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any tips on keeping liquid down?

- Wed, 10 Jul 2019 23:31:40 EST BNAfGtSG No.55823
File: 1562815900505.jpg -(33261B / 32.48KB, 436x431) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. any tips on keeping liquid down?
I had a really bad reaction to some pain meds I was prescribed, and I've been puking for 6-7 hours now, literally there looks to be over a gallon of vomit in my trash can alone, and that's not the only place I puked.
I tried some canada dry ginger ale, until I found out there's no fucking ginger in it. Now I'm straight water and ice cubes. This is my fourth attempt to keep something down, I'm scared I'm moderately to severely dehydrated. at what point should I be going to the emergency room
Nathaniel Serringpet - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 01:58:47 EST whNwH2K4 No.55824 Reply
If possible, ask for codeine with Promethazine. It is general called 'lean'. And abused. But in general it is cough syrup. Codeine with Promethazine.

As an antihistamine, you can maybe take diphendryamine. Or known as Benerdryl.

These come in 25 milligram tablets or capsules. Take not more than 50 mgs. That should work as an antihistamine.

Many folks are sensitive in nausea to opiate drugs.

But an ER, if you explain what is up, they should understand and reset your prescription. Just bring your bottle in. Don't really mention it. Unless you need to.

My thought is you were prescribed Tylenol 3s. Yea, just seek promethazine and codeine syrup if you were to go to an ER. There should be no or little nausea if you get this. Yea, just go to the ER, they should understand what is going on.
Fucking Summlekidge - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 02:01:06 EST BNAfGtSG No.55825 Reply
tramadrol I have a thread over on /opiates/ how much hell this medication has given me.
Martin Fommerlut - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 06:15:07 EST x7nmIS2w No.55827 Reply
One trick I knew from someone who had struggled with a bad flu was to enjoy a popsicle slowly to get the melting juices from it so as not to consume too much and have another gut reaction but still provide some minimal hydration and nutrients to the body.

Cannabis of course can suppress nausea and is my go to when I need it for such, I prefer to smoke it when feeling nauseated as consuming edibles or drinks is not fun with an upset gut.
Fucking Summlekidge - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 08:19:49 EST BNAfGtSG No.55828 Reply
well I did guys, I filled up a 4 gallon office type trash can with puke and tissues. I've been trying to drink extremely slow but I'm still purging at least once an hour, it's not as bad as earlier.
I took half a benny and got about an hour of sleep, before that I was up for 3 days. Probably going to check into the ER tomorrow and get an IV drip so I don't die of thirst. I'll ask them what they can do for me. I never want to see another tramadol again, why do they even prescribe this shit, when this is a known and common problem? Well I know why because it's cheap, and it be prescribed by doctors lower on the totem pole.
I just had two off the regular popsickles-in-a-bag over about ten minutes it feels a little questionable but I don't think it's immediately going to come up.

thanks for sharing in my suffering everyone
Jenny Gondlefuck - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 19:39:03 EST M0tfxH/U No.55831 Reply
Go to the ER. Might be other shit going on. I was puking really bad from my kidney stone pain and went to ER. Turned out I was in shock, kidney was swollen, stone was stuck, and they randomly found a scar in my right lung (wut). was puking violently all night, and even 4-8mg of Zofran wasn't stopping it. (Also tried ginger root, usually works well. and nothing)

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