "rolled balls"

I took 2 caps and didn't feel much of anything - I took adderall that morning, and the molly was a last-minute thing I didn't know was happening. I'm planning to discontinue adderall about 72 hours before taking molly, and start with 250mg of molly and dose up as necessary from there. I'm planning to start her on 150mg. I think the stuff we took was either MDA, an analogue, and/or very cut. I know adderall would have canceled out most of the effects, but I really felt no different at all.

2 questions -

  1. Should I shoot for molly or MDMA? My intent is to essentially strengthen our relationship, stay up all night talking/fucking, have a bonding experience, counseling session, etc. Will be ordering on dark web.

2. Do I have the doses correct? I can't discontinue adderall any sooner (can't deal with discontinuance effects, and legitimately need it to work, I don't get to have "off days" at work). Assuming the stuff we took was about 33% cut, I'm thinking she will need 1.5x to 2x what she took last time (150mg will be plenty safe, and worst case she just rolls balls, which is what I'm going for.) For me, due to the adderall tolerance, I'm thinking starting even higher? I don't know the purity of the stuff I took (again, guessing 33%, I think I took ~250mg which would be approx 150mg after cut) so discontinue adderall sooner and take roughly 2x as much? On one hand, you can always add more, but the other hand is that I want to come up hard together. Because I have stim tolerance, 250mg really isn't that high?

Any suggestions/thoughts appreciated

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