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Weed and Pregnancy

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- Sun, 28 May 2017 12:21:20 EST yAASIKWN No.54979
File: 1495988480089.jpg -(72954B / 71.24KB, 1050x590) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Weed and Pregnancy
I am more than halfway through my pregnancy and I am still smoking weed (only weed).
I tried to stop for a bit during my first couple of months, but I was absolutely miserable. I felt sick all the time, throwing up pretty much everything I ate or drank. I ended up dehydrated and had to go in for fluids. I went back to smoking weed every day and I've been eating, drinking, and feeling much better.
I literally can't go a day without smoking otherwise I'll endlessly puke up spit and stomach acid.
This is because I’m experience more severe morning sickness that isn’t going away as the pregnancy progresses. The baby takes so much out of you as its growing inside. Which causes loss of nutrients in the mother. If you’re lacking in nutrients, you get sick.
I know many people would just tell me I’m having “withdrawls” from not smoking weed.

I'd like to take some breaks from smoking here and there because my tolerance is going way up, and I cough a lot.
I've tried literally everything the doctor told me to help with the nausea caused by morning sickness and nothing worked.

I need advice as to how to feel better.
Only a couple more months until I can meet my little girl.
Nigel Blullyford - Sun, 25 Jul 2021 09:52:01 EST s+vFgxlN No.56237 Reply
Have you tried CBD-only weed?
Should allow you to retain most of the benefits (except for you not being high) or at least keep the withdrawal at bay, but with way less impact on the development of your child.
Sidney Gisslestock - Mon, 26 Jul 2021 22:21:57 EST t0kzy7qU No.56238 Reply
Yo so idk if you're getting drug tested and that's why you're not smoking, but honestly a little weed might be better than the side effects from having increased anxiety. But like, a little weed, don't be getting fucking stoned all day.

My ex's sister has been pilled the fuck out (like 6mg xanax, 90mg adderall, 50-100mg oxy, couple packs of smokes, ton of weed, and alcohol) every. single. day. Not stopping just because of her pregnancy (well, she did break from weed occasionally for her Not to mention her coke/acid binges. She has 3 kids, the oldest being like 10. Those children are NIGHTMARES. Like. I really don't understand how CPS hasn't rocked her world yet, because I have made anonymous calls. She buys her sister's spare xanax to sedate her kids because every Dr. she's taken them to says they're too young for xanax lol. It's a fucking shitshow over there.

I know this wasn't exactly helpful, because the only drugs I have experience with in dealing with pregnancy is birth control... I think there's really only so much you can do to calm the side effects from pregnancy, that's just part of the territory, I'm sorry.

I hope you and your daughter feel better.


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- Wed, 31 Mar 2021 23:46:43 EST ac9Atbjv No.56201
File: 1617248803680.jpg -(59263B / 57.87KB, 224x224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Acupuncture
My long-time girlfriend (mi luv u long time) decided to go for her OD at a medical school nearby. For those of you who do not know what that is (not overdose lol), it's short for Oriental Doctorate.

The reason I am writing here in /med/ for the first time is that I hate needles. I can't stand them. Yet, I have agreed to be her human pin cushion, because she wants to learn and has no one else to practice on. It's not that it hurts, and it's not that she's bad, she's actually pretty good. However, I cannot bring myself to get through all of the treatments. Every single one of them is really uncomfortable, some more than others, and I don't know how to handle it. I really don't want to be a pin cushion, but my lack of choice brings me to this question:

What do? I hate every minute of it. What can be done to put me mind over body?

tl;dr I hate needles but my gf is practicing acupuncture on me, what can I do to make it so it's bareable.
Oliver Snodstone - Fri, 09 Jul 2021 21:52:21 EST hOdi9ZLh No.56232 Reply

uhh, they dont just have the students practice on each other or at a low-rate student clinic like literally any other form of healthcare?
Edward Honeystone - Mon, 12 Jul 2021 09:20:29 EST zOxf0Lal No.56234 Reply
1626096029685.gif -(827978B / 808.57KB, 312x176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Needless in your face, pleasure in your base.
Albert Hopperwudging - Wed, 21 Jul 2021 23:04:46 EST BXtL5HEx No.56235 Reply
Acupuncture to me I think is useless. I think one want's Acupuncture for personal reason.
Not to help further another career.

Opioid anesthesia and my possible tolerance

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- Sun, 06 Jun 2021 09:02:59 EST McxSAGBa No.56226
File: 1622984579977.jpg -(184903B / 180.57KB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Opioid anesthesia and my possible tolerance
Hey, im supposed to have opioid-induced anesthesia for my dental procedure, basically they will knock me out with remifentanil, something like that. Thing is, I have been taking kratom for several months, not huge doses, like 5-7g per day, and sometimes heavier doses of tramadol for my back pain. Is there a possibility that the anesthesia wont work on me or I will wake up during the procedure? Will 2 weeks of quitting prior to the procedure be enough?
Cornelius Blathercocke - Sat, 12 Jun 2021 08:59:38 EST pkVtOskL No.56227 Reply
bro that stuff would knock a junkie the fuck out. just don't do any kratom for 12-24+ hours before the procedure.

Tell me about the herpes

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- Mon, 31 May 2021 03:57:22 EST LgIMS4c8 No.56220
File: 1622447842621.jpg -(75362B / 73.60KB, 640x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Tell me about the herpes
Hey /med/. I have really bad Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but I might have a chance to get laid with this cute girl who seems really nice. I'm pretty sure she has herpes though.

Everyone keeps saying that of all the STDs herpes is "not that bad" and it's possible to have intercourse "safely", but to be honest I'm really fucking sheltered, OCD makes me really prone to working myself up over stupid shit. I don't trust the info from the official websites about herpes.

I'm not sure exactly what advice I'm looking for other than "If I really enjoy someone's company is it worth risking getting permanent cyclical sores in unpredictable places, possibly my eyes?" Like, it's the risk of permanent infection that really frightens me, I feel like I would risk worse symptoms if they were curable.

I don't know. Am I a piece of shit for thinking like this?
Betsy Chubbleville - Mon, 31 May 2021 20:45:37 EST 2uNR1Klo No.56224 Reply
Herpes is not that bad. Really. Outbreaks can hurt and I used to have them literally once a month because of my shitty immune system, but after going on antivirals, which had no side effects whatsoever, I haven't had once since. It's been three or four years. Transmission rates are pretty low, also, if you are both taking precautions. I didn't give it to my ex and we were together for like 6 years.

Telling people you have herpes can be annoying because people are ill-informed, but I actually haven't found it that bad. Lots of people will just shrug at you.


If you have questions about it, feel free to ask. I have HSV-1 of the junk lol. and no, you're not a piece of shit, but I do think you are overconcerned. It certainly makes sense to be overconcerned, though, especially if you have OCD.
Betsy Chubbleville - Mon, 31 May 2021 20:48:16 EST 2uNR1Klo No.56225 Reply
Also, even if you got it, it doesn't usually spread beyond the sensory nerves in the one area you have it. I have it genitally and have had plenty of opportunity for mouth transfer and it simply hasn't. And getting it in the eyes is usually a newborn thing.
Wesley Blinningmadge - Wed, 18 Aug 2021 13:05:18 EST KEOsRVIv No.56247 Reply
my bf blameed his ex for giving him the coldsore virus
i tell him, no dude, 90% of people have the coldsore virus, whether they know it or not, you might never have an outbreak
you could have gotten it from a drinking glass in a restaurant when you were 10 years old

don't let people dump on their exs, we all gotta stick together in this mad world


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- Mon, 22 Mar 2021 01:28:00 EST i+STNHFl No.56197
File: 1616390880904.gif -(3286059B / 3.13MB, 242x252) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Seizures
What is the best medicine long term for seizures
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Ian Pottingstudging - Wed, 31 Mar 2021 03:04:56 EST 72D2L5dr No.56200 Reply
I believe benzos work.
Lydia Fattingpot - Mon, 31 May 2021 12:26:47 EST BszEpqTp No.56223 Reply
sodium valproate? something that isnt a benzo or gabapentenoid but still a sodium channel blocker.


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- Sun, 25 Apr 2021 14:32:01 EST QNRp4A5S No.56211
File: 1619375521462.jpg -(29500B / 28.81KB, 360x506) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Adoptogens
Do "adoptogens" really exist or is it all woo?
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
William Pickway - Sat, 15 May 2021 00:52:26 EST 9vUPoFnC No.56218 Reply
i dunno, if you are healthy yeah i suppose. If you are a coke head or alcoholic then tyrosine can help much like 5 htp can help people who sapped their serotonin thru mdma use.
Ian Brurrytit - Mon, 24 May 2021 16:25:11 EST Zxptdp5w No.56219 Reply
would 5htp help w antidepressant withdrawal/help people recover from long term antidepressant use

not expecting you to know the answer really just wondering out loud

Pain in upper left stomach of colon

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- Wed, 10 Feb 2021 10:43:10 EST sZo4Etqf No.56180
File: 1612971790239.jpg -(24273B / 23.70KB, 360x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Pain in upper left stomach of colon
>>Pain in upper left stomach
>>Constipation for some time
>>Poor diet because of where I'm stuck for the time being due to covid

Goes away when I manage to take a big poo
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Hamilton Chottingchare - Mon, 08 Mar 2021 03:10:48 EST 7Vpducgt No.56190 Reply
Here's another way of phrasing this: I would not expect, as a newcomer to someone's life problems, to have thought about their shit more than they have. They probably have gone through multiple iterations of trying something and failing, and even if they haven't, they know much more about what resources and limitations are involved in the situation than I know--they may have limitations I haven't even had to think about, and don't know how to address. They're sitting on a mountain of data about what it's like to be them, and I'm not.

thanks, darlin. I would actually say things are going well. Much better than before.
Fuck Weshhed - Mon, 05 Apr 2021 16:47:53 EST sZo4Etqf No.56203 Reply

To be fair, I was stuck in a third world country at the time where most available food is deep friend starches.
Fuck Fuckingman - Thu, 13 May 2021 18:01:28 EST vpR7KzOG No.56217 Reply

>Deep friend starches

I really need to visit this place

Antipsychotics and weight

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- Mon, 01 Feb 2021 17:39:02 EST lIW6znol No.56177
File: 1612219142038.jpg -(117565B / 114.81KB, 1200x1055) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Antipsychotics and weight
I've been taking an antipsychotic for some years now, it's hard to know precisely, because I have drunk a lot at times, although I'm sober now, but I have gained a shit ton of weight compared to what I normally could.

I was always fast metabolism, couldnt put on fat, and I've stopped drinking now and taken up running, but so far after a few weeks I havent lost any weight, I've been pretty damn good on what I've been eating, too, I SHOULD be running a calorie deficit. Do antipsychotics somehow lower our calorie output ? I know I might need to run more than 3 times a week, and maybe its taking longer than I'd expect to see anything, but I'm a little worried I'm going to be stuck with a gut for as long as I take these pills.
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Albert Cliblingshit - Wed, 14 Apr 2021 18:40:47 EST Os5BX1Ma No.56205 Reply

I know it's just adding a pill but, if you dont have any PI symptoms you could start taking Metformin with your main 3 meals. My shrink prescribed it to me as clozapine made me gain 50 pounds and it helped with some weight loss along with diet and exercise.
Molly Peblingham - Mon, 26 Apr 2021 10:42:02 EST 3GtRghQ4 No.56212 Reply
Thank you for this reply, I will ask my psychiatrist about it, I've taken up running and do quite well at watching what I eat but the weight I've gained is being pretty stubborn.
Nicholas Hubblechirk - Tue, 27 Apr 2021 23:33:40 EST n/iieYGh No.56213 Reply
In the criteria for major or mild neurocognitive disorder (psychiatry's word for being too old for antipsychotics) it says...
"The parkinsonism must also be distinguished from neuroleptic-induced extrapyramidal signs".

Gotta make sure the clinician's didn't induce it.

Psychiatry is not medicine.

It is a made up system of fake medicine designed to poison people that the ruling class of fake doctors deem unworthy of a healthy life, making them fat, slow, and giving them lifelong brain and nerve damage, in hopes of knocking them out of the gene pool, for the tardive eugenics program they've been working on since like the 50s.

Psychiatry is a weapon against mankind. They are literally the evolution of the Nazis, rebranded to widen their selective enforcement criteria for social predation from Jews and minorities to literally anyone, on an individual basis, as disguised by psychiatry as people suffering from some sort of brain illness that keeps them from being how the clinical class wants them to be.

Nothing in psychiatry is scientifically valid in any common sense of the word.


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- Sat, 08 Jul 2017 01:12:41 EST XzzvXafl No.55047
File: 1499490761029.jpg -(73450B / 71.73KB, 720x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
How do I stop my tinnitus? I hear it all day and it keeps me up every night. I have a fan going and I play wave videos on youtube but it's still shite. I know lots of other people deal with it too.
Also if I press my cheekbone in or clench my jaw really hard it gets louder and higher pitched, why is this?
11 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Alice Gedgestock - Fri, 11 Dec 2020 21:12:48 EST B4Bir/Uw No.56158 Reply
Ketamine might help with tinnitus, There's anecdotal evidence and promising animal studies, but one such med, which is injected directly into the inner ear, failed human trials.
A ketamine analogue called gacyclidine is still in those trials, as well as a couple of other meds with different mechanisms. Also, a drug vaguely related to ketamine but sharing several of its properties, neramexane, was scheduled to undergo trial for tinnitus as well, but this was dropped.

However, anecdotal evidence also points towards IV ketamine having some effect.

A completely different approach, high-frequency stimulation, has shown good results in animal studies: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2331216519835080

More information: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2019.00802/full
Lydia Pickhood - Sun, 20 Dec 2020 06:16:32 EST Bgp1aSRr No.56162 Reply
Stress makes mine a lot worse because when I'm stressed I tend to tense my jaw. So maybe try and reduce any stress you might be dealing with.
Hedda Cloffingkork - Fri, 23 Apr 2021 19:44:40 EST NnNeHF3T No.56210 Reply
I got a thing in the mail like 15 years ago for a free visit with an audiologist, so I decided to go because it's been total hell since I was in high school or so, and I can no longer hear the shapes of rooms and my own personal tests confrimed I was having trouble with much over 17kHz or so. I could never understand why the world was so loud and everybody else didn't seem to notice.

The audiologist was stunned at how my tests came back in addition to how I was explaining how his equipment was in bad repair and not up to the task. I've never really found anything that made an improvement beyond trying to avoid excessively loud sounds. I bought a big back of -30dB foam earplugs that helped cushion the pain for many a year, but they don't stop bone conduction, eating, snoring, walking, etc. I guess in the long run it's just one of those things you give up on along with everything else about being old. In the long run, it's be more important to leave talk radio on quietly overnight or something just so that when I can't sleep I don't turn to insomnia as easily.

pre ejac

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- Tue, 20 Apr 2021 09:58:01 EST vr8SzM3E No.56208
File: 1618927081409.jpg -(129438B / 126.40KB, 730x984) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. pre ejac
Anybody got any sick advice on premature cums and how to stop them?
Beatrice Blackdale - Tue, 20 Apr 2021 10:14:47 EST /p5Sb8M4 No.56209 Reply
Develop anxiety
Lydia Fattingpot - Mon, 31 May 2021 12:23:53 EST BszEpqTp No.56222 Reply
yah, i have it and i just can't help ruin my orgasms due to ocd shit. any advice on why i slow down near climax and can't just go for it and splooge. edging is ruining my balls no doubt.

The Medicine

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- Wed, 10 Mar 2021 06:49:58 EST jLdoCukY No.56191
File: 1615376998134.jpg -(3613539B / 3.45MB, 2336x3504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The Medicine
I wrote an article about "The Medicine" as it is called in the rainforest:
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Augustus Wangerfire - Fri, 12 Mar 2021 13:20:14 EST XvFYSY7A No.56193 Reply
Interesting-wise, South American forests produce more oxygen than is released


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- Thu, 21 Jan 2021 12:15:07 EST wF7wVaQR No.56173
File: 1611249307298.jpg -(330564B / 322.82KB, 1456x1962) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Throat
Can someone help me find out what's wrong with me throat? I have constant sore and dry throat and it really makes me powerless. It is unbearable.
Crazedfeline - Thu, 21 Jan 2021 23:13:09 EST a3bF9Yn/ No.56174 Reply

well, by the sounds of it, it seems you might have a Dry throat. the best way to get rid is to take some allergies pills (if it is the allergies) or take a halls. If for some reason it dose not go away, I would go see a nurse or doctor if it gets worse.
Reuben Shakehall - Wed, 03 Feb 2021 11:05:01 EST 54VCvtat No.56179 Reply
Seek a doctor or nuse-practioner
If you need help. Seek medicaid.

vaccination research request

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- Mon, 13 Jul 2020 14:25:49 EST PnCawKxO No.56077
File: 1594664749227.jpg -(63175B / 61.69KB, 600x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. vaccination research request
I'm pretty tired of anti-vaccination rhetoric, and it is fucking rampant over here France, which is also home to a large homeopathy industry, hmmmmmmmmm
So i would like to educate myself more on the subject and amass as much of the vaccination research as possible. Even the possible negative effects because that way I might be able to convince people easier.

Can you guys spoonfeed me? What are some of the largest & most decisive studies on the subject?
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Jenny Blackbury - Tue, 27 Oct 2020 00:05:46 EST pmqLwji/ No.56131 Reply
This is a really good way to go about research, well done for that.
I swouod start here: https://immunisationhandbook.health.gov.au/fundamentals-of-immunisation#accordion-para-5771-188972

you'll find out everything you need to know from this website, its what we use to guide vaccinations in Australia, and is evidence-based.
The hard part of researching the "topic" of vaccination is that in order to understand the jargon used in the papers, you'd likely require a allied health/medical background, but if you have that background, you have already been taught about vaccinations (catch 22 there)

Otherwise the therapeutic guidelines are good, but they are behind a pay wall
Hedda Crurringlock - Thu, 12 Nov 2020 16:28:39 EST If/1dUi8 No.56148 Reply
Seems pretty good! Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Cyril Febbledock - Sun, 22 Nov 2020 22:16:27 EST LSPBwh0k No.56150 Reply
> Even the possible negative effects because that way I might be able to
>convince people easier.

The US has anti-vaxxers who for all I can see think (paranoid) that it is some conspiracy by the left. Heck you can be a Right-winger and wear a mack and simply just as well wash your freakin hands. I don't care much about the anti-vaxxers, but I do care about me and people who do not want this shit like the plague played out. It is a political stance to not keep others safe from your
bad actions and lack of basic common sense.

Ebola made the right wingers angry because it was fought against by
medical workers who they perceived as liberals. As far as this is now now,
it is normal for Trump and friends to get it, it's like the FLU. I wonder about the number of people who get this new virus get it with precautions, compared to
those who get it without taking basic precautions.


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