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Dealing with GAD and SAD

- Thu, 25 Aug 2016 17:28:46 EST 9BtmoLLI No.54441
File: 1472160526956.jpg -(74172B / 72.43KB, 400x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dealing with GAD and SAD
Posted this in /benz/, someone said to come here.~

I'm getting sick and tired of having to use benzos for anxiety. Any relief I get from them returns tenfold when I come off of them. Sometimes I can't even hear what people are saying directly to me because I am so consumed with myself, (how I'm breathing, what I'm doing with my hands, etc.)

What has worked for you guys for anxiety (besides benzos)? I'm currently doing an intensive outpatient program,which helps to a degree because at least I'm talking about it with people now. I'm also taking Remeron and Gabapentin (for the last 3 months), but they don't help. My counselor at IOP recommended cognitive behavioral therapy., but I'm interested to hear what has worked for you guys aside from pharmaceuticals.
George Blytheway - Thu, 25 Aug 2016 22:53:51 EST yw2pWV+y No.54443 Reply
1472180031331.jpg -(68267B / 66.67KB, 850x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm glad to know you're looking for greater independence without medications. While I have seen these things support people, I think the goal should always be for self-management from internal mechanisms.

CBT is a great start to self-management; it will bring you to pay the right kind of attention to your behaviours. You really can deconstruct and analyse and go from there to make positive modifications. For me, it was important to learn that while I am influenced by my anxiety, I can also be influenced away; the door is open to both directions. I look back at my own habits and behaviours, and while I still have anxiety (I believe it is a kind of sixth sense that should never be nullified) I feel far more rational and in-control. I often seek a councillor just for the objectivity they provide. Try to remember; we have two eyes to give us a perception of depth.

https://jackkornfield.com/podcasts-dharma-talks/ <-- gifted talker and amazing wealth of knowledge. Podcasts in general are good distractions for when you just have ruminating thoughts.
Meditation has been good for me. Keep an open mind about that what means to you. I love putting on simple OM chanting and slowly cleaning my place. Sitting and meditating on gratitude/compassion or strength is potent. Takes patience.
Training: Muay Thai & Yoga have been excellent outlets/redirections for the physical stress. Both have revealed aspects of me, inside and out.
Cold Showers: work your way up to it. Conditioning your body for the cold has a therapeutic quality that I can't summarize. Just believe me on that.

Some days, I just try to ambush someone with a positive message, individually telling them what makes them special to me, and showing gratitude. In healing, we often fixate on ourselves, when a part of the problem is that we are satisfying the innate joy of making other people feel positive. People are generally good, but aren't encouraged in this practice. It's never disappointed me to see how well-received that is.

Pic related. All this therapy stuff can bring some pressure. The biggest thing is acceptance, for yourself, those around you and life itself.
Jack Cipperhatch - Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:15:00 EST 3nQyriC0 No.54453 Reply
The root of all suffering is desire my friend.
Cedric Cluffingwurk - Mon, 05 Sep 2016 03:43:22 EST Him0+FFN No.54469 Reply

This guy nailed it. Acceptance for the things you can't change and having the courage to change the things that you can change and the wisdom to know the difference

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