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Depression/weight gain angst

- Wed, 28 Aug 2019 12:37:01 EST eAyeZGui No.55880
File: 1567010221103.jpg -(162852B / 159.04KB, 960x595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Depression/weight gain angst
So, I was on various psychiatric drugs since being a teenager up until today, my early 30s. The longest run was Lithium, but essentially every form of SSRI and depressant that was on the market during that time and other anti-psychotics like Seroquel or Risparidone were thrown at me at well.

I was way too slow to realize it, mostly because the drugs put me in a catatonic state, but long-term use of these things fucks up your body significantly. I recently bounced back, as I did once or twice before, but the difference this time is I'm just being monitored, not on any medication except unrelated meds for headaches and moda for ADHD. I feel like 300% better on this combination.

They monitored me for lithium toxicity but never detected "poisonous" levels, however. I stopped all meds when I got pancreatitis, but that also seems to have dissipated. What bothers me is that when I was on the lithium for a long period, I felt like I had diminished intellectual capacity and was making bad decisions because of it, spacing out for hours doing absolutely nothing, and sometimes even more bizarre occurrences like sudden seizures would happen.

They put me on an anti-psychotic because of something my family said about thinking the radio was talking to me but they didn't understand that it was because I was trizzipping balls on every drug imaginable at the time. I don't have this problem when I haven't eaten six tabs of acid and a half gram of allylescaline. But I got processed by the legal system eventually and it's rather unforgiving, pretty frustrating because you can't really be truthful without risking your shrink punishing you insincerely because of differences in beliefs with respect to substance abuse treatment (i.e Portugal vs Nancy Reagan.) Anyway, these things were especially bad. When they put me on them, I had constant nausea, and the worst part were these "night migraines" I would have. Normally, I have severe headaches like this when I'm awake, but they started happening in my dreams, which would wake me up and disrupt my sleep.

Beyond a basic examination, the doctors can't really devote special time to me, and I can't afford world-class clinic treatment. The good news is, everything seems to be healing up physically.

My question, I suppose is, supposing a person really is in total remission for everything except the philosophical aspect of greater depression, but experienced intermittent lithium toxicity as well as the inevitable small amounts of organ damage caused by these medication, as well as basically was locked in a room or had his position monitored for several years, how can they rehabilitate themselves medically? I'm going to let /qq/ handle the psychological aspect so I'm thinking in terms of neurology and holistic physical health.

The other thing I noticed was I now have a dyskinesia and involuntary muscle twitches, but I think this might be part of the physical healing process and might go away with rehabilitation through strength training.

I'm actually optimistic. The human body can recover from some crazy shit. I also got several severe head injuries in the last five years from accidents and dumb fights, with no end to being mocked about it whenever I do something stupid now, but others recovering from worse in my community have been really supportive and that's made me feel a bit better about humanity. If people can bounce back from being hit by a Buick, this is nothing.

tldr; Mentally ill dude with drug problem was anti-psychotic guinea pig for modern psych for 10 years, doc stopped meds when he gets pancreatitis, needs tips on recovering.
Martha Gevingstone - Fri, 30 Aug 2019 04:49:01 EST CsY4iAyb No.55885 Reply
Interesting story. my fav drug is simply mirtazapine. I go to bed at 10 11 pm, wake up at 6 8 am. The old school anti-depressants. Many were barred because of side-effects. I think may more are more dangerious to ones healh and thouight than helpful. The radio talking to you, I beleive, outsiders should be left out in many
aspects to ones physical mental helth.

In turn, psychiatrists are at time I think just scribing, what was used in the 50s
60 70s.

My position, trazadone is an anti-depressant, as well mirtazapine (bettr) is looked at for military vets who have issues sdjusting. Pot, is a great drug.
If you find what you like.

pancreatitis, is not necessarilly a permenant thing, it can, like blood test can show elevated enzymes that is related to the pancreas.

Again, I do like mirtazapine, sleep is nice.

zoloft, whatever. Prozac, some [sycholigists seem to overanaylize people, their
simple life, and over prescribe, things that will not even come close to balance.

Like this; one could come off of all psychotropics, and be better off for it.

I challange drugs that 'do' alter ones mind, the balance has to be somewhat correct.

So, keep on and find what is best for you.
Hedda Crendleville - Sun, 01 Sep 2019 02:09:18 EST 0dZl6IQM No.55889 Reply
Trazodone is trash, gave me seizures when given for insomnia when I was 17 caused by the Ritalin 10mg twice a day and later Biphentin (beads in a cap, came out before Concerta, only exists in Canada afaik, they go up to 70 and 80mg! Ew...so much methylphenidate".

Turns out that mcPP your liver turns a good chunk of Trazodone into is a Piperazine, I remember even it being sold almost 2 decades ago on the first RC sites, why would somebody take a Pipe and buy a lot of them on purpose is beyond me, erowid back then made it clear that even the "classics, BZP mixed with TFMPP" combo was ugly feeling unlike a pure meth/amps pill (taken orally, it's how it's done here, or crushed and snorted, but can't be smoked). Most popular drug after weed, if we're gonna count weed up here for sure, kids get confused when they see high quality colourful prints that are MDMA/MDA with just a bit of meth most of the time, which isn't a bad idea, it makes the sudden loss of the MDMA bubble awesomeness especially when taking it with your chick not go away so quickly, but I'm off topic big time here.

Just saying Trazodone is what they throw at people who talk about insomnia but aren't taken seriously or have no knowledge of meds at all and will not ask for something better. Trazodone will also make one gain weight, Remeron even more so.
Ebenezer Fungermot - Mon, 20 Jan 2020 01:40:00 EST thRxE9uZ No.55978 Reply
Trazadone was my first working sleep drug. It is difficult to calculate how much to take. It is a pretty dirty feeling drug. I know it is hazardous. Ambien whatever, was good for zombie-like bumping into walls for a while until you decided it was time to bed. kinda fun for as long as it lasted in that mode. 2 to 4 hours of sleep. Worthless to me.

Remeron brand name I found to be far superior than generics. Scribed major depression, since I didn't have depression, but ptsd is the culprit. It turned recurring horrible nightmares for basically years on end into nice dreams that the outcome was good in each dream. Weird colorful seeming dreams. Food, was like, Eat food from midnight until 2 am. Wake up at 4 am and eat more food. Which was good for me.

Lack of sleep on mirtazapine, like 4 hours of sleep and you have really have to wake up and get things done, it seems like you got a good nights sleep after you get up for a while. Trazadone, is like, out of it
sometimes all ay, just a heavy head and difficulty concentrating on simple tasks.

I recently got tazadone to reset things because mirtazapine, 7 15 30 mgs and even 50 mgs diphenhydramine wasn't working. SO got trazadone to reset things and mirtazapine suddenly worked again.

If really needing sleep, diphenhydramine 25 mgs, and 7 or 15 mgs of mirtazapine will usually 'really' get you to sleep.

Pot, I rarely snoke. But I know it can help for sleep and totally alter things in a good direction. (if you aren't already a heavy snoker) I used to smoke some (mid grade For mexican pot) and always had
a forward moving thought process. Like already planned the next moment to minute, hour to hour,
even the next day planned out. Pot I think is simply a wonderful drug.

But in all, mirtazapine and a never changing dose of clonazepam, I don't over use benzos, works well.
The claasic anti-depressants of past, zoloft and all. I never seen people really improve much from these. Their psychs say well ,lets try another, or add another. Many times, they are offered two types
of anti-psychotics with incomparable anti-depressants, which they may have never needed anti-psychotics in the first place. A friend Kenny, super a cool dude, he decided to just stop taking all these drugs and was like, damn, 3 4 years of this and stopping these and just smoke pot, things became normal.
Ebenezer Fungermot - Mon, 20 Jan 2020 01:46:14 EST thRxE9uZ No.55979 Reply
Trazadone, I will never take as prescribed. My dr who was certainly legally qualified
to practice psychiatry but settled as a general practitioner. She would not complain about me changing my doses of especially trazadone hen i was on it. She understood that I understood what worked for sleep and anxiety. So that was cool. In reality 10 mgs of trazadone was fine as was 25 50 mgs. Staying on 50 mgs as some drs prescribe, or upping the dose to 50 mgs, I don't think is correct.
David Duckville - Fri, 24 Jan 2020 04:13:27 EST beznSo3K No.55982 Reply
>I'm actually optimistic. The human body can recover from some crazy shit.
Hi, guy. Yes, it really can. I was doped up on various psych med combos (like 4-5 meds at a time--antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, antidepressants) from age 13-24, because I have horrendous CPTSD from child abuse and my mother is manipulative as fuck and a medical professional. Now I have worse CPTSD from getting abused in inpatient again and again and the meds lol.

Anyway, I was able to taper myself off AMA and am doing so much better as a result. It was months of serious difficulty and then a year of moderate difficulty and then another few years of a few lingering things disappearing. I didn't have tardive dyskinesia, but I had other extrapyramidal junk like akathisia, plus muscle stuff. Beta-blockers helped, as well as gallons of tonic water for the quinine, tiny benadryl doses (though DPH kinda derps you up further so be careful). I think Cogentin also helps, but they fed me that in lockup so I can't deal with it now.

I kept a diary to track my improvement. Ate "well" (what that means for me might be different than for you). Exercised lightly. Did logic puzzles (on paper and stuff like Professor Layton) every day, religiously. Just be really patient with your progress. You'll probably get a lot of yourself back. Give it time.

I don't know if you've seen this. Not all the political stuff appeals to me but it has some worthy tips.
David Duckville - Fri, 24 Jan 2020 04:17:06 EST beznSo3K No.55983 Reply
>Beta-blockers helped, as well as gallons of tonic water for the quinine, tiny benadryl doses (though DPH kinda derps you up further so be careful). I think Cogentin also helps
mm, and spot doses of benzo. I'm speaking about akathisia and muscle discomfort though and obviously YMMV

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