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Nalox owned?(too cheeky to pass up)

- Fri, 02 Aug 2019 21:17:28 EST zP0cNzaB No.55844
File: 1564795048536.jpg -(73965B / 72.23KB, 602x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Nalox owned?(too cheeky to pass up)
Person was 30 days sober of opiates confirmed by inpatient. Got the vivitrol shot.
Person relapsed today and was high at work used heroin dosage unknown ,possible fentanyl, closest other medication is Gabapentin that he is prescribed. and diphenhydramine (We are in Chicago) He was able to be inconspicuous, however my Dad knows him enough to know that he was offf
He gets bussed to the hospital, given Naloxone

- He is BLATANTLY impaired.
-Most fucked I've heard a voice get from any opiate intake, sounds completely different.
-His complaints align with precipitated withdrawals. EXCEPT he is now going to sleep, I don't know if he's nodding but he seems like a Thorazine zombie.
- Word salad
- Obnoxious slur, as if he was faking poorly to be drunk.
- He can shit but is itchy

He was on heroin, nothing else confirmed.
I have suboxone in the house if that could help(highly doubt it, especially seeing what naloxone did.)

Anything I should expect? Outside the Ordinary withdrawals of opioids.

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